University of Wyoming Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the size, how it feels just right, but perhaps an even better aspect of UW is the quality of its resources. It is a medium sized school with the resources of a much larger school; I feel that anything I need to learn, I can find it through UW. The library is a fantistic collection and the faculty here are top notch.


There are plenty of good things about my school but I would have to say that the best part of the University of Wyoming is the town in which it resides. Laramie, Wyoming is small enough that everyone is friendly and proud, but not so small that there isn't anything to do and there is plenty of diversity. I live close to campus and I enjoy it.


The faculty are super helpful, engaging, and always take the time to help. If you make an effort, they will also. Mutual respect is widespread amongst students and faculty.


This is a small school in a small town with large town opportunities and activities. The classes are large enough to provide an learning environment but the teachers know your name. If you are an outdoor lover, this is the place for you. There are three different mountain ranges within in 30 minutes surrounding this area.


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Our campus is located at 7,200 feet above sea level. Therefore, don't be surprised if it takes time to adjust to the altitude. However, once you adjust you should feel even healthier than before, due to the fresh air and beautiful scenery.


The best thing about the University of Wyoming is the school is always wanting its students to be successful. Most professors want their students to do well in their classes and offer one-on-one time with students. The University of Wyoming also tries to make gaining an excellent undergraduate education affordable by offering many different scholarships, loans, and grants.


The best thing about the University of Wyoming has to be the people. Everyone here is out going and it's very easy to make friends that have the same interests as you do. Even the professors are helpful, I've never had a problem with contacting one after classe, or even going into their office to get help with any questions or concepts that I've had problems with.


I enjoy the fact that the University of Wyoming has, for the most part, very caring and passionate professors. It is important that the students of the University have caring teachers because it helps engage the students and increases the learning potential of the students. If the professors are passionate about their work, the student are more likely to be passionate about learning. This in turn enhances the learning experience for the students and allows for greater success in college.


The best thing about this school is the proximaty to the mountains. There are a lot of outdoor activities in the area.


The best thing about my school is, it is only a few blocks from my house so I can go home on the weekends. I also like how there is a great diversity of people going to school here, I have meet many people from all over the states and other countries. Our logo, Steamboat, describes what Wyoming was orginally about. The west, cowboys, Native Americans, and horses. The university of Wyoiming is a great campus.


The best thing about the University of Wyoming is the sense of community that they promote in the Residence Halls (dorms). The hall senates and the RA's put on programs to help you get to know your fellow student and make friends that will be there to support you when you need them.


My favorite thing about the University of Wyoming is probably the amount of resources available for students on campus. There are many free resources on campus, including two gyms, dozens of computer labs, a technical support area, and many places where students can find help for school. UW has made an enourmous effort to make college as easy as possible for new students, and they have most definitely succeeded.


The quality of the education recieved. The professors here are nationally renowned and known. Plus you cant beat the price; it is one of the cheaoest schools in the nation. The state government has also been pumping lots of money into the facilites lately.


I like the size of the school. Laramie doesn't have too many people but there are still things to do. It's close enough to larger cities if needed, but not overwhelmed with people.


Apart from the proffesors, I believe that the students here are awesome, it doesn't matter what grade they are in they are always helpful and there for you. The proffesors for the most part are incredible and the off campus housing astounds me because of the amount of selection you have that is still close enough to campus that you don't need to go out of your way to get to.


The People up here are great, I never feel out of place and feel like i get along with almost everyone.


The University of Wyoming offers a variety of opportunities that attracts people with a wide interest range. It gives students a chance to expand their horizons and get involved. The campus is large enough for students to branch out and meet new people, but also has smaller class sizes that give students more one on one time with their professors. This is a very important factor for maintaining a high GPA, and it creates a learning environment that is comfortable and easy to succeed in.


My professors were awesome. I really connected with them, they always made sure that I was doing alright in class. I had a couple of teachers actually ask me if I was alright on days that I wasn't acting like myself. That and my roommate was AWESOME!


The best thing are the people. If you like to have fun, there are plenty of opportunities at any time. The area is beautiful, so bring your hiking shoes. Mostly, get ready to meet some great friends.


The opportunities available to students. No matter what you're interested in, there's a group or club for you.


The best thing is probably the friendliness


The people are friendly.


I've met a ton of new friends, and greately enjoy my social life. The best thing is that I am getting the education needed to complete the career that I really want.


The best thing about my school is that everyone is really open and friendly all the time. The staff here at the University are willing to help me with anything that I have a problem with. People are very supportive, and it's a really good environment for me to be in right now


I hear it has a good engineering preogram, of which I am not involved.


The teacher to student ratio, because in most classes you can go in and get help from your professors, and they arent constantley busy with other students.


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