Ursinus College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The school is best known for their pre-med program.


Ursinus is known for its one of a kind freshmen English/philosophy course, CIE which discusses literature from ancient Babylonian times to the scientific revolution. Students dabble in arts, philosophy, music, religion, politics, all while sharing their own personal journeys related to each subject. Every faculty member is required to teach a section of CIE, thus creating a diversity of educational experiences each year. Often, out of classroom discussions happen in lounges and dorm rooms; and they transcend the obvious conclusions of these famous texts.


Ursinus is known for their great science programs. UC undergrads have a very high admittance rate into graduate schools, as well.


A small school helps land a bettwer job. Smaller classes gets you more invovled, teachers are very concerned about your future. Campas life is great and the food is great. I"am learning a great deal at this school. Love playing football at school.


Beautiful campus, tough academics


My school is best known for their pre-med and biology programs and their international relations and pre-law progams. They are known for gymnastics and field hockey.


Ursinus is best known for its academics.


the science department, the athletics, the closeness of alumni and current students, the surrounding shopping, and it is a small campus


Historically we are best known for our Pre-Med program and our Biology department, but in recent years our English department and our International and Politics departments have grown in size and recognition. Our theatre program is also well known and well funded.


Its biology/pre-med program and the rest of the hard sciences. Also for its Common Intellectual Experience program, which is a discussion-based class intended for first-year students that focuses on the examination of the human experience.


I think the Biology and Chemistry departments produce a lot of med school students.


Science and pre-med, but is starting to shift towards the liberal arts. Considered a liberal arts college


Turning out med school and law school students