Ursinus College Top Questions

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What is unique about the school compared to other schools I considered is the environment and courses it offers. Everything about the school is absolutely wonderful and welcoming, and when I visited it, it just seemed like such a good fit for me and what I wanted to do with my life. With exclusive courses such as Common Intellectual Experience, and its specialization in the Pre-Medical field, Ursinus just seemed like a great place for me.


what i find unique about Ursinus College is the amount of art on our campus. We have the largest number of statues of any campus on the east coast which is a great way to be exposed to art and culture while recieving an education.


Ursinus College has a very small campus that helps with social skills which help to improve the communication throughout the student body. The instructors are very friendly and have a special connection with all of the students. The tutoring and mentoring in the college is on of the best in the country in my perspective.


Small enough to know you. Big enough to serve you.


it's really small


Ursinus is very social. It has easy accesibility to Philadelphia and King of Prussia. It is also far enough away from home, yet close enough if I need to go back.


Ursinus is a small, liberal arts school that can relate to it's student body. There are things for everyone to do on campus, you just need to look around. Many of the students party Thursday-Saturday nights, but they are still able to get the required work done with superb results. The atmosphere does not interfere with the majority of the student body's work.


Ursinus has CIE, the Common Intellectual Experience. It's a class all students are required to take and all faculty are required to teach. We read everything from Gilgamesh to the Bhagavad Gita to Galileo to the Communist Manfiesto. It's a course that truly lays a wonderful foundation for a well rounded liberal arts education. It's incredible that I can refer back to somewhat obscure text references but people know what I'm talking about because they've read the same texts in CIE.


My school is a Liberal Arts Institution that thrives off of creativity and a sense of "welcomeness." This family feel is a rarity for most 4 year private colleges. The small acceptance rate and classroom sizes make the family feel quite possible on campus. Our school is unique because we are well-known for our pre-med track while we have a lavish performing arts center for the creative minds of Ursinus. This type of investment tells of my school's well-roundedness and interest in student creativity. Its what attracted me to the college in the first place.