Ursinus College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who wants a hands-on experience and lots of support from both their teachers and peers should consider Ursinus. It has many similarities to other liberal arts colleges, but it excels by putting the needs of the students first. All the professors are willing to help struggling students however they expect the student to take the iniative and ask for help.


A person who wants to be appreciated and engaged as a student by professors who are top-notch in their field.


Someone who can afford tuition. If you're not going to grad school afterward, forget about finding a job.


Successful Ursinus students are highly involved and motivated; they are very engaged and enthusatically participate in class discussions and campus life. You will rarely find an Ursinus student who does not participate in some sort of campus club, activity, sport, or job. Thus, a successful Ursinus student has excellent time management skills and a wide range of interests.


The kind of person that should attend should be family-oriented, fun-loving, and community-focused. They should be open-minded as well as firm in their personal beliefs. They should be willing to work hard to take school seriously but still be ready to party after their work is done.


Any person dedicated to their future and willing to put as much work into their school work and social life as they're paying to attend UC should attend this school.


There is a heavy emphasis on biology and the school has an especially strong science and premed program. However, all of the majors offer interesting courses, although some departments are very small. Those who attend this school should be aware that they will need to devote a significant amount of time to school work, but that there is also room for a social life. In short, hard workers who enjoy a friendly atmosphere would likely feel at home at this school.


An Ursinus student must want to be part of a small, close-knit community. She must be academically focused, but also like to be involved in student groups. The students at Ursinus are very open to diversity, so everyone seems to find there niche here. However there is not much to do on the weekends in Collegeville, so you must be content with having fun on campus.


People who are willing to push themselves for their work and their advancement in the college, people who are engaging and interested in various feilds of study and people who simply want to learn and be around others who also want to learn.


A self motivated person; someone who thrives when presented with challenge and someone who has a strong desire to be successful.


a liberal openminded academically focused one.


Anyone who is genuinely interested in a liberal arts experience should come to Ursinus. Also, we have a very strong biology department. However, the school can really accomodate any type of student as long as there is a program here you're interested in.


An outgoing person , well rounded and very involved with extracurriculars.