Ursinus College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how much of a party school my campus was. It's obviously not mentioned in the brochures and my tour guide was a partyer, so she didn't really mention the party scene. Freshmen orientation, all the upperclassmen were telling us about how crazy the drinking is on the weekends here.


I actually felt like I was pretty well-prepared to go to college. When I came here on a tour in high school I knew exactly what I was going to get when I enrolled. I guess maybe the one thing is that I wish I knew my major. I came to UC to major in Spanish, but switched Sophomore year to Exercise and Sport Science. That put me a little behind in courses.


I had wished that I had had thought more about other alternatives that I could major in before coming to this school. I was originally a biology/pre med major before entering Ursinus but now I am a business major. I wish that I had not had been so narrow minded about what I originally wanted to major in.


How much the tuition & room and board would increase each year. I ended up graduating much more in debt than I planned on when I agreed to attend Ursinus.


I wish that would have known about the difficulty of the acedemics . I always anticipated collelge to be hard, I never quite expected the rigorous curriculum . I have definitely been challenged durign my four years as a neuroschience major. However, i know that it has prepared me for my years of graduate school. I feel lthat i have a solid education, that will set me aside from other students.


That fraternities are a lot of fun and actually help me to become a better student and person.


The level of difficulty in the courses, and also the course load and amount of work that is required for classes. Also, the expectations of teachers


I wish I knew all the racial discrimination I would encounter at Ursinus.