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That we are all girls school but we make the best of it. We are very active in everything with sports and volunteering.


The main uniqueness about Ursuline is the female male ratio. It is about 93{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} female. The unique thing I like the most is the small class sizes. You are able to ask questions without feeling stupid because of both these qualities at Ursuline College. You don't have to try and impress boys all the time and the small class sizes make it easy to ask questions and get help from your teachers.


The size of the classes is very small and allows for a very unique and personalized experience. This enables the professors to give you the individual guidance that they would not be able to give you at a larger university.


Ursuline College has a fantastic accelerated adult learning program. The grading scale is tough and the curriculum is very real world. Also, the professors are out there in the field doing their jobs and then teaching those skills to us. The cliché those who cannot do, teach - does not apply here. It is just a very unique program that is not only thought provoking but fun.


What is unique to me is that the instructors are a bit different. I can not explain it but there is something different. Somehow I can spot an Ursuline graduate anywhere. We have a beautiful campus. I guess what makes it unique is that it works for those who do not want too much environmental stress.


Everyone the staff , falculty, including the President work with you for you to succeed. They support you in what ever you need in the classes, career planning, job seeking and personal challenges. There is nothing they will not help you with. Classes are small and the professors get to know you as an individual, they care. It is not like being lost in a crowd of 200 students as a social security number. They know your name.


I felt like the other schools I considered just looked at me as a number. At Ursuline, I feel like my teachers know who I am and they give me respect and treat me like a student, not a number. I really like the small class sizes, and the teacher-student interaction. They encourage class participation, which only makes the learning experience better. The other students are really nice, and the whole campus is a great learning environment.


small class sizes


Ursuline College is considered an all girls school. While there are some guys that attend and live on campus it is still considered an all girls school. At Ursuline College there is a lot of one-on-one with the teachers which is a big plus for myself and a lot of the students that go to Ursuline. The greatest number of students per class has about 20 students.


Ursuline college is unique because of it's students. It is primarily an all girls school with a handful of men and everyone who is there is there because they are serious about their college education. It isn't a party school and it is typically a very quiet campus. It is a small college with the highest number of students in one class being 20. So, there is a lot of one on one with teachers and it makes it very easy to meet people and make friends.