Ursuline College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The person or persons who should attend Ursuline College are the ones who are devoted and well rounded and are ready to comitte to college life. College life is not easy and should be taken seriousley by those who are seeking to obtain a degree and a better life for themselves, the courses can be hard only for those who are not focus on their studies and don't plan ahead and set aside for time mangenment skills. College life can build and empower those with knowledge, determination and skills that can lead to a bright future .


I cannot answer this question because I am transferring to another school, but I have been convinced that SUNY University of Albany is a school I would like to go to.


Ursuline offers a great nursing program so women interested in nursing should go here.


a person who believe in ritical thinking and writing


Anyone who is willing to learn and is interested in getting a quality education should go to Ursuline.


A career directed person who is deciated to their studies.


The kind of people who should attend this school are people who like a quite environment to work on and need that one on one relationship with the instructor.


Some one completely focused and geared towards learning and nothing else.


career focused, determined, and dedicated


someone that is focused on school and wants to succeed. someone who is not completely concerned with meeting boys and partying. driven people who generally would like to do well be involved in school and likes the small homely atmosphere.


People that are not afraid to talk in class and partcipate in class


A person who likes small classes and can handle being around a lot of estrogen all the time.