Ursuline College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to Ursuline I was a business major, and finished my bachelors in Marketing and Management at Ursuline. Prior to coming to Ursuline I wish I knew more about their accelerated nursing program which I am a part of now. Knowing more about this program would have given me the ability to go right into it, but I am that I was able to finish my business degree and continue on to get my nursing degree at Ursuline.


Honestly, I wish I had known how great their UCAP (Ursuline College Accelerated Program) program was. I spent a few years hopping from school to school trying to find something that felt right. When you are paying for your own education out of pocket you want to feel like you are actually learning something; not just regurgitating information for the sake of a piece of paper.


When I enrolled at Ursuline I did not know that some of the classes would be at off-site locations.


I wish I had know more about Microbiology and Organic Chemistry because these are the two courses where I've struggled th most in.


I would have liked to have known that Ursuline was going to be hard work. In highschool they said they were trying to get us ready for college but it really did not help me. Ursuline is all about work when you are in the nursing program and I had no clue how much time I would have to spend studying and really working hard. But I am excited about this because I know that this will help me in the future.


if you got behind in your work, you would stay behind


I wish i would of known to work extra, extra hours to save money for just in case expenses such as being able to pay the balance you have at the end of the semester because financial aid only pays for twelve credit hours and you are stuck in a position where you have to go one credit hour over.


I wish that I would have known more about the academic, social, and other extracurricular activities; as well as the ways in which to connect better with these organizations.


I wish I would have known, how bad the circumstances really were, in regards to the nursing educator shortage. I had never given it a serious thought, that the educators who had taught me during my first college term, would leave the profession, only to be replaced by online courses, due to the fact that there were no physical teachers available to hold classes. If I had known it was this bad, allowing for so many unprofessional nurses to be turned out into today's society, I'd have returned sooner. Anyone can memorize online facts, but what about compassion? '


I sometimes wish I knew which teachers were more knowledgable on their subjects. I would like to be able to compare them to other teachers teaching the same subject. Knowing this information would help me get the most out of my education because I would be able to pick the best qualified teacher.


That the majority of the student at this school commute and that the residence life is very small.


They did a very good job at describing what to expect.


How much work and time would have to go into achieving my goal of becoming a nurse. I guess that I didn't realize just how much time and effort it would take. However, I've enjoyed every minute of it and I am excited to keep learning.