Ursuline College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Ursuline is a small college with small class sizes which makes it a great learning environment. Everyone is very friendly and helpful which makes me feel very comfortable at the school. They provide us with a great, well rounded education and teachers which makes me feel confident in my abilities to do well after college and in the workplace.


Urusline is a small college that allows the teachers to know each of their students and create a supportive and helpful learning environment.


The best thing about Ursuline College is the nursing program. It has been built up so much and it can really help you get a job in the future. I am only half way through my freshman year but I know that Ursuline's nursing program is the best one out there for me and for any serious student who wants the best recommendations. It is hard work but in the end I am sure it is worth all of it.


The fact that it is private and teachers are able to help students more on an individual level, it is more personal than other Universitys.


The best thing about Ursuline College is the quality of the education. I have attended Ohio State University, Lakeland Community College, and taken online courses at other colleges, and none have even come close to Ursuline. The teachers are approachable and willing to listen and help the students, and the class sizes are small enough that the instructors know your name. It is truly a personalized learning experience.


Ursuline College is a place full of friendly and caring faces. All the people I have encountered on campus have gone out of their way to ensure that questions are answered, information is provided and recieved, and that the students are taken care of and encouraged.


The best thing about Ursuline is the interaction with faculty and students and students to stuents.


The best thing about my campus is the small size, it allows me to know many people on my campus at a personal level. The class sizes are small and the teachers are willing to put the effor in for any student to succed.


The best thing about my school is how well they help when it comes towards jobs, internships, and writing resumes. They have made it their job to help us before we go into the real world which is very useful for the students. I always feel that they are here to help.


The smallness of the College is what drew me to it in the first place. It gives you the chance to really get to know the students and professors around you. The faculty and staff are focused on the students and their successes. Its a great place to learn and grow not only towards your professional career but at a person as well.