Utah State University Top Questions

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Utah State is unique because you will never meet more friendly people. A running joke here at USU is that if you leave your laptop around, chances are very likely that whoever finds it will be knocking doors to find the owner. There is an insane network or students here who care. In the simplist form, about a year ago I broke up with a boyfriend. From some girls who lived in the same complex as me, I saw them from time to time at church, they brought me by a letter of encouragement and cookies.


For me this school has a much better Landscaping artchtecture program then any other school I considered which was really important to me. One thing that is really unique about this school is it has a great location right up against the mountain. So you do have to go far to be able to enjoy all the outdoor sports like hiking, fishing, snowboarding, skiing.


My school first and foremost is close to home, which makes my education much easier. On top of that, it's In-State and the tuition is much more managable for me. Aside from those things, it is also very close to many recreational places where students often retire to take a break from studies. Up Logan canyon there are multiple places to rock climb, and a ski resort. East of the campus is the logan river where many people float in tubes. Also close by are movie theaters and a performance hall for further entertainment.


I am aspiring to be a veterinarian and Utah State University has a phenomenal agricultural program which is why I wanted to attend it. It has a reasonable tuition and programs that would allow in state tuition to be paid when I continue to vet school.


A perfect balence of school work and play.


Utah State University has a great balance between a "small-town feel" and a major university. It has tons of great activities and opportunies on campus as well as off campus. Logan is a great place to ski, hike, camp, fish and do many other outdoors activities. The campus is beautiful and the traditions are rich. The people at this university are diverse and friendly. I absolutely love USU!


The location of Utah State University is directly related to several things that make it unique. It is in a rural, mountainous area at the very north end of Utah. I am not affiliated with the Mormon religion, but about 90% of the students are. The student community is very laid-back and friendly. Nobody seems to put on airs to be popular or trendy. I have made some close friendships with some of the other freshman, and we are always doing something outdoors. There are many hiking/biking trails as well as ski resorts within a ten-minute drive.


Everyone in the school and the town and incredibly nice. There is such a feeling of welcome and community. Everyone loves the school and the students.


USU has an awesome teaching program, as well as a great engineering program. I love USU's location; Logan is a unique college town comprised of young singles and families, and elderly people. Main street has little shops with an old-town feel. It's small enough to be able to see people often and feel like you belong, and big enough that there's everything you need. I feel USU is academically focused, but there are still awesome clubs and activities to get involved in, especially at the Logan LDS Institute. Plus great campus traditions, ice cream, basketball games.


The outdoor options are like no where else. Rock climbing, repealing, skiing, hiking and so much more in addition to the great education on campus. The area of the country is beautiful. The class sizes are great and the student actvities keep you busy all the time. There is so much to see adn do that you come out with a well rounded education and can really get into your major and the teacher are very supportiitve. I had a great experience and felt that I worked hard and felt ready to go out and work.


It has a great atmosphere. It's a tight knit community and fairly close to town. I enjoy the suclussion of the mountains in the valley but I also enjoy that the town isn't entirely rural. There are tiny shops still on Main Street and it's a small town feel that I've always wanted to live in. I also love the free bus system.


Utah State has the ultimate school spirit. We support every activity that happens at our school. We come early to the basketball games and we stay late. We travel with the team and out-cheer the home crowd.


Utah State University is the perfect place for anyone who loves nature, a beautiful and clean campus, caring professors, and fulfilling student life. The Utah State Aggies are known for the HOWL Halloween Party, the silent dance in the library during finals week, Aggie icecream made right on campus, and the amazing Aggie Basketball games. There is always something exciting going on! From the School of Music (growing wonderfully under the direction of Dr. Craig Jessop) to the rocket-making club to the rock-climbing classes, there is really something for everyone here! A truly great and fun learning environment.


the campus and the school spirit that consumes the school.


My school honestly feels like a family. This is a campus that you can ask anyone you see a question and they will go out of their way to help you. I feel that if I am struggling, I can find someone for help and they do not put me down for not understanding. The staff is very reliable, and will call you back or responde to your email usually in a couple hours. We are a smoke free campus and I do not know anyone that drinks. We are focused on our education here and helping each other succeed.


Utah State University was challenging anough to keep the interest of those who pursued higher degrees of learning while others just wanted the basics. It was a university that fit the needs of students coming from an urban background and a small agricultural based community. I don't know of any other university that fits the needs of such a wide variety of students.


The unique thing about the school I attend is their complete online bachelor's degree programs. I live in California and go to school in Utah without ever having to leave my house. However, the campus is also very beautiful and is a full university as well as offering options for students like me to attend from around the world.


It has a high population of Mormons and is racially mostly white.


There is 7 colleges in my 1 university.


Our social and sporting events are very unique, especially our basketball games. All these different events are always well attended. They are also mostly all free. It makes having fun up here easy to do. Especially when you want to get a break from studies and from your apartment. The events are safe and drug/alcohol free with makes them much more fun to attend.


The most unique feature to my school is its location. New York City is an incredible place to live because the entire world, from the major productions of Broadway to the big businesses of Wall Street, is all at the fingertips of young ambitious students. Let?s face it; school is school no matter where you go. Sure, some universities are more highly recognized and publicized like NYU, but the point is not where you go to school, it is how you use that school to your full potential and ultimately achieve the success of your dreams.


Its location. Surrounded by mountains and away from large cities.


Utah State University cares about its students. They have many advisors as well as peer mentors that are willing to help with any questions that the students might have. They helped me declare a major, choose my classes, and made sure that I knew where I was going on campus. There is always someone there to help and they try to find the answers to all of your questions.


Compared to other schools in my area the classes sizes are smaller which allows for more one on one with your professors. They are extremely supportive of your academic success and giving you what you need. It's like they really care about each individual student.


There is a unique feeling on campus that promotes learning and sutdying. The students are all very friendly, and it is a very easy place to fit in.


Utah State is filled with fun and goal oriented professors and students. It has activities to be done every night of the week and you always have something to do. All people are friendly and so much fun. I love attending Utah State, the atmosphere is always so inviting and all the students are inviting and always willing to talk and help out new students.


Campus is Beautiful


Utah State has sent more experiments into space than any other university in the world. It is an excellent quality education for bargain prices, with stellar job placement in most degrees. It has several top programs in the nation, including engineering and education.


They have a very good coordinated dietetics program. It's located in a beautiful place.


Utah State is the only university in Utah that has an Interior Design program. Utah State also has a very wide variety of degrees from art to business to agriculture. It also has a population that is culturally diverse.


It has a great social scene. People are friendly and there is always something going on. You make lots of friends quickly.


It is very affordable even for out of state students and it has a small town feel to it which I enjoy very much.


It is made for the students and wants only what is best for the students. Utah State has more pride than any other school I've looked into and has professors that are knowledgable in their fields.


There's no pressure to drink, or use drugs, there's a lot more opportunity to get involved, and a lot more opportunities for outdoor recreational activities.


The students as in girls are not as slutty.


people are layed back and not judgemental. it has a small town feal but with everything you need. Very social school with many opportunities to meet new people.


The way that everyone is proud about the school. They want to be here and they love it here.


What I love about Utah State that makes it different from a lot of the other schools in the surrounding area is that it is a residential campus. 80% of the students attending here are living away from home, making the social life a vital part of the campus experience. It is so easy to make friends and make a support system to get you through your college experience.


It is the only school on my list that was in-state...which is also the only reason I ended up attending. It saves on rent and I don't have to pay out-of-state tuition, but that's about it. It was also the only school on my list that I didn't actually want to attend.