Utah State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


One thing great about this school is I feel they have great professors and their advisor really care about helping you out and are great to work with.


I brag mostly about the professors. I am astounded at how approachable, knowledgable, and helpful they are. All of the professors that I have encountered are not only willing to spend extra time helping individual students learn a concept, they also have a wide range of personal office hours for you to visit, and are willing to schedule appointments should you need extra help, or simply want to drop by and have a chat on various subjects. I have had many enjoyable discussions on academic and non-academic subjects with all my professors.


The campus is absolutely gorgeous and there is always fun things to do! If you're bored, then it's your own fault because the activities never stop. It's such a fun environment to be in, with the beautiful scenery, local legends, and fun recreational activities. This town has a really good vibe to it and it was even ranked among the top five best college towns.


My school is out of state. The college I'm going to is a new university.


Utah State University is composed of various professionals whom are highly qualified to provide the various services around campus similar to toher institutions, however; one of the many defining, and unique, positive characteristics of this school is the devotion of those professionals to the direct success of their students. Utah State wants it's students to succeed. It's not just another job for these individuals. They devote their lives to ensure that the student feels needed and they do everything in their power to help them succeed. Free tutoring is aslo available as well as free public transportation.


School spirit and extracuricullar activites! Overall, Utah State University is an amazing school. The programs offered are some of the top in the country and are highly recognized by many future employers.. The student life is truly unique. With over 100 club and organizations there is definitely something for everyone at USU. From my freshman orientation to my graduation walk, my college experience has been one I will never forget. The welcoming feel of Cache Valley, and the feeling of endless possibilites on campus helped me along my way. I will forever be proud to be an Aggie.


Mostly I brag about our top knotch basketball team. We are consistenly one of the best basketball teams in the state and our conference. We hold one of the best home court winning percentages in the nation, due largely to the awesome fans and great atmosphere at the games. There isn't a funner place to be than at an Aggie basketball game. Nowhere in the country can you feel the energy like you can here.


The Classics teachers are really good, they are engaging, energetic and able to teach a lot. Though, they are very hard. USU is also known for its Engineering and education programs.


The school spirit at Utah State University is almost unfathomable. Every student takes pride in the univerisity and what it has to offer. USU has received many awards for this and continues to be a standard for excellence in the sports industry.


The school's fauclty and students.


I brag about how there is so much to do around campus, basically all your weekends up here you can find somewhere to go and do something. The people of some of the nicest people ever and always will help you out when you need it. It is also very inexpensive and living on campus is awesome!


My professors, they are awesome


The friendliness of the students, the knowledgeable teachers, various fun and exciting activites, especially the men's basketball games.


I brag the most about our basketball games. The student crowd at basketball games are crazy. We are so loud and actively involved at the games that it's hard to not have fun. I'd say Utah State has one of the best student bodies when it comes to cheering for our basketball team.


Our research is fantastic. As an undergraduate I was able to get involved with research immediately. I was able to travel and publish articles before graduating. I chose Utah State over bigger or more prestigious schools because of the opportunities I was given.


I think the campus at my school is beautiful! In the spring and summer, there are always flowers, and it's so green. It snows a lot, so it has a winter wonderland feel. I also love the location. It's right at the mouth of Logan canyon. The mountains are in your backyard. I always feel comfortable in my classes and around campus because I think it's an overall friendly school.


My favorite thing about Utah State is the overwhelming school spirit that is evident everywhere in Logan. The town supports the school tremendously and Aggie basketball games are always full of excited fans. Everyone here sincerely believes that our school is one of the best, and we will argue with anyone who says otherwise. Students here have a strong pride in our school.


Number one: Aggie basketball. We have a fantastic team and crazy fans. The basketball games are always packed full of students, alumni, and Logan locals yelling for their team. Number two: the music department and faculty. Being a music major, I am slightly biased, but there is an amazing music program at Utah State. Between masterclasses with guest artists, new music schools being established, and professional chamber music concerts, there is always something new going on in the music building. Number three: campus. Whether it's sledding, ice blocking, frisbee, or just hanging out, campus is perfect for any season.


My school is a top rate university! Thus, people from all over the world come here. Two of my roommates are foreign and it is so cool that from all the places in the world they could have gone, they chose this place! With so many people from so many places, it gives campus and the classrooms a broad spectrum of knowledge of which to learn from and feed off of.


The engineering program at Utah State is very good. The passing rate for the FE exam is very high and I feel my chances of graduating and becoming an engineer are very high. Also our men's basketball are getting better every year, they are very entertaining to watch. We won our conference title last year and hopefully we will this year as well.


That Utah State University is a good, dry campus and students here are determined and really serious about their education. As well as It is not a typical college party school, but one where the instructors are dedicated. Because the campus is primarily Mormon, all the campus activites are good, clean, wholesome fun and there are no gangs or anything negative in that way.


Our school spirit! Once you come here, you will always bleed blue, and will forever more be a UTAH STATE AGGIE!!! Everyone on campus loves OUR school, and loves OUR team. When the Aggies play at the USU Spectrum, a title wave of blue clad students rushes the doors, ready to defend OUR HOME! Our defining roar can be heard from miles around! This school really is an unknown treasure. Hidden, high up in the mountains, we learn and grow as students, as friends, and as TRUE AGGIES!!!


A beutiful area with a college campus right next to the mountains with an outstanding reputation within the state and ranks in the top 20 percentile of US colleges. Go Utah State!


When talking to my friends about Utah State I never fail to mention our beautiful scenery. We our surrounded by mountains here, and we have many opportunities for outdoor recreation. Year round there is always something to do outside. I also mention the amount of one on one time I get to spend with my professors. All of my professors this year have made time available to answer questions and help with problems outside of the classroom setting. And the classes I've taken have all been small enough that the professor actually knows my name.


We have one of the best campuses to be on in Utah. We have a fantastic Basketball team that is the supreme team in the state right now with an unbelievable crowd . We also have the most reasonable tuition around. The oppurutunities offered here are endless and the location is perfect for the recreationist. We enjoy some of the lowest costs of living in the United States bar none. Utah State is a great place to go to school to pursue your dreams.


We have the most fun basketball games, our campus is beautiful, there are a lot of fun places to go and things to do in Logan, we have really good academic programs and I learn a lot at this school, almost everyone here is really nice and it's easy to make friends here.


I brag about the student life and the activities USU puts on, especially that dances.


I usually brag about our basketball team, mostly because we play my friend's schools and beat them. Otherwise I brag about the fun atmosphere. $Everyone is friendly here, okay, maybe not everyone, but the majority. People love socializing and making friends. Drugs and alchol happen, it does at every school, but it's not common. Most people just don't. Health and being green are extremely well emphasized. Logan is also rated as one of the safest cities in the nation, so I feel safe walking around. All around it's a safe, happy, healthy place.


Anything is doable at Utah State. I seriously believe that when you have a will, the University will help you find he way and help you accomplish it. I never feel discouraged because there is so much support and aid available.


The sporting events at Utah State University are awesome! That was one of the main reasons I came to this school! I love attending the games! Our school has such school spirt and the games are always so much fun!!! Also, I'm in the field of education and my school has one of the best education programs in Utah so that was another reason.


The small allows you to get anywhere within 10 minutes, especially if you live on one of the many on campus options. Also the campus is very student-oriented with a lot of activities going on all of the time.


Our basketball team! The USU Aggies have an amazing basketball team! The games are so fun to go to and the team does really well.


I brag about the teachers and how accomidating they are to the students needs.


It has a lot of fun and active activities! Also that our basketball and hockey teams rock!


I brag about how beautiful our campus is, and how diverse and welcoming our students are. The people who attend Utah State are really open minded and love to socialize with new people and make new friends. They are accepting of all different types of people. I also brag about our AMAZING basketball team and how there are clubs and sporting events for every person's interests.


We hold the world record for most people kissing at one time (true aggie tradition). The campus is in Logan, which is a growing and culturally rich city with a small-town feel to it.


There aren't too many people, the people are friendly, and lots of great outdoors stuff is less than 10 miles away.


This school has got so much school spirit, wonderful professors that will talk to you on a personal basis, and has a great social atmosphere. If you have a question, a professor will email you back if you ask. I've learned so much since I got here, including what I wanted to major in. This school was the last place I wanted to go in high school simply because I grew up in the same valley. Now if I could go back, Utah State would be my first choice, I definitely have a lot of pride in my school.


Utah State is a good school that offers a lot of extra programs and help for students. I would recomment making sure ot ask around about the different things that are available so that you can take advantage of them from your freshman year on.


I really enjoy the school's environment. The people I live around and am able to associate with are always so friendly. The location is wonderful. It is close to my home town. It is close to the bigger cities but has a small town feel. The scenery is great. I feel welcome. I really like the emphasis of diversity in campus activities. The sports events especially men's basketball and football are a blast! The campus is beautiful and well kept.


I brag about the ability to do outdoor activities so close to campus.


Lots of things!


The people here are awesome, there's always something to do close by and everyone is friendly.


What I brag about most when I tell my friends about Utah State University is their Undergraduate Research Program. This program is amazing because it gives undergraduate students the opportunity to work with a Faculty Member and help them complete their research project. Also, as students become juniors and a seniors they are able to design and complete their own original research projects with the help of a Faculty Mentor. Even if students have not received an Undergraduate Research Fellowship they are still able to complete their own research with the help of the Undergraduate Research Program at Utah State.


The beauty of the campus and surrounding areas, how cheap the school is, the size of the school, how helpful and friendly the professors are in general, and how much fun it is