Utah State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Utah State doesn't offer the degree that I want to get.


Parking options are limited, but that's all.


The worst thing about my school is that it is not tobacco free. I think this is terrible because at times I would like to walk out of building and not have to smell the smoke of cigarettes, etc. I think that mt school, as it has been trying to, should go tobacco free, make the air cleaner, and maybe help some people quit smoking all at the same time. It would make my campus as even more beautiful place to be.


Although it has quite a prolific number of majors, and continues to gain more all the time, the diversity is somewhat lacking. If you wish to study social science , engineering, or agriculture, then it has everything you could possibly want. However, it lacks in the physical sciences in terms of classes and majors offered (there is no Astronomy major, for instance), as well as in funding for many of these programs outside of the classroom setting. If you are seeking a physical science degree, consider that USU may not have the one you are looking for.


Some of the things we are required to do, to get loans or just to fix common misunderstandings is very confusing. Alot of phone calls and emails to the University to figure out what it is that they want me to do. It's frustrating because it takes up time that you don't have.


The weather in the winter. It's very cold. Also everything is up hill to get to school.


The worst thing about Utah State is the financial situation it places students in. The bookstore is extremely overpriced and student body fees are ridiculously high for the amount of services that it provides for students, especially those that live off campus.


The worst thing about my school is the cold. The winter months can be pretty brutal as it is not unusual for the temperatures to get below freezing. You had to bundle up real tight so your aren't freezing by the time you get to class. The cold invite snow, however, and snow means lots of activities that you can't do any other time of the year. Sledding, skiing, snowboarding, snowball fights, and building snowmen are fun to do during the winter.


The worst thing about Utah State University is that sometimes it is hard to find information on the school website. There have been times where I have tried to find information about jobs, scholarships, or events and it has taken me an extremely long time to find the information.


The only problem is that it gets very cold here!


As much as I love USU, there were some downsides. Once I was accepted into my psychology program meeting with my advisor became more difficult. As a I was approaching my final semester at Utah State there came up a class the I was missing on my transcript. After many times of meeting with my advisor only now was it brought up. I had to jump through many loops to prove I had already taken the class and ended up paying an extra fee I wasn't planning on. Another than that, I had a wonderful experience at USU.


Sometimes things can seem quiet.


The worst thing about my school is the cold weather, and sometimes classes are very far apart from each other. When you are walking to school in the morning your nose will go numb and you will feel like you have frost bite on your fingers


The worst thing about Utah State University is that it it hidden in a valley. Utah State is in the cache valley which is a small area with limited resources.


Utah State University is growing at an extremely rapid past and it is often difficult to register for classes. The Huntsman School of Business which I attend makes up for this by providing professionals who are experts in the field that can bring real life experiences to the table. This allows us as students to have an advantage over others from different universities.


I don't know if there is a worst thing...I don't like that the teachers aren't as involved with the students in getting to know them and such as I think they should be. It is hard to find professors who will write a letter of reccomendation for you because they hardly even know you


Can't say. Haven't started yet.


It is isolated and the main access is through a canyon which limits interaction with other cities and comunities. The weather at 5,000 plus feet allows for some harsh cold weather which can make traveling difficult and can cause you to miss classes because it is not safe to pass through the canyon. At its worst I never missed class because you just have to learn to watch the weather if you leave Logan so that you can plan for time to travel in the event of unfavoriable weather conditions. I still loved it and would go again.


I really can not think of something I don't like about it here at Utah State.


Lack of diversity and chillness. too many morals being pressed onto minority


Financial Aid system here is the worst i have ever see!


I just dislike the location. The enviornment up here is bipolar; the summers are too short and the winters are too cold and too long.


I really enjoy this school and the college life.


There isn't very much diversity.


Very cold


The worst thing about Utah State would have to be the weather. It gets to be so cold in the winter and you hate walking from class to class because you freeze outside.


It's freezing. The wind comes out of the canyon and blasts you. Also, some of the class sizes are really big, especially after the economy took a nose dive.


A problem I have faced with my university is the ability to enroll in the classes I need for my degree. Often the classes do not accomodate for the number of students wishing to enroll. Our registration is done online and often within fifteen minutes the class will fill up and no more will be available. This makes for a difficult situation seeing as in some situations that class may be vital for your progression.


Our school has low tuition. Although this is definitely one of the benefits of attending, it also means we depend heavily on state funds. Our government is now in the process of making cuts in higher education. Since our tuition is so low, we are directly affected by these budget cuts. Our professors are losing jobs, our departments are becoming less varied, and our options are being limited. That is very sad for these facilitators that will be out of jobs and students who no longer have the option to take their classes.


The worst thing about my school is the weather during the winter. We receive so much snow during the winter, and it gets very cold, but the university maintenance do an excellent job of clearing all the sidewalks, and the free shuttle buses are always running consistently.


The aspect of Utah State I like the least is it's lack of diversity. An overwhelming majority of students share the same race, religion, and political opinions. Not every single person fall into this majority, but the predominance of this one group seems to lead to less open-mindedness and free thinking, something I consider should be an important part of any college.


The worst thing about USU is the cost of tuition for non-residents, which is about three times the amount for residents. As a non-resident, I found it quite difficult to find financial aid to cover the cost for my first semester.


The worst thing about my school is walking from building to building during Spring semester because it is bone-chilling cold outside. However, with many layers of clothing, it is duable. Other than that, there really is no "worst thing" about my school.


I would have to say the winter season, it gets very cold especially in janurary and feburary. Its so pretty but because we are at the mouth of the canyon it can get very cold especially sense we have to walk from building to building.it is also kindof difficult getting all of your studdying done, because their is so much going on, on campus. their is something going on every night.


Because the students and faculty are mostly LDS (Mormon) the Mormon church representatives never can take no for an answer that everyone has their own beliefs. That is the only thing i would consider negative because the Constitution's 1st Amendment states that we the people have rights of free speech, freedom of press and most importantly freedom of religion...but they continue to push thier religion onto others.


I hate walking to class in the cold. That is pretty much it. I love school. I love to learn. It's a lot of work but I feel a sense of accomplishment and I love that.


There is a vast majority of mormons, so that can make it hard if you are not affiliated with that religion. It can be hard to find friends who like to party, but don't rule out anyone to be your friend, game nights can be every bit as fun as dance parties. Also it is very cold, so make sure that you are prepared and have plenty of blankets.


it's football team. Because they always lose.


There are two things bad about this school,winter is definitely the worst thing In Logan, If you don't like the cold weather neither lots of snow then this is definitely not the right place for you. The cold here can be miserable especially if you are coming from a warm place like i did, and have an early class. The second worst thing for me is having to pay out of state tuition and not being able to take as many classes as I would like to. That would change inext year once I become a resident.


Utah State University is a great school. One of the personal struggles I have found on campus is the opportunity to take certain classes. In my program I work in the local elementary schools Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday which makes it nearly impossible to take any classes out of my major area of study. I would like to see more opportunity to take classes that simply interest you and aren't required.


It's hard to get into some classes. Registration is a joke. Trying to get the internet to work on registration night is almost impossible. I had to submit my classes probably 50 times before they went through, and I still beat my room mates who were sitting next to me doing the same thing. If you're in English, you have to have priority registration (by being in sports, honors, or being in a minority) to get into the classes you need, some Seniors can't even get in.


The worst thing about my school that I can think of, is that the student poulation is primarily Mormon and the school seems to be LDS oriented. This can be irritating to a degree, in that I am not Mormon , and at times, I feel like the "fifth-wheel".


This school has a preetty strong interest in professional schools and not so much interest in graduate studies. This means that the intellectually unique flavor among students is relatively secluded and already acquainted.


I think the worst thing about the school is the connotation that they have about the Fraternities and Sororities on campus. The students believe that all Greeks are alcohols that like to have promiscious sex with multiple people all of the time.


The academic counsiling. For my specific department it has been very frustrating working with the head counsilor. I feel she has given very poor advice. I was hurt more than helped by following her counsel.


I consider the math placement test thte worst thing about this university. If you haven't taken a math class within a year of attending a semester you are required to take the math placement test to see where you will begin your math career again. It is very unreasonable because 95% of the math in college you are required to take you will never use again unless you are math major. Therefore, to have to retake math classes that useless is a waste of time and money.


The cost of on campus housing, it is so convinient but its costs a lot of money.


The winters are freezing!


The worst thing about Utah State is probably the online student system. Although very helpful at times, it crashes at the least convenient times. It is very helpful to be able to turn in papers online and email professors quickly, but it gets really annoying when Blackboard crashes and you have to wait for the problem to be fixed.


Our football record for the past ten years is a major damper on school identity and spirit.