Utah State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who loves the outdoors. Logan is at the mouth of a beautiful canyon with endless possiblilties of exploration. Aso a person who loves to ski or snowboard so you have something to do during our cold winters.


I believe that a person that is ready to have some great school spirit should come to Utah State University. It has such a great atmosphere here and it makes such a great life event to come here for college! There are all types of people here, and it just depends on what you like. Sports are a big part of campus life, but there are many other events for those not into the sports side of college. The acceptance into medical school is relatively high compared to the nation as a whole.


Anyone should attend this school! It doesn't matter what your background is, there are friendly people from all around to make new friends with. It isn't unnecessarily competetive and the professors are extremely nice and teach very well. I would argue that anyone who attends this school would be very happy with their decision to attend here.


Utah State University, welcomes everyone, I would advise that non-drinking students attend this school, because it is a dry campus and they will be very disappointed when they show up. The type of students that need to attend, should have great personal and multitasking skills, they should not be afraid to get involved with groups to meet new people and get to know the wonderful student body. Most importantly they need to have goals and be driven for success. USU has so many wonderful class’s, professors, resources for study groups, medical help, counseling,ect


Someone who is extremely happy with a small town. A person that loves the outdoors would have a great time here. Theres so much to do such at snowboarding, hiking, canoeing and so much more. This colllege gets all four seasons and is a very geat and laid back enviornment which is great for anyone who doesnt enjoy the bustle of the city.


Everyone should attend USU! There are all sorts of people that attend Utah State University, but we all become one family. People who like encouraging yet challenging teachers will enjoy classes here. People who like sports and school spirit will love cheering in the student sections. People who like meeting new people will find lots of people to befriend here. People who like the outdoors will love all of the different activities in the area. You really can't go wrong with coming to USU.


Someone who enjoys the smaller-town/farmer/rancher type area will love the area. Someone who enjoys the outdoors will love the area's nearby attractions.


Someone who craves understanding, community supportive and dedicated.


Anybody can and should attend this school. However, I think people will learn more if they are willing to learn and ready to work.


USU caters best to conservative, religous students. However, I did not fall into the societal norms here and still felt that I had a great expereince both academically and socially. Most students at USU are white and Mormon but there are several large subcultures that allow students to deviate from their niche meet new people who have the same endgoal in mind: receiving an optimal education at a great university.


A person who enjoys being a part of a very close-knit group of students, who enjoys a high level of school spirit, who is here to learn from the best professors, and who enjoys snow and cold temperatures for the vast majority of the school year.


If you want to attend Utah State University, and succeed you should be a self motivator, you will need to be willing to work.


Any kind of person can attend this school. There is a place for everyone here.


You may be cut out for the life of a Utah State Aggie if..... you love nature, snow, hiking, snowboarding, biking, basketball, marching band. you love music, free concerts, art exhibits, service opportunities, and an elementary school right on campus to observe as future educators. you love being in a top-notch music therapy, engineering, or agricultural program (along with so many others!), and teachers who give you the attention you deserve. you love a beautiful, clean campus with countless opportunies for education and fun. What's not to love?


Any person can attend Utah State. The community is open and friendly and there are always social activities going on. Even so, the library is always full and the tutoring center is always available. The best type of person to match Utah State would be someone fairly well-rounded, meaning they value work, but understand that a little social time is necessary too.


Utah State is a good school for just about anyone. The faculty is intellegent and helpful. The campus atmosphere is easy to navigate. While the academic level is high the social end is not sacrificed. Utah State is particularly apealing to basketball fans because our crowd is awesome! If you like a sense of community and a good small college town location you will like Utah State. The location is also great for anyone who like outdoor activities.


The typical Mormon student from Utah.


Any person who wants to get an excellent education for a great value should attend USU. We have wonderful faculty and students that are constantly working to make everyones experience as positive as it can be. The campus is beautiful, and everyone is so friendly. I was very hesitant about going to college, but it has been one of the best experiences of my life.


The kind of person that should attend this school is anyone who really wants a rewarding college experience and wants an incredible education. The school has amazing programs and educators which have been nationally recognized. This is a great place for students who want a great education and for students who are looking for an overall exceptional college experience. It is hard not to get involved in various activities around campus and if students want a beautiful campus this is the place as well. Utah State is the perfect university for anyone.


Someone who enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities, we get all four seasons so its great for just about anything. Utah State is very athletic, if they love going to sports games and being very spirited then this school is for them. Because its in Utah we have a lot of LDS people here so religion is somewhat important here and if you enjoy attending it wont be hard to find it.


I think anyone who was serious about obtaining a college degree should go to Utah State University. I have really enjoyed my experience here and our three daughters are planning on going here also. I would not discourage them from going exactly where they want to go though.


People who are motivated and driven to accomplish their dreams should attend this school. There are multiple USU campuses all over the state of Utah, making much easier for those in rural areas to earn bachelor's/master's degree while being able to stay in their home town. College isn't easy, no matter where you attend, but you can do whatever you set your mind to. If you want a college education and you're willing to work for it, Utah State is a great college.


Utah State University has programs, activities, and opportunities that accommodate all lifestyles. From artsy to math genius, everyone can find their niche here because of the wide variety of interests available. It's student friendly and a wonderful place to be! I would recommend this school to anyone, especially people who love living near the mountains. In the heart of Cache Valley, Logan trees will take your breath away in the fall, and though a bit chilly in the winter, I wouldn't trade this experience for the world!!


In my opinion, I think that anyone who is Mormon should attend this school. I am not Mormon, I am Catholic, and even though it's very friendly here at Utah State University and I have made many great friends who are Mormon, students would make a greater connection and friendship if they shared the same religion. I didn't know that there were a majority of Mormons here before I came here, but it's okay because I really like the people and campus here.


The kind of person who wants a good education without the pressure to compete for everything. One who doesn't need a huge drinking party to be entertained but enjoys just chilling with good friends. Someone who wants the whole college experience without living at home.


The type of people that should attend Utah State University is the eager to learn and eager to have fun. This school is all about getting the best education that you can and having a blast while doing it. We want the brave to take on the challenge of our university, because only the brave will survive.


Students who want a real university experience that provides real-life and research experiences without getting lost in a giant campus should attend Utah State University. The school is big enough to provide a wide selection of classes and opportunities, but small enough that teachers and students know each other and that opportunities are easily available. There is a strong emphasis on making the education valuable for the real-world, both teachers and students at USU care about this. Also, students who care about the enviroment and like the outdoors will be happy at USU.


Anyone who wants to have a great college experience. You will defintiely learn a lot!


Someone who doesn't mind friends, is able to deal with emotions, and willing to work hard.


A person must be self disciplined, a self starter, and totally engaged in their education to attend this form of school. A person must be looking to their future, and understand what it is they are working for when attending college online.


People who like learning, and have a love for other people should attend this school. The students here are easy-going and have a great vigor for life. If you love service, the outdoors, meeting new people and having a wide variety of opportunities to partake of, Utah State is the place for you!!


An independant person who doesn't expect to do lots of partying, clubbing, shopping, etc.


Anyone who enjoys college social life, and also wants to get a great education and job placement. This college offers great social activities, sports, and community events. The education and real world application this college offers is above average.


Someone who is looking for a friendly environment, and maybe a little more relaxed atmosphere. This university is a little more laid-back in that life here isn't as face-paced as in other places.


People who do not mind being surrounded by those with conservative views; those that love the out of doors.


Something that students should take into consideration when looking at Utah State University is that the population is predominantly Mormon. So it would be important that the person interested is accepting of this culture. Someone that knows how to have a good time without the use of drugs are alcohol is also important. Someone that has an appreciation for nature would belong here. Utah State University is just a few miles from the mouth of the canyon. Students that enjoy skiing or snowboarding, can easily access a resort about a half an hour into the canyon.


Someone that likes to work hard and have fun. There is alot to do here other than study.


Someone who wants to get a great education and have fun doing it.


A person who is looking to major in Engineering or Business. If they want to fit in they should be Mormon and have a lot of school spirit.


Anyone that likes extremely social atmospheres and wants to learn a lot should come to Utah State University. In my experience here, the professors and fellow students are eager to help you with anything, be it a math problem or directions to a building.


Anyone who is interested in a good education experience, surrounded by a fairly happy and content students. Someone who doesn't mind the cold, cause it gets pretty cold hete during the winter. Students at this college are themselves. It is okay to be different and most people will accept you. If you are interested in farm animals then this is the school for you. They also have a great engineering program. Thoes who are interested in outdoor activities such as snowboarding, skiiing, rock climing, and camping will find many places to let loose here. A hardworking, self-motivated student.