Utah State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I cant think of a person that wouldnt love it here at USU. We have so many diverse students, majors, clubs, and opportunities available to everyone. It took me a while to decide what I wanted to do, so USU is extremely accomadating to the student who isn't sure what they want to do just yet and offer courses to help you figure that out. However the school is located in a colder area, so a student who hates and dreads the cold should probably consider somewhere else because we make the best of the cold here at USU.


A student who is looking for a strong fun culture and a sense of community


The students at Utah State University are very energetic and friendly. Students who want an exciting and memorable expeience will enjoy their time at USU. Teachers challenge their students while encouraging them and building on their strengths. USU is a very social university with lots of activities offered to the students. It is a place where lifelong friends are easily made. Utah State is a great place for students who are looking for a challenging, fun, and adventuresome college experience.


Negative and angry people should not attend this school. But that's just my personal preference. It's a great school that anyone can fit into!


The only people who shouldn't attend this school is anyone who likes to be locked up in their room studying and not have any social life at all. Utah State University provides students a chance to achieve higher education while meeting new people.


Since it is on online school a person with limted time or no self motivation should not attend.


People who are extremely conservative or can not be away from their parents.


Stuck-up rich kids.


If you are expecting to slack off in your schoolwork and party instead of studying, then you shouldn't attend this school. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on campus and it is very easy to flunk a class if you start letting your schoolwork slip.


Anyone who hates Mormons


Someone who loves big cities with skyscrapers.


People that don't like the small town feel and that aren't willing to work hard.


A pessismistic person who doesn't want to be there. Someone who would ruin the experience for others. Utah State makes you social, makes you want to become a "True Aggie." Don't know what that is? Well, come find out!


People who are interested in the party scene should not attend USU. Utah State is laid back enough to allow students the freedom to make choices for themselves and being subject to the consequences - both good and bad. Prospective students of USU should spend sufficient time to familiarize themself with the campus and space their class times far enough so they are not compelled to run a 1/2 mile every other day. It can be done but it requires planning.


If you are one who cannot keep focused, do not attend this university. One who is easily distracted may find it academically challenging to attend Utah State University. With so much going on and the many different activities, clubs, and the diverse social life present, it would be easy to lose focus on the academic side of things, and direct your concerted efforts on the objective of "having fun". An easily distracted student may develop the attitude that " college is solely an enviorment for fun" and academics a second rate reason for their enrollment.


I do not belive that I have any right to decide who is allowed or should be emitted to USU. I believe as a free state, we all have the right to a higher education. As an educator, I also believe that an educated society, keeps people of the streets and serves as a betterment for all. Education is the basis of everything.


I cannot think of a person who should not attend school. Whether it is a primary or secondary establishment, there is no reason for any person in the world, especially fully privileged young Americans, to cut themselves short of an opportunity that would grant them a lifetime of success, happiness, and the fulfillment of an unlimited education. I would hate to have to say that any qualified degree seeking person should not attend my school in particular, but unfortunately there is one exception; the Pace University New York campus sadly does not house the expectations of an athlete.


The cold winters of northern Utah would make USU a bad place for anyone that doesn't like the cold. For those that prefer the big city and don't enjoy the outdoors, there are probably better choices.


I don't think that there is a specific kind of person that shouldn't attend this school.


The students here at USU are the best and brightest, literally, La Cr?me de la Cr?me! Good young people of the highest moral, ethical, and religious standards. Our school is not a place for under achieving, or morally weak individuals. People of every race and ethnicity feel welcome and at home here; surrounded by the towering mountains, the peaceful cities, and the majestic beauty of Cash Valley.


A person with a negative and unmotivated attitude unrelated to health issues, a person who willingly uses drugs and alchohol without the desire to get help.


I think that anyone can attend Utah State University as long as they are willing to work hard and attend their classes. The professors here are very nice and are willing to help out their students that are hard workers. There are also very friendly people all around campus. This is a fun campus as well and there are many activities that the students can do. So, if you're not willing to work hard and have fun, then Utah State University is not the college for you.


People who are lazy and unmotivated need not attend


People who are irresponsible and just want to play should not attend this college. If you aren't ready to be serious and make something of yourself you shouldn't ruin your chances at a good education possibility for the future.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school would be first off anyone who doesn't enjoy the snow. The temperature gets very low in Logan and that makes it hard to want to walk to class in the winter time. Anyone who doesn't enjoy the small town setting shouldn't attend this school and people who don't like to get involved shouldn't attend. USU gives many opportunites for students to get involved in activites going on around campus.


I don't think anyone who is unmotivated and lazy should attend this university, or any university across the nation. Universities require motivated students willing to learn from the classes they take and hopefully someday change the world with their higher education. I would advise that if someone's not Mormon, then they shouldn't attend Utah State. I don't mean to offend anyone, and I totally respect the LDS religion, I'm just saying that people would get along better and be more happy if they shared the same religion. :D This holds true to any religion.


Someone who's not willing to work for their grades.


A person who hates the cold. The wind chill makes Logan feel so much colder than it already is and Utah State is right next to Logan Canyon so the wind comes through and hits the university first.


People that do not like the cold, but seriously, people that are not driven to be outdoors, prefer to be alone, and do not like to get involved in social clubs and activities. Especially people that refuse to be a fan of USU athletics.


Utah State is a college for those who love family values, that want to have the small town feel without the total isolation from the world. The people and student here are nice but aren't out of the way outgoing. It has good people, professors, and students here. Don't have to worry about crime for example you can leave your door unlock and it'll be ok. Have a good variety of stores here but doesn't have a Target or a Costco.


I think anyone can attend this university.


You can find every sort of person at USU. Most are not liberal that I have noticed, but all are welcome as long as you are willing to have fun and have a good attitude about school. This is especially for those who like the outdoors. There are less city kids here.


I would say anyone should be very comfortable here, unless you dont like cold weather that would be the only suggestion.


Someone who wants to only have fun and get drucnk. Yes there are times to have fun, but studying and doing well in school are really important here. Plus alchohol isn't readily available to students.




Utah State University is a diverse campus but some may feel uncomfortable with the number of students who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon). Although most members of this religion are very accepting of others and other religions, many people have preconceptions about Mormons and the kind of people they are. I would strongly encourage anyone to attend Utah State University if they are open to being around a large number of Mormons and enjoy lots of snow and cold in the winter!




Someone who likes to drink and party hardcore. Or someone who does heavy drugs.


I think anyone could attend this school.


Someone who isn't motivated. While there is a lot of help on campus for people who are struggling, you have to be the one to make the first step of seeking that help. Also, someone who doesn't enjoy being socially connected. So much of this school is based on student unity and working together so somone who prefers to be alone wouldn't thrive here.


Someone who can't handle the cold wouldn't survive here.


I think anyone would do well here.