Utah State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I like to longboard. I was "pulled over" one time for riding my longboard around campus not with the intent of solely traveling (i.e. I was doing small tricks, even though I was being completely courtious of those around me). That bugged me.


The most frustratiting thing I've felt about this school is the lack of religious diversity. Logan is predominantly Mormon with a few more christian based churches. I am not a religious person so I feel I have to be quiet about my views to be sure not to offend anyone. I don't dislike Mormons but I do feel like I don't fit in with most of the community.


Lots of drinking


People get way too pumped for the games, but that's the opinion of an introvert with migraines.


The counselors are not helpful


The most frustrating thing about the school is that it is school. The other problem is the hill; campus sits on a hill so most of the campus is at a fairly level height but when you live off campus it is a pain to get up the hill, especially in winter.


The most frustrating part about my college is the number of high school college credit courses that only transferred as electives rather than the subject they actually were. This was my fault as I did not check to see if USU accepted the credits I had decided to take in high school that would count to my college career. I wish I would have checked that out before taking those classes so I wasn't disappointed when I found out that I would still have take some of the general education classes that I thought I had covered.


The only really frustrating things that I can think of about this University are the fact that Utah State University lacks a medical program, and it's student fitness facilities need to be updated and expanded, of which they are in the process of doing so in the latter suggested complaint.


Teachers are either highly liberal or conservative. There is not a lof ot middle ground. For the most part our school is very consertaive however and I wish it was a little more diverse at times.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is so cold outside sometimes you feel like you never want to get out of bed. Negative temperatures and high winds are not the most inviting thing.


What I said above, and also FInancial Aid...there is hardly any given out anymore


It is a smaller town area, so it may lack attractions that a large town would have.


The most frustrating thing is probably the closing times of the places you can use your meal plan. It seems that everywhere you can eat closes pretty early so if you have late classes you don't have much of an option of what to eat.


The only frustrations I've had at this school are some of the departments don't have enough classes, which makes it hard to take the classes you want.


My school is pretty awesome. The big thing I have found that to be a problem is getting money for school. The other is the classes are fairly limited in the spring, so choose classes wisely.


One of the most frustrating things about Utah State University that wasn't really brought to my attention untill I was already enrolled here, was the reality of the location. Logan itself, is a very beautiful place. I think it is one of the most beautiful campus' I have ever seen, it is one of the reasons I chose Utah State. But Logan is in the middle of nowhere! You are about 45 minutes to the nearest town, so to have fun you have to be creative. There isn't a whole lot to do outside of the campus.


I dont really have a most frustrating thing about my school. I like it very much and am grateful for the classes and teachers I currently have.


Extremely Mormon dominated. Very little diversity and open-mindedness is almost absent


Sometimes there is just too much going on and it's hard to be aware of everything happening. They need a better way to advertise everything.


The switch board tends to give me the run around when I call with Questions.


The must frustrating thing about USU is that they do not post a "check" list of actions needed to complete enrollment, aid, and/or scholarships. It would be most useful to have the ability to choose what type of student you are, and select options that apply to you as a student. Therefore, creating a detailed list that would help ensure that each student is registered correctly and receiving all of the pertinent information necessary for them to succeed at USU.


Fines, fees, costs, payments. Anything price that I am forced to pay that sets my education back.


The most fustrating thing will have to be the abreviations of the school buildings. it is hard to get used to at first but when you got it you get it. the hard thing about it is that is all that the faculty and students use. so if you dont know what they are talking about it is easy to get lost.


The most frustrating thing about USU is the lack of help I have received from the financial aid office in regards to my current loans. I have had difficulty finding people who are willing to help me look into it.


For me, it's definitely the weather. Those from Canada may scoff at my wimpiness, but I have a low tolerance for cold, and it's hard to drag myself out into 20 below weather at 7:30 am. The icy hills can be hard to navigate, and there's nothing worse than that crunching laptop sound when you slip and land on your backpack.


The most frustrating thing about Utah State University is the lack of parking space, combined with large open areas, meaning long waks across campus.


A few instructors cannot be available before or after class hours unless by email or telephone.


The most frustrating thing about USU is the payment policy. They don't take Visa cards when you pay tuition and that is the only card that I or my parents have. It makes it much harder to pay for tuition. It was almost nearly impossible for me to pay it and I almost got all my class dropped.


How far away I live from the school and the town. They call it on campus housing but it takes 20 minutes walking to get to campus. I don't mind it so much, but I don't have a car which makes it hard to get a job away from campus. It would take me about 45 minutes to an hour to get to the town if I took the busses. It is really hard when they say that it is on campus housing but you live away from it.


Located in the mountains, it can be extremely cold and wet on campus during the winter, but its also a very beautiful location. With budget cuts due to the economic recession, class options have decreased. There are less elective classes available and required classes only have one section or are only taught one semester. This makes is more difficult to pick aschool schedule that can work with other aspects of student life, like getting a job.


The class sizes and tutition.


If you don't use opportunistic times (such as christmas or summer) to look for jobs then you likely wont have one.


The teachers lecture time is short compared to the ammount of information they teach in it.


The tuition is pretty expensive.


Registration is pretty difficult, and you run into a lot of problems.


I would have to repeat the same answer as above. It is very frustrating to have to redo math classes that you have previously passed with good grades.


The most frustrating thing about Utah State University is yourself.


I am attending school online, and self management/discipline is key. Without an actual classroom some thoughts or ideas can be lost in translation over the internet. It takes alot of concentration to understand what is required.


The most frustrating thing about Utah State University is the lack of prominent professors and the "memorize and reiterate" style of learning and testing. Many of the professors here I feel are inexperienced and do not challenge the students enough. I also feel that we are often taught principles to memorize and then are tested on our ability to reiterate word-for-word these principles. I am paying almost $3000 per semester and wish that I could get a higher level of education from a university.


I'm not the biggest fan of our winters here. The web site and internet courses can be confusing sometimes and hard to navigate.


There isn't any thing frustrating about my school. I enjoy everything my college has to offer, from transportation to class size to proffessors, everything is great.


The things I've been most frustrated with is the size of lower level classes and how the career fairs seem to focus mostly on financial careers and engineering careers. That is mostly just my problem though because I want to work in sports business. Also, I hate how sometimes USU is considered a little brother school to BYU and U of Utah with so many of their fans coming to school here.


Honestly, that is adifficult question to answer. I think that my biggest frustration is that certain colleges within the school recieve a lot more donations, attention, and funding that others. It is understandable that they are very deserving of those honors, but the smaller colleges seem to be left in the dust. It would be nice if there was better support in areas that are not already sufficiently funded.


The school is dominately LDS and many of the female students go there to study Family and Human Development until they can get married. All of the activities are focused on making this larger population happy and catering to their needs.


How cold it is in the winter, especially during the inversions that we sometimes suffer in Cache Valley. We learn to dress warm!


The dominant religious beliefs that are pretty close-minded to different religious views.


The most frustrating thing about Utah State University is the shortage of religious diversity on campus. Utah State University does have a number of different religious clubs (as well as an Agnostic club) but the only religion that has a center on campus is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I hope that in the future other religions (or non-religions) will have a center on campus. My advice to prospective students would be to find a church/club that you are interested in and become invovled there even if it is not on held on campus.


The most frustrating part of this school is having to deal with the adminstration when you are part of a club. Because they are a non-private school they have to account for every dollar that is spent so ordering things for clubs is a hassle. There is so much paperwork to go through. Also, the type of club determines how much support you get from the school. If they don't really like what you do, or feel that it is of much worth, then you have an even harder time getting things done the right way.


There is a very high mormon population going to school and if you are not part of the religion, then you are an outsider to most of that group and they usually do their own thing.