Utah State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I would say the small college town feel. It really unifies everyone and makes the college a central part of more than just the students and alumni


school spirit


It is a positive atmosphere


The culture is the best thing about Utah State. Logan is the number two college town in America for a reason. There is so much school pride and everyone always seems to be on the same team rooting each other on. It seems like there's a spirit of helpfulness among the students and staff like no other place I've been. All love the school and the culture within, a culture that is felt throughout Logan.


The best thing about my school is the school spirit instilled in the staff, students, and surrounding communities. Sports games are filled with cheering and laughter. The students are very involved in what seem like never ending cheers in the student sections. The students feel like everyone is part of every sport team. It is very fun to be apart of and it makes the student body feel like a familiy rather than just strangers. I love the way everyone wants the best for each other.


I would say the number of activities and the feeling that Utah State is always expanding. There is always another facility being added to the college and it is not over crowded like many city schools would be.


Utah State University has a great campus! Everyone is friendly and helpful, on-campus housing is right in the middle of everything, the campus is safe, and I can literaly roll out of bed and get to class on time! Not to mention the great food they have! And all the chances to get in clubs and make friends quickly and easily. It's a great campus :)


My program is in the top 25 in the whole country!


Though Utah State is a wonderful academically strong school, the thing I love the most is the school spirit. When we get together to cheer for our sports teams, there's nothing better.


It has the best engineering program and the teachers are great.


The best thing about my school is the area the school is located in. The campus is surrounded by mountains and beautiful places to hike. Not only that, the area my school is located in is very safe and has a low crime rate, so I always feel safe here. There is a free bus system that is very helpful if you ever need transportation.


The school activities are awesome, even the sports games are lots of fun. There is almost always something going on somewhere on campus that is a great way to be involved and to take breaks from studying.


Im attending the Brigham City Campus. I love the teachers that I have had thus far. My class sizes are small which I like so you can get to know more people and become close with your professors.


There is a lot of opportunities for social interactions, and the activities/services available show sensitivity to the fact that the majority of the student body is paying their way and trying to make it through school on a tight budget.


The schol pride. Everyone at Utah State University, even the professors, are so excited to be there and love the campus. Everyone supports all the extra curriculars. The basketball games are outrageous! You can never have a bad experience with roommates either because everyone just understands and is just as excited to be there as you are that everyone gets along. There are always people to help with any questions or concerns and the education is of the highest quality.


I love the atmosphere and the opportunities provided here. There are countless different things you can choose to do. Utah State also has a great balance between school and fun. There are plenty of things you can go to on weekends and plenty of things you can get involved in to keep you busy. It has a sort of small town feel and you don't feel like you're one in a million. It's the best!


My school is all about the activities it holds to get the students out and supporting the school/event. There is just a different feel on the campus of Utah State. People are happy to be there, happy to be attending college. There is a real interest in the classroom whether it be the professor or the student. What's even better, is the Alumni that come out to support each college event. It is a real special atmosphere, and I wouldn't dare go anywhere else. The ultimate winning event: Aggie Basketball in the spectrum!


There is no way to narrow down Utah State into one best thing. There is such a broad range and endless amount of opportunity! Diversity and originality flourish! The best thing about Utah State University is that there is such a wonderful place as Utah State University!


The sense of school pride. Even when we are losing our fans stay true to our school and outcheer anyone else in the state. The Spectrum, our basketball statium, is a place of true happiness!


I love the tradition at Utah State, especially the True Aggie nights and the basketball games. The Spectrum (basketball arena) is the loudest on this side


I believe the best thing at my school is the sense of community. Everyone gets along with each other. Wherever I go on this campus, I can always frind someone who has the same interests as me. It's great knowing that I have a family away from family.


Involvement is the best thing about Utah State. There are so many ways to participate at this University. There are sports you can watch, intramurals games you can play, clubs you can join, rallies you can attend, events that you can participate in, and many other things. There is really something for everyone. There are all kinds of people and they all find somewhere to fit in. Things are going on all the time, and it really adds to the college experience.


There are a lot of things that are really great about Utah State. The spirit around campus is so welcoming. Everyone is friendly and willing to help. There are lots of great oppurtunities to meet people and have fun, however the students know when to have fun and when to get to the studying. It is easy to find where you need to go. Getting answers to questions is really simple and most everyone will help you find your way.


I love the school pride that exist here in logan. The student body is united with opportunities to learn about other cultures.


I enjoy my school because of the close knit community feel. It's not a huge campus, and I think that everyone feels like they're friends, regardless of if you know them or not. I just really feel like my over-all college experience here will be successful.


Utah State is an awesome school that has let me discover who I am and what I can become! I love that I have been able to get involved in so many ways and participate in things I would have never experienced otherwise! The best thing about Utah State is that it truly lets you become the best that you want to be, it gives you the oppurtunities and all you have to do is to take them and have a blast while your here!


Though I have only been attending Utah State University for a few weeks now, already I have easily seen what a wonderful school this is. Every day there are various activities for students to get involved in from clubs to health screenings to informational fairs. Each class I have attended has been taught by extremely capable teachers who are excited about their jobs which in turn has made me get excited about subjects like Physics. This school has something for everyone and the diversity of students is just another reason it is one of the best universities around.


The best thing about Utah State is that it keeps students involved in activities and traditions. These really help give a sense of belonging to those that have moved far from home. They also provide a for a positive college experence outside of the class room. The university does all it can to cater to the needs of the students providing many free services. Having gone to another college already I never thought a school would offer so much for free.


I believe that the teachers really care about what they are teaching as well as the students. The material learned is interesting as well as needed for the degree I have chosen. It's not just information they give you, you apply it and it becomes part of you. The campus is beautiful as well. Everyone is very friendly.


The students. We respect each other and want each other to achieve great things. We are not here to party or just have a college experience we are here to learn and become the future of the world.


The best thing about Utah State is definitely our academics. We have so many opportunities here. You can major in such a wide range of subjects from engineering to social work to ecology. Most of our faculty is so helpful, they're always willing to anser questions. We also have many professors that are top researchers in their fields that you can learn from. We also have many opportunities for undergraduate research, so you might be able to work with these people. Of course having plenty of famous aggie ice cream on campus doesn?t hurt anything either.


It is very diverse and there are a lot of things that you can do and explore. The class sizes are great and the professors really try to get to know you. There are many different ways to get extra help when needed.


The professors education and they way they teach.


I love the atmosphere and the stimulating growth taking place. It is fun and serious at the same time. I consider the relationships that enable this between faculty, professors, and students one of the best things about Utah State.


nothing really


The school spirit here is insane. You really feel like you're part of a community, even if you don't know everyone. It's a big enough school that you are always meeting new people, but not too big that you feel like you are unnoticed.


I love the music program here. The students have the wonderful opportunity to study under the world-renowned Fry Street Quartet, and we have many opportunities to perform challenging and beautiful works of classical music. As for the school in general, I was immediately impressed with how focused the students are and how the classes cater to those who are serious about their education. The students are very spirited and friendly and helpful to new students, and that was crucial for me when I first started, and the reason I am where I am at today.


Everyone is really friendly. The professors are awesome. They really want you to succeed.


The small town atmosphere. You don't feel so lost and insignificant.


Programs, Research, and Athletics. Go Aggies!!


The social atmosphere hands down is the best at Utah State. Everywhere i've been there has always been a friendly face and someone wanting and willing to help. Even in the dead cold of winter most people find happiness and a family away from home at Utah State.


I would say that USU has a really good gropu of students that are helpful and fun to be around!


The best things about Utah State are how easy it is to be involved on campus and have an active social life. I also love how service oriented the campus is, with service projects going on year round. Utah State also does a great job at helping students find internships and careers.


The best thing about Utah State University is the atmosphere. It is in a medium size college town and most of the students live close to campus. There is an energy in Logan that I haven't felt at any other campuses I have visited. The campus is fairly small so it is really personal. You frequently run into friends in-between classes or can run and grab a snack without being late. The architecture is amazing, some new and some historical, and the beautiful landscape on campus cannot be beat. It is very picturesque!


Beautiful campus, friendly, and good learning environment.


The best thing about my school is the people here are very friendly and generally accepting of others.


small town values, big city quality, friendliness


How modern and up to date everything is. New technology is always very easily embraced with no spared expense.


School spirit. It brings an energy to the campus as well as sporting events


The best thing about this school is the general atmosphere. When I'm up on campus it feels like the other students at the school feel like they're in the same situation I'm in and we need to all work together in order to achieve our goals. Also, there are so many fun and wholesome activities to do here that it makes it really easy to meet new people and have a great time while still staying focused academically.