Utah Valley University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Very up beat student body. Everyone I've meet is really positive and excited about life.


The people here come from many different backgrounds and, as a result, offer many different points of view when having discussions.


You get a big variety from lazy people to dedicated about their education, a lot of people are willing to help others but it kind of ends up being the luck of the draw.


My classmates are excited to learn, and help others to learn, in order to further their education.


I mostly take online classes to accomadate for my work schedule


My classmates have always been amazing, regardless of the class they've always been great people.


They are all very nice and willing to help if you have trouble in class or finding the classroom to begin with.




My classmates were fairly active in class and engaged; many of the students are non-traditional students.


My classmates were diverse in opinions and of all ages.


There is lots of school unity and spirit at UVU; we really have a great school community.


Overall, my classmates are nice and welcome new people to the class. There's always a few people who aren't as friendly, they prefer either to just stay by themselves, or to pick on others, but that is only about 0-2 people per class, the rest are nice, and friendly.


Classmates are generally much younger, as I am 30 years old with an Associates degree in nursing already; most of my classmates are high school graduates just entering college.


Classmates are very social and easy to get along with. They make you feel as though you are welcomed and not being judged for your ideas, actions, or beliefs.


The students I have met and become friends with come from all different walks of life. I have met people from all over the world, and it is really neat to interact with them, and hang out in such a diverse setting. I really like making friends in classroom boards, and then becoming friends outside of that!


UVU students are very friendly and caring.


I would describe my classmates as different, intelligent, and for the most part they are all here to learn and get a higher education.


Honestly, they seem rather bored and not happy or excited to be here.


Most are very friendly and work well together.


My classmates at UVU are very diverse., coming from all walks of life and all having their own voice.


Ethnically, religiously, and socially diverse.


My classmates are fun, exciting, interactive and diverse.


The majority of my classmates are amazing people who often happy to help you in any way they can.


My fellow students are an eclectic mix from many states and nations, representing very diverse backgrounds.


I would describe the students at Utah Valley University as hard working, dedicated, and excited about learning.


My classmates are future pilots, dedicated students and currently out of money.


My classmates are down to earth, engaged in learning, determined for success,outgoing, and diverse.


Very bright, optimistic, and eager to learn.


My classmates are not the brightest bunch of people I've met, but they are very pleasant and great people. There seems to be a lack of effort when it comes to their education, but I would put that down to the diversity at this school. Tuition is cheap and the University is a good place for not getting into debt, however I have met people with a wide range of educational backgrounds. Overall, the people are very agreeable and the environment and atmosphere is a good one.


There is a wide range of age and background among the students at Utah Valley University but we all have one thing in common; we are all trying to better ourselves, our lives, and our education so that we can make a difference.


My classmates are people just like me. They come from every walk of life and tend to want to get a better education. I would have to say that most are coming back to school so that they can get paid more or make more money at another job.


My classmates consist of various age groups and cultures.


Some of my class mates encourage me to keep going in school. They are motivted just like me so we all keep eachother going.


A group of young people with an appreciation for cultural diversity and eager to improve their station in life with a positive attitude and outlook for the future.


Most of my classmates are willing to learn and respect the teachers.


My classmates are people who seem to be in the same situation as me: older, juggling work and school and sometimes family, but wanting to finish our education.


classmates at every course I took were friendly, helpful and respecful .


Energetic, but well focused.


Most of my classmates are very friendly & helpful if I ever need anything.


My classmates are extremely friendly and I have made many friends at school. They do a great job of being available for group projects and are interested in what is going on with your life.