Utah Valley University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Not sure, but it's science degrees are really good.


Low tuition, fastest growing university in the nation. More liberal than most universities in Utah. Arts, Computer Science, Nursing and Business are the strong fields of study.


UVU is best know for being a high moral school.


I think our school is best known for it's size and open enrollement. It is a huge campus.


Utah Valley University right now is known for being the fastest growing University in the state. We are gaining more students, sports teams and clubs by the day. I am going into the Business program and UVU which is a great program and really progressing to become one of the best Business schools in the state of Utah.


UVU is best known for open enrollment.


Utah Valley University is a melting pot of cultures.


Engaging. That is Utah Valley's motto, to engage. Wheather it be engaging in classes or engaging in the field you are studying in.


The theatre at UVU is fantastic! Go see some shows.


Accepting everyone in to the University, largest student body in Utah.


Providing a quality and broad education. Utah Valley University is continually growing and adding new majors, buildings, staff, programs, and much more. All the things equate to a better educationa and experience for students. UVU prides themselves in making sure their students succeed. A mentor program has been established to help new students get associated with campus life and how to succeed in college. UVU a great college to go to and will do anything to help you succeed.


Friendly staff and students.


Our school is best known for being a start up trade school to transfer to higher schools after abtaining a bachelors degree. Our school is great for a four year degree student.


Well prepared individuals with integrity and expertise.


Utah Valley University is well known for its on hands learning. Its acceptance to school, they pretty much accept everybody who applys. They also have wonder teachers who work with you one on one with small class room sizes.


Our school is best known (in Utah) for our diversity. There are a lot of different cultures, ethnic backgrounds, beliefs and religions, morals and values, and career choices. At UVU you can major in a wide variety of fields from dance to engineering. UVU is also notorious for having the hardest Anatomy course in the state of Utah (a course which I'll be taking in the next semester or two).


How many students it has.


Small classes.


UVU is an evolving school. It was once just a small college that people used as a stepping stone to get to BYU or the University of Utah or they would get small trade degrees that the larger schools didn't bother with. But now you could say that it has grown up. It has become a university and is expanding. There is an effort to retain those students that it would have once transfered and there are new facilities being built. In short is it becoming compitition for the larger schools not just the little brother.


I don't know alot about all the departments in our school, but since we became a University, the theatre program has grown so much. The professors in our department come from all over the world, and have worked in a variety of professional settings. They care about the students, and search for ways to nurture our creative abilites. All students are given chances to show thier talents and learn new ones along the way. The students get along well too and I feel like I am part of a family there. Everyone knows our program is a great one.


Honestly UVU is best known for the collage you would go to if you flunk out of another collage. All of the BYU students that flunked out but still wanted a collage degree went to UVU to get it. It is a good school though, everybody is friendly and most of the teachers care about the students actually learning. It also has a distance learning program where high school students can get there associates in high school. That what I did. Even though it was great for how I approached it, but I dont want to go there any more.


Being social and having lots of activities.


Utah Valley University is best known for it's spunk. We have a wide variety of classes, including one all about the Lord of the Rings. It has a fun and exciting feel to it and every day I am more and more impressed with just how much fun learning can be.


Our American Sign Language program is one of the strongest ones in the country. People come to Utah Valley State College from all over the United States wanting to learn more about ASL and hoping to major in it too.


My school is best known for adapting to the changes that need to be made. It started out as a technical school, moved to a two year college, then a four year college and now is a four year university. It has a wide variety of people in different ages and stages in life. As well as several nationalities from other countries.


Utah Valley University(UVU) is best know for it's great business college. It is also known for its mission to "go green." UVU strives to help its students progress in their field of choice.


I don't know.


This School is best known for its laid back atmosphere and its fun students


Continual progression, starting as a technical school and upgrading gradually until it has finally become a university, with more opportunities to grow.


I don't really know. I know they have quite a few great programs. Nursing, aviation...etc.


Its students involvment in campus government, and its ability to compete on the same level as much larger and more abundantly funded schools.


Probably that it is less Mormon based then BYU, our rival.