Utah Valley University Top Questions

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I love UVU because they really do try their hardest to make your experience as a student the best. They have smaller classes which make it easier to learn and communicate with the professors one on one.


Utah Valley University offered a major, in which I was most interested in, that no other school offered.

W. Stacy E.

It is rapidly growing into one of the top schools in Utah and in the nation


I haven't visited many different universities but I don't believe that most universities have a hall of flags like UVU where they have a flag hanging for every country in which a citizen is attending the school.


It allows students to determin their academic and career goals; so it doesn't matter if a student wants to be a pathologist or the next best-selling author, they will help tailer students' education toward whatever they want out of life.


The location is very accessible relative to my home. I'm not yet old enough to move out on my own, and my parents don't have the time or money to help with transportation. The convenient location is a huge blessing to me and my family, and also the only one who provides such a blessing.


Utah Valley University is unique in many ways, but the one that stands out to me the most is that there is no campus houseing. Every college that i have heard about and have gone and see, have all had doorms. This University is one of the most diverted schools. Students travel almost an hour to get to class.


Its 700 miles away from my family. So it was taking a big step, but I felt as if I needed to get away from my family in order to show them its not hard to make it in the world. Im the first of my family to graduate highschool and attend an university so its go hard or go home for me.


I really like the fact that the students at this school are really accepting, you never feel out of place and there are always friends around. I also like the teacher/student relationships that exist on campus, it makes learning a lot easier.


I really haven't found what sets Utah Valley University apart from other schools. It's right by the freeway so commuting is definitely an option. The career counselors are very helpful and really try to help you get the skills you need in order to be ready to get a job after graduation. They want you to apply your learning, be a realistic applicant, and have an outstanding resume.


Great education, small community, has a botany program.


Its growing, and there is alot of potential, considering the low tuition


The entire campus is connected so you can stay indoors during the winter months. Also we have a very engaged way of learning on campus. Teachers really try to get us to apply the things we learn outside the class room.


Something unique is that the school is almost completely inside. In order to get from one building to another, you can take the inside halls, or walk on the rooftops of the other buildings outside.


Self paced study


That it had a good photography program. It wasn't as expensive and I knew several people also going to school there.


There's an excessive amount of ignorant bigots and a severe lack of diversity.


It's located close to me, and the learning enviornment feels more real for me. When I go to class, I feel like I'm there to learn, but it's on me to do the work. Nobody is holding my hand, it's up to me to get things done and make my dreams a reality.


Utah Valley University is an interactive campus. There are always different events going on during the week and anybody can attend. The students and faculty here are all courteous and friendly.


It has many undergraduate programs, a diverse student body, and has a very good price for tuition.


This school is built to help people succeed.


I am not sure if there is anything unique. UVU does have smaller class sizes than many of the other universities that I have looked into which i enjoy. The classes are more personable and allow the students to get individual help if it is needed.


My school is like a public school yet just like a private school as it is located in a LDS community and there is a building on campus which has free LDS religion classes.


The open enrollment policy. It was nice to know that no matter what the circumstances, everyone has a chance to learn and excell.


My school is in it's first year being a university. The school is constantly adding new degrees and classes. In spite of the fact that it is a new university, the school has many competitive programs and classes both on a state and national level.


Class sizes are a lot smaller than most universities. Professors are willing to help you succeed in any way possible as long as it is ethical.


I think that Utah Valley University is a school that is not too well know of it's greatness. I enjoy the education that I receive there. I am in the Elementary Education Program and the teachers are willing to help you learn and succeed. I think that is important in education. When professors are willing to work with you and help you, then you are going to enjoy their classes along with push yourself to learn the material.


UVU is different because we are located in "happy valley" utah! its a great location cuz your not to far away from slc or park city its right in the center of all the action.


Utah Valley University has a really good financial aid program. The people there really helped me with my financial status.


Open campus, but all the building are connected. Currently made a university. Over all great school.


One unique thing about my school is that the whole entire campus is connected. This is especially nice during the winter because you don't have to tread your way through three feet of snow between every class. It's also a major time saver.