Utah Valley University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


You can get to any building without going outside which is especially nice during the winter. It is also really nice to have small class sizes and to get to know your professor. All of my professors have been excellent teachers and knowledgeable in their field. One of my favorite parts of UVU is the Student Life and Wellness Center (SLWC). There is a full size track, almost any machine you can think of, free fitness classes, a bowling ally, a rock wall, and so much more!


The professors are outstanding! I feel like I have purpose because I'm not concerned about "getting a degree." My school has taught me to focus on learning and teaching myself. It's about the journey, not the destination. I love the insight my professors offer.


That there are really good programs in a variety of fields. They can probably find what they are interested in pretty quick and get good advice from good teachers.


UVU has been a wonderful college for me in the time that I've been there. I absolutely love the diversity of people you can find there. While you do expect to find a wide array of students and professors at any college, I think Utah, and Utah county specificially, has a much higher expectation of not being as diversified. The overwhelming number of residents in the area have very similar religious and political beliefs. But at UVU, I've always felt like every group is well represented and the mix of people compliments each other perfectly.


I brag most about our choral and voice programs and our professors. In a few short years, our music department went from pathetic to internationally renowned. Our faculty are experts in every sense, yet they are the most personable people you will ever meet. This is a competitive department, but not in the way people would expect. We are encouraged to be better than ourselves, not each other. We have to work together, and our school encourages teamwork, so we don't have anything cut-throat.


It has all of the majors I am looking into. It is very easy to get into, easier than BYU Provo. The classes are fairly small.


I brag most about my school's compassionate faculty. One is not simply a number at this school, they are individuals that faculty actually care about.


The mentor program at UVU is something that most collleges don't have. Whenever I am with friends and we are talking about experiences that we have had at school I always bring up the mentor I had. The mentor I had was always there for me, something my friends didn't have. Whenever I had a question about my homework, campus activities, or how where to go for certian things, she was always able to help and made sure I was successful.


I brag about the library. It is really cool and always clean.


I brag about the fact that almost all the building on campus are connected. I also like almost all the teachers i have gotten.


Up until this point I've been able to pay for my education by myself while working 2 jobs or overtime. While doing that I've also been able to keep my GPA above 3.5 .


The ease of completing coursework at my own pace


How hard it was but how worth it it really is. Plus I love school.


Not much.


I love the small class sizes that Utah Valley University has to offer to its students. Yea there were a few classes with around 100 people in them that were the general education classes, but overall in all my other classes I had no more that 20 people. It was awesome! I also love the diversity and different clubs and organizations that the school has to offer students. I was in the Honors Program and we had housing, great times, and a ton of fun throughout the year. The program helped me make a lot of new friends too.


How much the teachers and counselors genuinely care that you succeed and graduate.


It is easy to get to and get around haha.


I brag that the students at my school all seem really bonded. Everyone is easy to talk to and most are quick to offer help when finding classes or just some extra help. The amount of students is large but it still feels like a small community.


I love the campus layout. It is all inclosed with hallways. This is very convienent for walking from class to class during harsh winter months.


That they have some really great programs that other schools dont have


Well I am from Florida, so going to a school in Utah it is easy to brag about the fact that it snows a lot and makes the campus look even more beautiful than it already is. A lot of the people in Utah I find do not enjoy the snow because it is cold and wet, but I personally just think it is so gorgeous and it never fails to make me happy. My friends in Florida get pretty jealous when i mention the snow since it obviously dosne't snow that much at all there!


I can progress as fast or as slow as I want to.


The things I am learning.


UVU has a variety of programs to help meet the needs of the students even with such a vast diversity. As a single parent I have found resources to be able to help me in finishing my education and accomplish my goals without my family being neglected, and for that I am grateful.


We have an excellent computer lab in the graphics design program. Teachers that I work with are very supportive, encouraging, and very friendly. At my school, most of the students are of the same religious and ethnic back ground and hold the same standards of living, but there's not a feeling of intolerance at all. The students are very welcoming and enthusiastic about befriending people from different back grounds or lifestyles.


I think the campus is a little full as far as students go, but overall I like it. I feel like I'm respected as an individual and can go at my own pace.


The amount of Mormon members, and how large of a campus it is.


The classes are great. We always seem to interact with each other as a class. The teachers are really good for what i have seen so far. The classes and homework is managable with the busy life style of most students. There are computers, fax machines, printers and other things that are very useful during day to day jobs. There is free parking too! and this school in next to everything!


It's not a very large campus and most of the buildings are connected to eachother. The classroom sizes are just right and the professors teach well.


It's a good school. Teachers are very willing to help you out. It isn't as pricey as most universities.


That I am learning to be a pilot, and that the school has the best planes I've ever seen for the training. We Use Diamond Star Aircraft Exclusively, and I have likened this many times to learning how to drive in a Top-of-the-line Porsche


We have a really good velleyball team. Most of the teachers are really cool.


My school is awesome!!! Besides the fact that now it is an university , it is just as big as BYU which is our neighbor college! The most amazing thing about my school though is the relaxed atmosphere.


I tell them that whatever I cook that they will enjoy because i have the best chefs/proffessors in the state.