Utah Valley University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who would like a fairly good starting education to get his or her associates with. Someone who is also interested in gaining a good amount of starter knowledge for their field.


Anyone that is looking for a great school with a more intimate classroom experience. Professors that are skilled in their fields andcare about the students success are a plus. The school is friendly and accepting of all students in all aspects of life. Something for everyone is offered here. If one is involved and gets to know the staff their experience will be all the richer.


Everyone from all different backgrounds is invited to attend UVU. It is an open enrollment school which means anyone that applies will be accepted. There have been a lot of wonderful improvements with the campus, faculty, and program quality over the last two years and there are many more advancements to come! UVU is quickly becoming one of the top schools in the state and some of the programs here are nationally recognized as the best in the country!


Someone who goes to Utah Valley University should love work, hands-on work, and lots of it. This is a place where we learn by doing and not listening. They should be willing to try every possible method, to gain the experience that would befefit them most out there in the real world.


Any kind of person is very welcome at this school. In fact, this is one of two schools in this college town area. We get a lot of the people that didn't get in or didn't want to go to BYU which is the popular school around here becuase of the religious affiliation.


Someone looking to get a degree to qualify for another college.


Attend this school if you are self-motivated. We will all come out with an education equivalent to what we put into it. Utah Valley University allows you to have an amazing learning experience while being uniquely you. Individuality is key and is a huge part of why UVU is diverse, exciting, and innovative.


This school is great for non-traditional students. People who need a flexible class schedule should attend this school. People who want to get a degree in behavioral science can get it by attending during the weekends as well as nights. This school is great for working mothers and fathers.


Utah Valley State College is composed of many different types of people, and therefore is a great cultural experience. Anyone who is willing to work for success in an encouraging environment should attend this school.


Anyone more comfortable going to a school less religiously oriented and accepting of other lifestyles should definitely think about UVU, the teachers come from all walks of life, just like the students.


Anyone could attend this school. If you like smaller campuses and a lot of school sponsored activities and even activities sponsored by other places, it's a great school. It's a small, convenient, nice place to get a good education.


If you are on your way to start and don't know what you really want to do for a career this is a great place to go.


Someone who wants a good education from professors who are passionate about their subjects and very good at what they do. To expand their friends and groups of friends. Someone who likes to share their opinions and hav e them respected and discussed.


I believe that anyone would be able to succeed at UVU. The acceptance rate is very high and the learning environment is able to accomidate many types of individuals.


Anyone can attend this school. It's not really a party school but it has a good atmosphere and it's a good learning environment. I feel very comfortable there


This is a mixture of a trade and technical school with a university offering several six year degrees, it is not a research university. I would recommend it for students who are returning to complete thier education or plan to transfer to another post graduate school.


Anyone should attend UVU. It's great for returning mothers. It's great for students who want a fresh start at school. It's awesome for people who didn't do great in High School and want a clean slate in college. It's a rapidly growing school in a great community with a lot of awesome wholesome fun things to do outside of school. UVU is a great school for anyone and everyone. Especially those with crazy schedules because of hte online classes.


This school is for those who have good goals in life, and are willing to work hard. They need to have good discipline and be self-moodivated. There are many good friends you can make while here. One who is outgoing would probably do better here. There are a lot of social activities that go on, so getting to know new people would be easier for someone who is outgoing. The professors here are very knowledgable and willing to help anyone who comes to them. The campus is ADA accessible anywhere you go.


This school I think would be for anyone that is interested in a college degree.


Anyone that enjoys living a good, wholesome, clean life amongst classmates that have real values, ethics and an appreciation for cultural diversity.


One that is worried about going to college in the first place. I felt like UVU was a great place to start and quickly caught on the the flow of things.


People that want a chance at education, but are a little poor on the economic side of things; or are a little lower in the GPA and want to try to change thier life for the better. Also those that want to be different, or think outside the box and have more varaity in thier lifes as students.


Anyone who wants to futher their education. they have great programs and the students are there to have fun and learn.


Every kind of person would enjoy this school, there's all the basic neccesities, it's relatively cheap, and it can still feel like a small school for those who prefer it that way


Everyone should. This school has everything anyone would need to get their degree in a wide respectable range of majors.


The biggest attribute that I say would play the most importance is motivation and dediction to what one wants in life.


I think that anyone who wants to enjoy a college life shou;d go to Utah Valley University because of the atmosphere and all the programs that they have there