Utah Valley University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there is no school spirit or school housing. I also get frustrated with some of the ways that teachers act with their students. I have only had two teachers in all of my classes that I felt like cared about me and my learning expierince.


The most frustrating thing about my schools is how different the classes are here. I'm sure it is the same everywhere but my professors all expect very different things from me and sometimes it is hard to juggle them all.


The most frustrating things at UVU are the lack of school spirit and unhelpful counselors .


Sometimes, the professors will be late in grading course work so students won't know how their doing in the class until a month before the semester gets out.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is how often I am put on waitlists for my classes. Utah Valley State College, or Utah Valley University as it is known now, is expanding rather rapidly and more students are signing up for the same classes but the class sizes are not increasing it seems. Being waitlisted is probably one of the worst things I have found.


The University that I currently attend does not have a football team. This is very depressing because the school and the community miss out on so much. Not having a foot ball team has made it so we have a lack of school spirit.


The two most frustrating things are parking and a lack of diversity.


The school size is vastly immense and it is getting really difficult to make it into the classes that are required for my particular degree. Being placed on the waiting list for a class that you would really love to take is a little vexing and can frustrate people a lot.


Homwork and not having enough time to do it all


It doesn't offer the program I would like.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how expensive it is for out of state students to attend.


The most frustrating thing about UVU is that it has a high aceptance rate so the amount of students is alway increasing, in turn making signing up for classes a difficult task, because the classes fill up very quickly. So be aware of the dates in which you can enroll in classes. Remember that the upper classmen get first choice so be ready as soon as you are allowed to pick your classes. The list of courses will be posted before your enrollment date so know your schedule and plan what you are going to take prior to registration.


The counselors are SO busy because there are WAY too many students to a counselor that if you e-mail them, it is common to not get a relpy for days. Even weeks.


To be honest, nothing frustrates me about Utah Valley University. We have an incredible mix of students whether its their race or if it's their interests. There is a little bit of everything and if you need something, our University has it.


The lack of classes available on nights and weekends. The amount is very limited and there for difficult for someone who has to maintain a full time employment status so the bills get paid.


The most frustrating thing about Utah Valley University is the limited availability of on campus parking.


I think something that frustrates me a little bit is that because it's still growing, there isn't as much competition in my program as i might like. But at the same time that means that I have opportunities that I wouldn't in another school. Another huge frustration is the lack of credit per hour. I have 12 credits this term and spend 21 hours in class a week with an expected 30+ hours outside of class. That's really frustrating.


the parking kills me. there is never a spot because parking is so limited, on top of that its about a mile away from school.


There are rarely any parking spaces. They do not encourage students to recycle or care for the enviroment which is greatly frustrating for me. The art facilities are somewhat sparce. Not enough money or attention is put towards the creative arts.


In my major there are certain prerequisite courses that fill up so quickly every semester that it's really hard to get into them. I've been trying to take the Graphic Computer Applications class for a year now and I haven't been able to get into it and it's a basic level graphic design course. Aside from that, parking is really inaccessible, even if you pay for a parking pass you're not certain to get parking.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is about 18 miles from my house. I have gone back to school after being out for about 19 years. I live in a house that I own so it is hard just to move closer to it.


Parking. I don't think there is enough free parking. We pay 2,000ish dollars per semester and then we have to pay for parking on top of that.


The only thing I have found frustrating is trying to get financial aid.


I live 45 minutes away so its hard to get hepl with homework. They do have online help with most courses though.