Utah Valley University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known I wasn't going to be a pilot. For the last two years I have been training to be a proffesional pilot, but about a month ago I decided to entirely change my focus to the liberal arts. I devoted a lot of my time and recources to a pursuit that would prove fruitless and didn't devote that time to the betterment of my writing skills. My true future was right in front of me, evident in all of my interests at the time, and I stubbornly focused on something outside my best interest.


I wish that I had known about this school sooner! All the courses, the programs, the extracurriculars- all of it drives people to begin and keep good habits of leadership, self-discipline, and a work ethic. I just wish that I had more experience with this learning method before I got here.


I wish I had known how much studing was involed with college. I knew that college was going to be a lot of work but I was unaware of how much I needed to study to suceed in college. I really struggled to do well in my classes because of my lack of studying techniques.


I wish I had just taken my general classes first and chosen a major when I was actually sure of what I wanted to do and not rushed into it like I did at first.


Map out your own education. Advisors can only help so much. Enjoy your time and move quickly.


I wish I had known to look at ratemyprofessor.com before I had come to UVU. When I started college down at Snow there weren't that many options for teachers so even if they got a bad rating there wasn't much you could do about it, so I never bothered making it a habit. However my last semester I picked a teacher that received a 1.6 on the rating and I failed his class. It was an awful semester for me so I wish I had known to constantly check the website.


Before attending Utah Valley State College I wish I would have known about all of the great programs and leadership opportunites the school offers, so I could have had an early start towards maximizing my achademic and leadership qualites.


How my early education choices would effect my long-term schooling. Plan it out ahead of time, take your General Education classes early, and if you begin to feel overwhelmed, don't give u[p, talk to your advisor!


As it turns out, this college was really the one for me. During my initial college searches, I somewhat discounted this college, and did not pay close attention to its academic majors. In the end, I went to a different school offering the specific major I wanted, without realizing that I could get the same major for less tuition cost at UVSC/UVU. Had I studied more the list of majors, I would have realized much earlier that I belonged here more than any other school. Always check over a school's majors, so that you don't miss out.


I wish I had remembered some of the things I learned in Highschool.


How much it would cost it is little but still cost alot for a student but cheaper than the bigger schools is utah


More about the different degrees available.


That some courses in the behavioral science department require service learning.


I wish I would have known how to study more, what area of study I wanted to go into and what classes are necessary for that area.


That the students are so laid back! I had no idea that the students AND professors would be so nice and welcoming. All I heard about college teachers were that they were so mean and unforgiving, but it's been the opposite for me. It's been so refreshing after going to high school for 4 years. I didn't know that I would actually enjoy going to school, either. It's been a wonderful experience.


I wish I'd known how much better college is than high school. It may have led me to work harder back then so I could have been farther ahead. High school was discouraging and demotivating. Teachers were tired, students were bored. College is full of people who are there to learn and help one another to succeed. Both teachers and students have a genuine interest in bettering themselves and society as a whole. Go to college !


What the true meaning of responsibility was. It took me a good three years for responsibility to finally take on meaning. And when it finally did, I realized I missed all sorts of opportunities for growth and learning.


Before coming to Utah Valley University I wish I had known how big the school is. It is a big college with not a lot of students and so even though some of the classrooms are large there normally isn't more than half filled. I like the large classroom size, but for some weird reason the emptiness of it distracts me sometimes. In some of the classrooms that are a bit smaller it is nice to be more one on one with the professor.


I wish I had known that UVU has small class sizes and that all of the main campus buildings are connected, as this would have helped me to be even more excited about coming to school. The cozy, homey atmosphere of this university helps students, especially me, to enjoy school, rather than dread it.


How to get involved with student programs and student government committees.


One thing I wish I had known before coming to this school would deffinately be how diverse and numerous the opportunities for life really are once you commit yourself to a higher education. There are so many options out there I never would have considered before I stepped foot on campass. I guess I wish I had done more exploring of my own mind and potential. That way I could have made better use of my time thus far in my career efforts.


Where all the bathrooms were located.


I wish i had known that you can buy used books. I wish i knew that it is a smart idea to continue with math even if i didnt have to.


I wish I would have had a clear understanding of what I wanted to accomplish in college.


I think that I was pretty prepared when I got into college. Nothing seem to pop out of no where and make it hard for me to get going. I will admit that having high schools tell their students to do their homework and turn it in on time is quite crucial, because in college you cannot turn in any late homework and procrastinating is not a good idea for every grade that is recieved will stick with you in the future.