Utah Valley University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Acceptance, comfort level. Everyone is happy being who they are and learning about how others are different and appreciating those differences.


It's construction management program. All of the largest construction companies come to UVU to find future employees.


The best thing about Utah Valley University is the Environment. The reason the environment is so great is there are people from all over the world coming here to get an education. Our school is the largest in the state of Utah, because of the number of students there is a great variety of people. There are many activities you can become involved with. There are many groups to associate with. I love being a student here because of the environment.


The smaller classes. Because again, you are able to really feel like your professors are there to help you and if you do not understand something, it is easier to discuss the assignment until you fully understand what needs to be done.


We have a diverse collection of professors devoted to small classes creating a very personalized experience for each individual student in the class. With an exponentionally small amount of lecture hall-type courses, students are given the opportunity to attend a large variety of small, specialized classes.


I love that my school is so committed to small class sizes. We have the largest enrollment in the state of Utah, yet most classes are very small. I have been in classes with 30 kids on average with my largest class under 400 people. For me it has been really good and i've been able to get to know my professors and other people in my class and not feel overwhelmed with not knowing whats going on or how to get help if i need.


When deciding what college to attend, I chose Merrimack College because of it's outstanding school spirit. It seems as though the whole campus is involved in some type of sport, club, or activity. I want my college experience to be well-rounded and extremely involved. Merrimack lets be obtain a quality education as well as joining extracurricular activities, and being a supporting fan of other sports or clubs. Merrimack's school spirit and support is why I chose to attend this college.


I am currently part of the Bachelors of Social Work Cohort. I really enjoy the size of the classes. I feel each class has the right amount of students that allows each student to build a relationship with the Professors. The class size also allows for each student to get to know each other and expand their network system.


It's cheap. I value this because college is getting more and more expensive, which prevents a lot of people from attaining a higher education. There are still a few awesome teachers despite being inexpensive.


Campus is beautiful, a lot of architecture outside (i.e. waterfalls, etc.). Great ASL program (ASL classes taught by some very famous Deaf storytellers and teachers).


Hands down proffessors and resources. The people who taught me were the people who had the jobs I wanted. They were intelligent,kind resourceful and helped to gear me in the right direction inorder for me to be able to reach my dreams and potentials. I loved all of my professors. They will forever be in my contact and I will continue to use them as references and resources in the future.


The school has maybe 1,500 students. I consider this to be the best thing because everyone knows each other and its like we are all one big family. Which just gives us more ways to network!!!


Everyone is so friendly and willing to help.


The best thing about my school is the friendly and accepting environment of the other students and faculty. For the most part I feel accepted here and that I am encouraged to express who I really am in many ways.


It has a lot of fun activities going on during school hours that help get students invloved.


The support of fellow class-mates and some of the teachers would have to be the best thing about UVU. If you feel lost or confused anyone on campus will be glad to stop and help you out with your questions. Also, the teachers are very understanding with the way their class is run, which shows that they know what they are doing.


Night classes. I work full time to support my wife and children so being able to take night classes has been a major help.


I like that there are people from all over the world at my school, and they focus on international students.


I love that they have so many different campus locations. All of my classes don't have to be on the main campus. And they have a wide variety of online classes which allows me to take the classes I need at my own convenience.


They have small class sizes so you get a better teacher to student ratio. I like having classes about the same size as in high school.


Utah Valley State College recently became Utah Valley University. UVU offers many affordable scholarships programs and supports thelocal community in many ways. UVU is deducated to providing each student with the experiences that thaey needt o be successfull in theor chosen career. The professors and staff and in-tune with the current job market and the demands of the work place. In preparing graduates, they have gained a reputaiton for excellence. The computer science program is continually applauded as one of the best in the nation.


The people. They are really nice, and you can make wondeful friendships with them. The professors here are always willing to give a helping hand to a student who may not be doing the best in class. You can also recieve a well-above average education through these professors tutoring.


I absolutley love the teachers. Each and every one of them express how much they want each individual to succeed. This school offers a program that I have been interested in for a very long time and now they have chosen to implement an outreach of the program to make it available for students here in Utah County. The program I am talking about is Respiratory Therapy, this school has made it possible to learn this industry in one of the best hospitals in the country, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.


Class room sizes. They are perfect. The teacher student ratio is good and teachers are always avilable for help.


The best thing about my school is that fact that you can park and when you go to your classes you don't have to go outside. The whole think is interconnected. That makes snow/rain days great. I feel sorry for those who don't have this setup.


The attribute I consider to be best at Utah Valley University is the hallways connecting each building. This is ideal for a school located in Utah because the weather changes every season. During the winter there are often times heavy snowstorms, where as during the summer a person faces harsh desert heat. It is convenient to be able to commute to each class without having the face the weather conditions. Connecting hallways in my opinion is the best feature at Utah Valley University.


It is full of mostly Mormon faith and it is very close to my housing and very convenient.


Utah Valley University is still not widely known, however it is growing far beyond what was expected. It has become one of the largest schools in Utah. The wide range of people who attend and most definitely the quality of education recieved is one of the best. Although there are many students enrolled, it does not result in overcrowding in classes. Almost all classes have thirty students or less making it an easier learning enviroment.


My school is very welcoming of older students. Most of the students in my classes seem to be 25 years old or older. This helps me feel comfortable since I'm 27.


I like it how most of my classes have no more than fourty students in each class. When there are smaller classrooms, teachers know me by my name and not just by a number. I can have more one-on-one time with my professors concerning my homework and I feel like they care about how well I do in their classes.


The students are great and very friendly... always can find a friend in class.


I am in a program that is relatively small, so I get the attention from instructors of a small school, but my school is also a state-sponsored university, so I don't have to pay as much


My school is technically a large school, with big campus and lots of students, but my major requires me to be at a nearby airport, with only 2 buildings for classes and private instruction. This allows me to both save money by going to a state sponsored large university, and still feel like a small school with one-on-one instruction and very small class sizes.


Some May not love this about my school but I love how big it is. There are so many things to study and opportunities for every student and so much space to do it in. Everyone is very involved and there is so much going on at UVSC. which is now UVU.


One of the best things about my school is, how much room it has. We have room to walk, study, eat, even sit. Having this much room allows us students sufficient time to get where we are going within ten minutes and when we arrive early to class, we can sit in comfy chairs while we wait for it start. Our library is large with plenty of room allowing us to be comfortable while we study. Our dinning areas are perfect in size, you can eat and look at your notes without getting in someones way.