Utica College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Helpful , optimistic , encouraging classmates.


My classmates are students who enjoy breezing through college and complain when they have actual course work, because they tend to forget that school is for learning not just for having a good time.


Diversity is definitely in existence among the classmates that I get connected with in some of the courses I take .


My classmates are quite, not really what you would say an interacting class, but some of pursue the hunger for knowledge.


Most are respectful, harding working individuals who also know how to have a good time socially.


They are a very diverst lot, most are Occupational Therapy Assistants, most are compassionate individuals that will continue to wonderful therapists.


My classmates are enthusiastic and friendly individuals.


They were generally friendly and open


Most of my classmates are very shy and many of them keep to themselves, there are a few that are outgoing but most of the time students are independent.


My classmates drink way more than they should and I feel that they think they need to drink to have fun. Besides that, they are a lot of fun to be around.


My classmates are friendly, caring, very good participants, good helpers and gool listeners