Utica College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person who wants to grow should attend Utica College. I went from a boy to a man during my time here and the time I have spent here is a major contributor. Whoever enrolls should be prepared to be thrown into a melting pot where ideas and morals are either a rude awakening or a breath of fresh air; different minds bringing different outlooks to the previously narrow vision of the incoming student. Get involved and grow into who you could be instead of who you are.


Utica College seems to cater well to younger students. I feel a little pressure by being a returning adult student, however the services and support provided by the school are numerous. A prospective student should be extremely studious and focused.


The kind of person that should attend Utica College should be focused and determined. They should be competitive in their studies and be prepared to work hard for their degree. Utica College offers many opportunities outside of the classroom as well, such as a strong sport program, theater program, and school spirit. Utica College will also offer them countless opportunities for community involvement in various clubs and societies. A person who has a passion to do well academically & belong to something greater would do well at Utica College.


a person that should attend school is some one who wants to try to get a great job and has the resorses to get into school, overall someone who who wants to better their future.


The kind that wants to be involved. The kind of person who enjoys small classes with good professors and enjoys learning.