Utica College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give to my High School self is, appy for scholarships, save as much as possible, don't settle for anything. These tips are what I wish my High School self knew, I feel if I did my College experience would of been alot better. The 1st one scholarships are so important when it comes to college, because grants will only cover it so much, I would tell myself go out of your way to finds as many scholarships as you can in order to make sure you're not in debt for the rest of your life. Also to go along with that save every dollar nickel dime penny that you can because that adds up and you can put that into a savings account and put that money to good use for your future. Finally don't settle for just any colllege research, know what you're getting into, and love the school you're going to be spending the next 4 years at. In conclusion I wish someone gave me advice like this maybe my college experience would've been better.


Some very good advice that I would give to myself, is to manage my time properly. It is imperative to not add more pressure to myself because of lack of time for my studies. I would tell myself to take risks. It is ok to engage my instructors in constructive conversation concerning my grades as well as my progression. My highschool self should know that it is important to sleep. Everything doesn't have to be completed in one day. I want to make sure that my younger self understands that being a perfectionist, although it is noble, is very nerve-wrecking. There is absolutely nothing wrong with striving for greatness, but perfection within itself causes meltdowns, and is truly unnecessary. Priority is key. It is far better to have a well-rounded life. Obtaining an education is useless if it causes misery. Do what you love to do. I thouroughly enjoy my field now, however, it took some trial and error to get to this point. Most importantly, I would heavily influence my former self to never give up. Persistance is instrumental in accomplishing goals. Life happens to us all, but you must perservere, your success depends on it.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would tell myself to keep trying hard academically because it really does pay off in the end and literally, because it results in scholarships. I did well in high school and got a significant amount of financial aid for college, but if I had put a little more effort into my academics, maybe my grades and scholarships could have been even better. I would also tell myself to enjoy the things outside of school more such as sports, friends, and family. I would say this because I miss playing sports so much. It was such a large part of my life before I went to college and I never realized how much it meant to me until I was not playing anymore. I also do not see my friends and family as much as when I was in high school because I am not home as much. When I am home most of the time I am working and so are my friends and family. Overall, I would tell my high school self to just enjoy it more than I did.


This conversation is a warning so please take heed and listen, it will save you from a world of trouble in these upcoming semesters . First off study at least 45 minutes longer, everyday. Be sure to surrond yourself with positive influences that are all going forward, spend less time with those friends who don't have the same ambitions as you. Find a study group to practice for the SAT and ACT, high scores are what colleges look at. Ask your counselor about grants or scholarships that are available. Don't be afraid to ask for help, nobody makes it alone. Explore your options, fill out more scholarship forms to increase your chances of getting extra financial aid. Take dual credit courses to they will cut some of the credits you have to get in college while you saving money and time . Keep your eyes on the prize remember graduation is the destination. Don't allow outside influences to distract you from where you need to go. Your success is non negotioable and failure is not an option. No matter how many times you get knocked down, get up and try .. try again . Real life is coming so be prepared.


I would start by saying that a college education is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Obstacles and life events will come and go as your life goes on, but time will not come back, once you loose it, that time it's gone. Don't delay you school education, whatever it is you are going through, work around it to achieve your goal. The sooner you start your higher education the faster you will have a brighter future for your family and yourself. It will take much effort and dedication from you, but the end result will be satisfactory. If you are undecided of what you want to be in life don't stop there, read and educate yourself on all different careers until you find the one interests you. If you need help on anything, ask your parents or family members, they are there for you. Specially if the help you need is with support to achieve an education. Finally, imagine yourself having finished College, getting you degree in your hands making everyone proud. Imaging yourself working on the field of your studies and succeding, now don't stop until you get there.


If I can go back in time and talk to myself about comming to utica college, with the knowledge I now have about it, I would honestly reconsider comming to this college. Reasons I would reconsider is 1st off, because of how expensive it is to attend and how hard it is for me to pay off my tution. Secondly, becasue before comming to utica college I was undecided on what I wanted my major to be and once I made the decsion as I came to utica I found other schools that had better programs for my major. Overall im glad that I came to Utica college with the knowledge I had about utica when I first came, because comming here wasn't what I really wanted, but comming here made me learn a lot about myself and what I really want for my future.


I would of told myself to not procrastinate and take the SATs. Apply for the College of Charleston, Charleston Southern and for the University of South Carolina. That Trident is a great school but I regret not going to the college I wanted to. I would tell myself to study as hard as I could to make A's in everything and to participate more in extracurricular activities such as cheerleading, drama club, flag line, to stay in Chorus and to attend that meeting to participate in the Interact Club. This helped organizations and charities. I would of also told myself that having a boyfriend is great but I needed to focus on myself and get myself to where I need to be for my future. To not hold back and to give my all instead of just going with the flow of things. That starting college is a scary process but to take as many courses as needed but not to overload myself with too much. To participate in more activities that dealt with the school and community. To also get a tutor for Algebra since it’s my weakest subject.


I would tell my self to relax. Being a highschool student i was very stressed and nervous about becoming a college student, but my first year was a blast. The teachers we helpful and the students were very friendly and social.


I would tell myself that there are no exuces for not studing the maxium number of hours that are needed in order to do well, no matter what the subject matter is at the time. Not all things that we have to study in college are going to be our most favorite, like for me it was math. I had to learn the hard way, that even if its not my favorite subject i have to give my 100 percent in order to get to the other stuff that does interest me, in my case its biology. So my advice is that take the interesting and not so interesting and treat them just as important.


The advice I would give myself is to never give up on school and your studies. Don't listen to the other kids that don't believe you can graduate like them. Go to the library to do some research on public colleges. Never take yourself for granted. Just believe in yourself and have your friends support you in you're education. Be yourself and your dreams about finishing college and getting your diploma from high school will come true. Don't be afraid to make a big transition from high school to college. If you don't know where a certain building is ask a student that goes there to help you. Other advice that I would give myself is to try to have fun with the transition form high school to college because not alot of students can afford the college like some people. Apply for financial aid for college early and not when it's too late to qualify for a Pell Grant or a Subsidized Loan. This is the advice I would give myself knowing what I know about college life and making the transition. Please pick me for the winner so I could win. Thanks!


When you're preparing for college, you just have to always be aware of your surroundings because which everything that's going on during high school is the same exact that's occuring during college. The amount of work load is that much, but it is a pain when finals week gets closer because some many projects is due in the same time frame.


From my college experience thus far, I have learned a great deal about myself as well as the world we live in. Going to college has broadened my horizons and allowed me to meet new people and take chances I never thought I'd be able to. I have met people from all around the world who have different backgrounds and experiences to share. The things I have learned from them are something I would never take back. I have learned how to look at life from different perspectives, and how to be an opportunist. After my first year of school I have found myself to be far more optimistic about life and my future than ever before. My communication skills have advanced greatly and I have been presented with opportunities to go new places in this country as well as globally to learn more about how other people live. Between the things I learned in the classroom and from the people I have met, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I reccommend college to everyone I meet because time is of the essence, and your life is not something to waste.


I'm the first of my family to attend college. My father never went to college, but he's still very succesful. My parents are seperated, and my mother doesn't have a job. It's hard for my to pay for school. With all of this under my belt, I still mantain good grades. During my first semester of college as a freshman, I achieved a 3.7 GPA as the top freshman of my department. I love school and I love learning. I would hate to not be able to return due to financial instability. I need to prove to my family that I'm worth it, that spending all this money is worth it. So far during my college experience, I've seen people who care so much and don't let anything get in their way of success, I've seen people who don't care at all, and I've seen people who are a mix between the two. I've yet to find out who exactly is better off in life, but I feel that if I win this money, I will be able to continue my schooling and discover just that.


I have gotten a better understanding of who I am from my college experience. I am getting an amazing education and learning things that will help me help others in the future. It has been valuable for me to attend because I have learned to be independent and get to know myself without the dictation of peers. I know what I want to do with my future and this college is here to help me atain that future in any way. College has helped me find my way back to god, back to happiness, and has given me the drive to succeed in life and overcome obstacles. I'm the first person in my family to be in college for more than a year and it feels great.


Since I have been in college, I have learned many communication skills that aren't taught in high school. I have made everlasting friends, and experienced team work. With the comminication skills I have learned, I will be able to obtain a job much easier, and get along well with my co-workers. Team work is something that students often don't grasp in high school, however in college I have found myself constantly working in teams. Which is a very good ability to have when entering the work force. This year in college, I have had a wonderful time and really experienced how fun and hared working it can be at the same time. However I also learned that if one can mix work and fun, it is much easier to get it all done and enjoy it too. It has been valuable for me to attend college because wuith the education I obtained from high school i would not have gotten very far.


I am a 25 year old single female who when graduated from high school didn't know what she wanted to do. I knew that if I didn't attend a community college directly out of high school then maybe I wouldn't have gone at all. Through high school I was an average student, nothing exciting. I went to Columbia-Greene Community college for 2years, then applied for the COTA/L program at Maria College in Albany. I realized what I could really do with my life, and wanted to make the most and the best out of my life. After going to Maria College, I graduated with honors and began working in my profession. 2 years later I went back to Maria College to promote my job, and answer questions for students who are getting ready to work in the field. Now I'm back working on my bachelors then my masters in Occupational Therapy. Going to college has been the best thing for me and my future. I'm planning on getting married, and having kids, something I thought I would never be finacially sound to do.


When I was in high school I never thought of my future school-wise. I only wanted to do my dream job. I figured I'd just go to colleges my friends went to, which I did. Now that I'm a little older and a little more mature I realize that the college I go to may help me reach my dream goal. College has taught me that your life and where you want to go with it should not be taken lightly, there are many opportunities out there but it's only up to you to see the and take on the challenges that lie ahead.


I've developed a great respect for time management and organization. If college teaches you nothing else, it forces you to learn these two skills, otherwise you'll never make it. I've been exposed to so many different people, views, and cultures. The ability to think critically and make informed decisions. It also gives you a greater sense of responsibility when you have no one to watch over and make sure you're doing what you're supposed to, versus making bad choices.


I have achieved a since of self-esteem that I did not have before I entered collage. I knew before I went back to collage that there was a personal need for myself to return to collage, not only to train for a new career, but also to keep myself mentaly sharp. I know at the momment that my training is not complete and there for I will not be able to enter into my chosen career as a CMA, yet I know that the field I am going into is a perfect fit for my personality, it is also one of the fastest growing fields in America. I can not wait to be able to help people and repay society for all the oppertunities that have been allowed for myself.


The biggest idea that I have gotten out of college is that my actions and my success is not limited to myself, I as a pat of society have a hand in where society is going next. I began as a mediocre student close to failing out to a campus leader because someone had the heart to tell me that people are looking at me for permission to be better even when I do not know their name or face, by me struggling and proving myself victorious I dare people to be something more. More than any string of words I can put together, it's the way that I carry myself through struggle and tribulation that proves that life is not always going to be easy but that does not mean the fight can not be won; failure is not the sin, continuous actions leading to failure is however. Be better than yourself, push yourself and in the end you will be proud of yourself - that is what I have gotten out of my college experience.


The most important part of my college experience is the fact that I have learned who I am. After high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. After a few years in college I have gotten to know myself and what it is that I can do with the rest of my life that will make me happy. Along with getting to know myself better, I have also received a well rounded education with a wide range of classes. I entered college knowing the school subjects that I like, but not knowing how to put them into a rewarding career. Now with the wide range of classes I have taken, I have discoved other subjects that I like, and also have learned about some interesting career paths that I can pursue.


The worst reality about being a senior in high school , is not knowing what scholarships were available and easily applicable during that time when you were eligible to apply for them. I would primarily inform my former self about the certain scholarships that I have recently discovered overtime as a freshman in college. Those scholarships could have prevented my extremely hardworking and constantly tedious mother from developing a huge hole in her pocket from withdrawing through her bank account(s) to pay off my college expenses. Also, I would form a confrontation between my former self and I about the concern for my grades from my senior year. A great deal of scholarships has to do with how excellent your GPA is , so I would discuss about maintaining my GPA at a certain acceptable level to be in fantastic shape in terms of my academics. Also, I would exaggerate about the danger of procrastination, and to not give in to the specific temptation because it will produce very disappointing and devastating results on my report cards in which I will loose all hope in myself along with perpetually considering that I am a failure.


To go back in time, I would tell myself that I am much more than what I give myself credit for. I doubted everything that I had accomplished and quickly fell into the trap of peer pressure. I felt that what I did was never good enough, so I eventually stopped trying. I felt that I wasn?t smart or mature enough to begin my college journey, so I joined the U.S. Army after graduating from high school. In doing so, I learned so much about myself ? I am a hard worker; I am smart; I put others? needs before my own; I am respectful; I am accomplished. Though knowing now as opposed to what I knew then, I wish there was a way I could give myself advice. Regardless, I am proud of the paths I have chosen in my life. Any amount of advice wouldn?t have swayed my past decisions. I am now a proud mother, student, and Army wife. I have earned my Associates of Science degree ?with distinction,? and am now in my next chapter of life ? a student at Utica College (Utica, NY) studying Biology Pre-Medicine.


I would definietely tell myself not to procrasinate and to give every effort i could. Playing harder in football. Also to investigate more oppurtunites for schlorships.


When I left for college at age 17, I had never really been away from home before. Except for a few summers at Girl Scout camp, I had always lived at home. I had a sister, so I knew about things like sharing, but I'd had the luxury of having my own room while growing up. One of the hardest things for me to adjust to in college was having a roommate. I had to adjust to sharing a small room and one closet with a stranger who had different habits than me. Sometimes our schedules conflicted, and we had arguments and fights. It was a very difficult adjustment, on top of the stresses of being away from home and adjusting to a college life and classes. Looking back, I would tell myself to work more with my roommate on a contract so that we could live together more peacefully. I would also tell myself to make more use of the R.A.'s in our dorm, who were there to help with such issues, instead of just complaining and "venting" to my friends and family. Also, I would remind myself that the roommate was just for one year!


If I could talk to myself in high school I would tell myself to study more ,there so much more time to party later. Take the Math B regents and take College Now Courses it helps you save money in the end and less classes to take in college. Save money i dont need 30 pairs of sneakers. Learn about collge writing and keep practicing math. Aplly to all the scholarships you can find takes time but it will be worth it get good grades and go to the library its the best place to study theres no tv.


Look ahead to what program requirements are for careers you might be interested in. Research how much the job pays for the amount of schooling you would need to complete. Even if you are not sure of a major, get enrolled and take the basic classes of English and Math.


Dear Nicole, I have seen you change over the past couple of months wish you could be here to see it. I want to tell you about the rough road ahead. I know things in high school may seem hard but trust me it is nothing like college. Listen to your mom when she urges you to apply for scholarships, the big loan she pulls out in a few months can be avoided. Save your work money so you can afford to buy clothes and all your dorm supplies instead of asking mom and dad. College is a very fun experience I know it is scary now just thinking about leaving home but don't worry you're going to love it! You'll meet the best friends you'll ever come to meet in your entire life. Nicole, be warey of the people you meet at first, good friends are made over time. Like I said college is nothing like high school people's (boys) objectives are not always in your best interest. Keep your head held high and remember what you want in life. Your success is built through your decisions. Good Luck love. Nicole.


If I were able to go back in time to when I was a high school senior i would tell myself to stop being so lazy. In my senior year I did not fill out scholarship applications as I should have. I would tell myself that I need to fill out the applications because any little bit of money I can get is going to help out in the long run. Also in the lazy category comes the school work side of it. In high school I never tried as hard as I should have but I did well. If I would have done better with my grades then I might not be in the financial situation that I am in right now. If I could go back in time and tell myself to stop being so lazy then I would not have as many stresses in my life.


I would tell myself to study more and to learn to use my time more effeciently. I struggled with my time management in college and therefore spent too much time having a good time and not enough time studying and getting better grades. I did not understand how important GPA would be in applying to graduate school or to my future. The other piece of advice I would give is to cultivate relationships with professors over the course of college. I also did not understand how important that would be in applying to graduate school. Other than that, I would tell myself to stay safe, make good decisions and not to pledge a sorority [its not worth the time, money or hassle].


Go to college because you want to be successful. Don't go to college to party and forget about why your truly there. Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Just make your mistakes early enough that they can be fixed and you can get back to where you need to be academically. Have fun and make friends, just don't let it get the best of you.


If I could go back in time there are alot of things I would tell myself so that I would have been more prepared for college. I would say to look more into the programs and the careers to make sure I know exactly what I want to do. I have changed my major once already and it has put me a little behind. I would also tell myself to save up more money because college is very expensive and you don't want to build up loans. Something else I would tell myself is to learn how to have better studying skills because you can't treat it like high school and study just to pass the test because you need to remember everything you learned to use it in your career.


Find out more information regarding the college experience. I would tell myself to visit a college and shadow a person for a few days to get the full experience. I am an athlete and I would also talk to college students that are athletes on how they manage classes, practices and games. These are all things that I never thought about as a high school senior. Knowing a little more information on whats ahead in college would have made the transition a little easier.


If I could go back to being a high school senior I would tell myself not to worry and be confident. I would also tell myself to have a little more fun. I sometimes don't go out and have fun when I have the time to. I usually worry too much about my classes and getting good grades in them even though I almost always do. I would tell myself to take a public speaking class because during my classes I have to talk in front of the class a lot and I'm not confident in that area. Be confident in myself is the biggest advice I would tell myself because I always thought I wasn't as good as the other students and now that I have gone through most of the undergrade classes I know that I did just as good, if not better, then I thought.


Prepare to be challenged in college more than high school ever has


To go into Occupational Therapy from the git go, to not party so much and pay attention to your studies and participate in campus activities while you can


I would tell myself not to take time off during the summer. I would tell myself to take a couple of summer classes while working to be better situated for the upcoming years. I would also tell myself to consider grad school and not put off any part of education. I would tell myself that parties and hanging out are fun and necessary, but to put things in perspective. I can be proud of my acheivments in school, but there is a pretty good chance that I wouldn't be bragging about the number of keg stands I can do in one night. You pay for college; make it count.


First off, it is important to know what type of individual one is. One has to decide whether or not they want a small or large school. Then they have to go by what the school offers academically and the clubs and extra-curricular activities it has. The surrounding area plays a big part too. It might be important to the individual to have a lot of things around, such as stores, resturants, and bars. Once one picks the college they feel will benefit them the most, it is up to them to make friends. It is so vital to be oneself. Do not be fake and just have fun. Do not be afraid to even try something new like a sport or join a play. If one needs help in a subject go to the professor for help or get a tutor. Keep those grades up as best you can and the library is a nice and quiet place to go. College is what one makes of it.


If your child want's to go, let them go and experiance what there is to offer even if it is in a small city like Utica. You need to look for a school by your childs needs though. If they are from a fairly small area a four year school like Utica College is applicable, but if you are from a fairly large area and are looking for a big inner city pace Utica is not the right area for you. You need to find a school to match you needs and your wants.


Finding the right college should be based on a combination of many factors. The student's selection of major will largely narrow the choices, however such factors as financial aid, surrounding environment, personal preferences and personality should also carry some weight to the decision. While money is not everything and student loans are abundant, wisdom should preside to choose the more economical situation in cases applicable. The amount of debt should be proportioned appropriately to the average salary once established in the student's career field. Something else to consider is the student's ability to respond positively to the surrounding atmosphere the college provides. Being honest and choosing a better academic fit over social desires can aid, but not ensure, academic success. Making the most of the college experience is a delicate balance. Although academics are important, being involved on campus, and off, for passionate causes provide many opportunities to cultivate a well-rounded perspective. Carving out time for responsibilities such as studying and work can be held in balance with social events and relationships. Preparing for life beyond the classroom may seem pre-mature, however is crucial for setting the student up for success!


Go to college when you are young and can enjoy the activities that enrich your life experiences. If you are not sure what your focus is you should definitely attend a two year school to help you establish an area where you will excell and be happy. College life is what you make it, it can be a big party but, trust me, that will catch up to you soon enough. It may not seem it at times, but hard work and perseverence pay off in many, many ways. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it, most schools offer many forms of help in all sorts of areas. Make your tuition count and last but not least, be on time.


When chosing a school i know it can feel like everything goes so fast, but visit the schools your thinking about look in at classes ask questions dont be afraid. when you do find the right school give it a chance, its going to be differnt at first but you go to work your way in, also be open to new people and ideas your goin to meet so many new people get to know them.


College is an important step in a young individual's life and must be taken very seriously. College will build the foundation for the student to succeed in all aspects of life. One would advise parents and students to visit as many different types of schools as possible. Experience a large school, small school, rural, or urban school and if possible, arrange to spend a night with a current student. One can feel that this is the best way to receive straighforward advice on the school and the students that attend it. The final advice one can give to parents and students about finding the right school is to apply to as many schools as possible, and do not be discouraged if you do not fall within the academic average of the school of your choice. There is always a chance for you to be accepted and the only way to find out is to apply. When the student begins school, get to know the campus and the services that are available. Go to your advisor and get to know him or her and find out about all the activities that the school offers.


The most important thing is to make sure that the school offers whatever it is your child is looking for. I would suggest your child make a list of the top 10 things that they are looking for a college to offer and then start looking into schools that offer those things. Then the child should visit the school and see what kind of financial aid packages would be offered if they chose to enroll there. The child should speak to students who go to the school and look at internships and post graduation jobs that are offered at that school for their specific major. Last but not least transportation and available resources is always important. Things such as shopping areas, bus services, and local college activities is always important.


Do not choose a school based on people you know who are going or close to people you. Be sure to research the extra curricular activities as well as the acedemic programs, but do not base your decision solely on the activities available


my advice to parents and their kids, is that make sure you do the research about the college/s you want to attend. also make sure that they have your major you want to do and they have your studies. when going to college make sure students especially that you take it seriously and do the best you can do so if you are reciveing money somewhere that your grades are where they should be.


Make sure to visit. Make a list of questions before you go to vist that you want to make sure to ask. Sit in on a class so that you can see what a class is like at the school. Be open to meeting new people as soon as you get there.


I would give the advice to apply for as many scholarships as possible during your senior year in high school. I would also reccomend to look at a lot of schools before you make your final decision.


I would look at every college and compare prices, living arrangements and availability to hospitals and such. I would talk to students already going to the colleges and see what they have to say about their lives on campus and off. Find or hire someone who can explain the finances to you, unless you already know how everything works. Trust me when I say though, that you really do not know all the ins and outs of college finances. If you do become depressed about any financial situation, talk to someone about it. Try and do any and all scholarships because they will save you a lot of trouble. Make sure you know what you want to do with your life at least by your Junior year. Have fun and stay safe. Always remember that what you do in college could effect what you do for life. So, choose wisely and make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.


Make sure that you know what you want to do and do not base your decision on getting out of your parents house. Explore your community colleges first. They are a lot less expensive, and they afford the time for you to decide what you want to major in.