Valdosta State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Very impressive.


My school has a beautiful campus but we are not unified.


Our school has a lot of cliches so tried to get involved as soon as possible.


Diverse, perfect medium sized school. Nothing is over the top, but it's not an insanely small school. Being so close to Florida you get the perks of a beach nearby with Florida weather yet the small hometown southern feel.


VSU is a beautiful campus and is a good size.


Valdosta State University is a great school to go to, because they have the best teachers here.


My school is a beautiful and vibrant place not only educating people for their futures, but also allowing everyone a chance to have a pleasurable college experience full of diversity.


Valdosta State University provides a comfortable environment for students, while encouraging them to strive for excellence in academics and instilling in them the importance of a good career path.


Valdosta State University is the ideal campus with a warm hearted atmosphere accompanied with students and staff whos first prioriety is education!


My school if very informal and convient and also is a has great programs.


Valdosta State University is an American public school and is one of the two regional school in the system of Georgia.


Valdosta State University is a community of students who are all like family.


Valdosta State University is a medium size univesity that devotes alot of time to the beautification of it's campus and the success of it's student body.


Well I go to a sister college of Valdosta State University that is located in St. Marys, Georgia and it is extremely small, the classes are one day a week for only 8 weeks, and what is expected of the students is no where near that of what main campus expects of its students.


Valdosta State University helps you to learn, grow, develop an identity, and the school ensures that every student has the same opportunity to succeed.


I would have to say that my school is the perfect fit for me.


Valdosta State is a great school with a very nice environment with many ways of getting your education and work needed to fulfill your major.


Get involved in what interests and become a part of the campus instead of just being a student here. College is a mixture of experiences including your academics so embrace it.


Kinda boring, but with excellent faculty.


Valdosta State is very country.


A very active university with many opportunities to grow as a person and in education. A very supportive staff and a great campus to be at. This school is the best in the state!


It is a fun atmosphere that teaches life lessons.


The best time you are ever going to have in your life.


Valdosta State has the view of Miami without the ocean and the capability of given you the education you need as any other university, on a smaller scale.


VSU is quaint and most of the staff is friendly.


A learning adventure.


Valdosta State University is a very diverse and resourceful institution of higher learning.


Valdosta State University gives every student the opportunity to be successful academically, athletically, and socially regardless of their race, gender, age, religion, etc, while providing a great atmosphere full of fun for the students, faculty, staff, as well as guests who visit the campus.


Valdosta State University is outgoing, friendly, and I consider it to be a decent university.


Not too big, not too small; not to far from home, but not too close.


An extremely beautiful atmosphere of learning, growing and FUN!


Part of a Title town USA, very sports affiliated and an "athletic" school where most people seem physically fit due to walks from the parking lot or bicycle rides. Its a great large school,in a smaller booming town.


my school is fun


Valdosta State University is the perfect college because its not too big and there is a variety of degrees to choose from.


Valdosta State is a great school for those who want to be in a college town and for students who do not want to be to far away from home but far enough and also to get an excellent education and learn life lessons at the same time.


VSU is a great learning facility thats in a great location and is Titletown, USA!