Valdosta State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Homecoming Day


I honestly do not think many people know about VSU. The football team has multiple national championships but nobody really knows.


When Valdosta State University is mentioned to the general public, it is the beauty of the campus that comes up in conversation. The palms trees, consistent warmth, and restored buildings are some of the reasons I choose to go to Valdosta State University. Valdosta State University is also known for winning the National Championship for football in 2012.


Valdosta State is best known for our school spirit. We are very proud to be Blazers.


Valdosta State University is a great school full of teachers who are very motivated to help you succeed. The enviroment is very friendly and the campus offers a variety of activities daily to get students involved. I would reccomend Valdosta State University to anyone looking for a college that they will enjoy, feel safe in, and graduate with ample knowledge in the field they choose.


great athletics for football, baseball, basketball and soccer.


I'm not sure, but I'd say the front lawn. It's plastered over all of their pamplets and for good reason. The front lawn is a wonderful place to meet new people, to catch some sun or to study.


Valdosta State University is best known for their football team and their academics.


My school is known for being a very racially diverse school. We are known for our great Nursing program and we are known for our beautiful campus located on the border of Florida which gives us our great weather year round.


Valdosta State Univeristy is known for thier down south hospitality. As well as thier numerous four-year B.S. program in Nursing, Business,Education, and etc.


I do not know if there is a specific aspect of Valdosta State that it is the most known for. However, I know Valdosta State offers a wide variety of opportunities for a diverse student population. Valdosta State definitely has a varied group of student attending, including many students involved in Study Abroad Programs. VSU has many career options for students to pursue and provides a lot of top of the line colleges for specific majors. Valdosta's professors are just as diverse as the students and many have a true passion for their profession.


Valdosta State is best known for its location. Valdosta itself is a small college town, so the university plays a big role in the community. Valdosta is also located close to the Florida State boarder so beach lovers might enjoy the colleges proximity to the beach. Valdosta has a great football team and the city really gets involved during football season. Valdosta State is an amazing school and a great place to get an education.


It's Greek Life. They are very dedicated to helping the community and working with one another to eliminate steryotypes for Greek's.


Valdosta State University is best know for its sports programs such as basketball and tennis. We did not earn the Titletown award for nothing.


My school is known best for our athletic department , mainly football. We are currently called Titletown, USA for our achievements in football.


I believe the school is best known for the football team winning Nationals all the time! Also the high school in the city wins State Championships, so they call Valdosta Winnersville.


My school is best known for being a school that is close to the coast, and therefore, the beach .


Location. Weather. Campus. Sports. Educators. Majors


Football team


The pride of Valdosta , Georgia , This campus has been here along time


nurseing, football, and being hot


Our school is best known for our spirt. We won Titletown USA.


Our athletic teams, business program, and biology program.


My school is known for football, because we were the Division II National Champions for the 2004 and 2007 football season. We are also the winners of ESPN's TitleTown USA for the year 2008. We have also won 40 other football titles over the years. Those accomplishments bought more students to the school.




Our football team which won the city of Valdosta the honor of being named Titletown USA this year.


Easy-going atmosphere, Mini-UGA style nightlife, beautiful landscape, athletics and being located in ESPN's Titletown USA 2008.


Title town


Valdosta is known for its laid back enviroment and its beautifully designed buildings.


Football and Biology department


Our football team. We have won two division 2 national championships in the past four years.


The architecture.


Football! We are Div II National champs!


My school is best known for its great athletic teams and its business school.


Valdosta State is a growing school that caters to a variety of people. We are known for some great National Championship sports teams in areas not limited to football. Valdosta State is also the place for students from North Georgia to get as far away from their little hometowns as possible. we have a great business school too.




This school is best known for the football team. They are very good and are starting to attract alot of spectators' attention with their championship wins. This school also attracts alot of student from the Atlanta region.


Well being Division 2 National Champs of course! When I was deciding which college to attend, I would ask people that I knew that attend VSU and the fact that you really get to interact and know your professors was very important to me.


We have a good football team, but they don't get the acknowledgement that they need. Most people in Georgia refers to this school as a good state university that will always accept you and is easy to obtain a degree.