Valdosta State University Top Questions

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Valdosta is much more ethinically diverse than many other schools in the state. This dynamic offers a unique enviorment to learn about other cultures and people. This creates a fun and diverse enviorment to learn and develope friends for life that you can't get anywhere else.


Valdosta State's faculty loved their students. They were very interested in their students future and dreams.


The only difference I could say is that it's not a HBCU and it's quiet.


It is very diverse, and has a beautiful campus.


During my college experience so far I have visited other colleges that I thought about going to and I can honestly say at VSU the campus is a lot cleaner and safer, as well as campus dwelling. At VSU there is a lot more diversity among different cultures and ethnic groups, and the teaching staff is by far more interactive and involved in the well being of the students they teach.


Valdosta State University is small enough that the classes are comfortable, but large enough that everyone is able to make a variety of friends.


Unlike the other schools I was interested in, Valdosta State University is farther away from home. I think this has helped me grow and develop as an individual by not being right under my parents all of the time. I have grown into a mature young adult since I have been at this school.


Valdosta State continues to improve our campus facilities for the student population. The university gets the students involved in building projects by getting student opinions on what they want on campus and what we think the school needs as a whole.


Valdosta State University has a great living environment. It makes the transition from home to college so much easier. They also provide many programs and activities to help you on a mental level and also a social level. When I visited other schools I did not feel the same peacefulness I felt here. They really make sure you feel comfortable.


Valdosta State University offers a variety of classes in which other colleges do not. It also has been named a "Title Town" after many victories in football. VSU size also allows for smaller classes which entails a better learning environment as compared to large school classes.


One of the most unique qualities Valdosta State has is the perfect classroom sizes. Professors are able to cater to students on a more personal basis. The campus has beautiful Spanish style buildings with surrounding palm trees. Also, one can lead an active social life with the campust being so close to the downtown area. The people at VSU really seem to care about the future of each and every student. I am very proud to be a part of this wonderful institution that has affected my life in any imaginable way.


A bit smaller, although it's growing all the time.


It had a variety of people and interest groups. We have a awarding mass media department and theatre department to a National Champion football team. Whatever your interest are you can excel here.


The school is very pretty and the campus isn't entirely too big.


Valdosta State is the only school out of my choices that has my major. ASL


One thing that is unique about my school is that people from all over the world come to my school and its cool to just learn about their culture and also to make great friends along the way.


My school is in a small town but had students from all over the country which makes it a very diverse environment which is good for learning, we also have a lot of school spirit which makes being at this school that much more exciting.


When I began looking at colleges I thought the campus at Valdosta was very nice. Valdosta also has a large football following, as well as many active members in other sports. The sorority and fraternity life at VSU is very strong. If there are any extra curricular activities advertised on campus it ususally for a Greek Life event.


The campus is really beautiful compared to some of the other schools I looked at, and classes are small enough to have good class discussions.


teachers seem to be very willing to help students, they don't mind meeting one on one


Very pretty campus


Ut is a smaller town with bigger opportunities.


Its construction and design. Its a pedestrian campus with Spanish architechure. Its gorgeous. Its location (18 miles outside of Florida).


it is close to beaches and clost to my home city


VSU is always encouraging students to get out there and try new things to meet people - like joining groups or clubs that share a common interest with you. I like how the classes are smaller, in most cases your professor actually learns your name! You just don't get that relationship with professors at larger universities.




Valdosta State as well as the city of Valdosta is full of school spirit. We were recently given the title of ESPN's Titletown USA, and the people of Valdosta could't be happier. It is a great community and anyone would be lucky to attend this university. Everyone at this school always comes together when they need to. There are multiple volunteer programs at the school and they enjoy helping out the community.