Valdosta State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have gotten out of my college experience is what you believed in is going to change radically. It has been very valuable to attend because it open your eyes to a world that has to be experienced.


When i first started coming to school i wasn’t dedicated and dropped many classes, but after having my son in 2006 I became focused. I have learned so much out of my years of attending college of the desert, one thing i find most interesting is the fact that you can never know enough. Knowledge is key. I remember growing up thinking i knew everything. I was wrong, life's a constant classroom. I have learned about many different cultures and the much diversity that make up one little community. I have learned about ways to cope with time management, needless to say that being a single mother of two children, being a full time student and also a full time worker time management is key. Study skills have been a huge part in my success in school. I love working with people and have recently become involved with my schools Latina Leadership Network as there treasure, and I love being such a big part of my schools community. Without coming to school i wouldn’t be able to have the books smarts that it is going to take to be a preschool teacher, and one day a psychologist.


I have gotten a lot out of attending VSU. The people are great. I've gotten to know a lot of good people. The food is fantastic. I've gained ten pounds since I've come down here. The instruction is relevant to my future career and is also enjoyable. The professors are approachable and willing to help students should they need it.


College has been very good for me. At the moment I attend a college very far from home; it has taught me to not relly on my family. While in college, I have had the oppertunity to work. Working has taught me to manage my time wisely. Working is important but also the school work is important. College years are the years to prepare you for the rest of your life and I need to make the most of everything my professors teach me. I realize not everyone has the chance to attend college; I am very thankful to have had the oppertunity to attend the years I have thus far.


I am a returning student after a ten-year hiatus. I have attended both physical and online schools. I have enjoyed learning anything that is new to me. I have overcome physical, mental and medical adversities. I have been given a new lease on life and am ready to embrace it. I endured a two-year physically and mentally abusive relationship and also a one-year ovarian cancer survivor. My educational plan will include obtaining a Bachelor in Psychology with minor in Sociology, then proceed to Master in Psychology with a Criminal Justice certificate.


What I found valuable is that the teachers and the people you meet are very helpful. If you tell a teacher that you are having problems in their class and that it is one of your weakest subjects, then you can count on them to work with you on that certain assignment. If they know that you are always on time to their class and you pay attention to every discussion and still don't understand, they make sure that they can help any way possible, as well as give you suggestions to graduate on time in just four years. As for the people you meet, people are very friendly and if you look lost or confused about something and they overhear it, they come to help you right when you need it. That was something I was not used to so I was a little surprised that the people on campus were very nice. If there was a subject or homework I did not understand, they can tutor me as well as help me with personal problems I go through. The strangers I have met are now my friends and I like each and every one of them.


During my 2 years at a community college I have become a more responsible and well rounded person. It has been a valuable experience for me to attend college because I have learned a lot not only about the world and the people around me, but also about myself and what I want for my future. College has given me a lot more focus than I had just coming out of high school. Although there have been peaks and valleys of my college experience, there has been significant learning and growing throughout. I hope to continue not only my educational pursuits, but also my growth as a person by transferring to a 4-year institution to get my BA in Deaf Studies. My long term career goal is to become a sign language interpreter for the deaf which is something I will not be able to achieve without getting a good education. Overall I would say that although a college education is still a luxury for some in our society, it can be and is a stepping stone to greater things.


Being the oldest of eleven children my college experience has given me the chance to enlighten my younger siblings on everything that college has to offer. My mother never attended college and I am the first to go to college in my family. I know that my college education is impacting my family because it is inspiring them all to want to attend college, as well as my mother. I have learned that everything is not handed out to you in college. You have to work hard for the grade you want to earn. I believe my college experience has helped to prepare me for my future by teaching me deeper meanings to the world we live in, helping me become better organized, finishing projects and assignments ahead of time, and being involved in the surrounding communities. One thing I know I have valued more than anything in college is the value of my education. Every dollar counts and to pay for my own education I have learned that budgeting goes a long way. I don't take for granted anything. I always take advantage of things the university has to offer to students to progress beyond our college years.


Starting my freshman year, went fast, I made bad chocies and presently learning from my mistakes. First couple months of school, I signed up for six classes, worked part time at the school's dining hall, and was involved in a student clubs, putting too much on my plate for me to handle. The hardest time for me was when I failed two classes. The worst part of it all is that, My parents and my friends were kept telling me if my work load is too much drop a class, or quit my job so, I wont make it hard on myself. I didnt listen, I thought everything was going to get better, and not worst. After all this confusion, I finished my first year of college with a 1.56, something in which I was and still am disappointed with. I could have done alot better if I made the right choices. Now, going onto my second year of college, I am learning how to make better decisions for myseIf and managing my time more wisely. After my first year I see this school as home, I have a family here now, my friends, that support me too.


My first year experience in college was a great experience for me as well as inspiring. From my first year I learned several valuable lessons but there are that stick out the most: the amount of your success is unlimited and you are the only responsible to reaching your optimal goals and success. Being in college is almost like being out in there real world. It's a realization that from this point for now on, you are on your own. There will be no one to carry or baby you; you are responsible for your own success and your own failures. And with being responsible for your own success, you are also in control of how far you will go in order achieve your most optimal goal, your success. These are strong life lessons I learned from college and they are very valuable to me.


I have learned more about myself as a person and have matured religiously, mentally, physically and emotionally. I have learned to study and prepare for class more rigoursly and take my education very serious. It is valuable to attend because it is helping me achieve my goals for my career path.


I have gotten a Bachelors of Education from my college experience and realized I can do whatever I put my mind too. I just need to focus and work hard. It has been a valuable to attend so I can support my family by having a good career.


College has been very important to me in that it has allowed me the time to develop skills that make me better at what I do. I work with people. I have worked with impoverished children, women coming out of prostitution, homeless men and persons with severe mental illness. For me school is a must. When dealing with the dynamics of poverty and mental illness one must be aware of what information and research is available to assist. Also, in being an effective advocate one must work hard at learning to express information, and develope processes and procedure for creating change. School teaches this and more it also helps me to better my interpersonal skills by working with teachers and fellow students. It is good to find other students with similar interest who are also working in the mental health field. I look forward to looking back on my education knowing that it was well worth the work and effort.


I am a single parent with with three kids, with low income, I am presently working for a hospital as nurse tech, and I will like to pursue my nursing, I have learned alot this past years, i am ready now. I have always like to go school.


My college experience has been a life long learning experience. I have met many new friends that I will know for the rest of my life and I have learned so many new things. College is something that has truly changed my life for the better. I not only get a degree but I have had a great time doing it. College was and still is a chance for me to be myself around people that do not know me and I don't have to be something that I am not because they accept me for who I am.


I have learned alot about responsibilty and the value of having a strong set of work ethics. My experience has also taught me to make decisions based on research, facts, and weighing out options. It has also helped me to learn how to interact with my peers and superiors.


I feel that there is so much that I have learned that it will be hard to get enough into only two hundred words. Not only have I learned many things related directly to my field; but I have also learned much in the basics of education from completing my core. I find that aside from the educational learning I have learned a good deal more about life in general. Going to college has also taught me a lot about respect, not only for myself but for other people as well. I have learned that there are others that need help in life, learing this was valuable to me because coming out of high school and going into college I had no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life or what I would be happy doing as a creer, but seeing the lives of others through an adult's eyes lead me to persue a creer in the criminal justice field. Anyone can learn things in a classroom but it is those who take what they learn and apply it to the world around them, these are the ones who have recieved the true education.


If I could go back as a high school senior the advice would give myself is to not treat college like high school. The biggest mistake I made my freshman year of college was treat College like it was high school all over again. I had poor study habits, focused on having a social life, and was uncertain of the college life. Being an A/B student I thought I could use the same study tactics such as cramming days before an exam, not reviewing my notes daily, and that doing homework good enough to make the grades I desired. Sadly to say I didn?t realize that I was setting myself up for failure until the end of the semester. Not being mindful that college is a learning process of how to balance having a social life and school I focused on everything/anything but the school aspect. I went to socials, volunteered, and joined different organizations, because I was concerned with building a reputation and living the college life. Lastly I was uncertain with the college approach to things. I wasn?t aware of policies /terms such a withdrawals, drop/add forms, overrides, and et cetera.


Number one thing I would tell myself...DO NOT GET A TATTOO! It is something I regret everyday and I will eventually get removed which is going to cost me a lot of money. I would also tell myself to really think about the major you are choosing. Is this really what you want to do everyday for the rest of your life? Is there a job definitely somewhere out there for you? If the economy changes will you stil be able to find a job in this field? Will this make you happy? I would tell myself to make the right choices in friends, and really focus on school. Also, work to the best of your ability, because that is something to be proud of. Be kind to your parents. They really are going to be some of your best friends. They are there for you no matter what you do and will support you in whatever you choose. Despite what you think of what they say, LISTEN! They really do have great advice and love you with every part of themselves. One day when someone says you 're just like your parents, you will honestly say thank you.


Going back in time the first thing I would tell myself is not to get caught up in the social life and try to focus more on the educational aspects, that is why I went to college in the first place. Although I didn't get scholarships, just a bunch of loans, try to strive for a higher gpa so you can try to obtain atleast one scholarship. O and please don't take a big loan out and give it to your mother!!! You will be the one who ends up in debt, not her. Other than that just make sure to stay school oriented and PLEASE MY GOSH PLEASE do not live with your friends in college. Trust me, it is not a good idea. You really get to know a person a lot better when you live with them and you might not like the person they truely are. O and make flashcards!


The main piece of advice I would give myself is to use my time wisely. During my first semester I elected not to study as much since I figured I had another day to do it. When tomorrow rolled around I still was not considering my homework. My grades suffered at the beginning and even though I worked really hard at the end I still didn't manage the grades that I wanted. In college you are suppose to have fun; however your fun should not affect your studies. I spent a lot of time sleeping and procrastinating because I assumed college was like the A.P. courses I took in high school. I was sadly mistaken. If I could go back and tell myself anything I would tell myself to make a plan, have an agenda to keep track of homework, events, and study time. Planning takes no time, and the reward of good grades can come from simply managing your time.


I would say to apply for every scholarship you can. I did not realize college is so expensive. I have always wanted to study abroad and I am now following up on it. Doing this has made me realize I need help. I think every college student needs help, whether it be financially or mentally. I would have told myself to not be lazy, but also not to stress. Research all you can but don't be afraid to talk with your parents, because believe it or not they do know a lot.


I would tell myself to take my classes more seriously, just because it's your senior year doesn't mean you can slack off. And don't sign up for the easy classes, take AP classes, because college classes are not easy. Try to establish a good study ethic now and bring it with you to college. Don't get distracted by all the kids who don't care about their education and skip classes and party all the time, stay on track and get your degree - after all, it costs a lot of money!


I do not think I would tell myself anything other than to enjoy my time in college, work hard to achieve my goals, and not to worry about the future and what I want to do with my life. I am proud of the person I have become. If I gave myself any other advice, i would not be where I am today. Any mistakes I have made in my time here and any lessons I have learned have helped me to become exactly who I want to be. It took me a while to realize what my calling is, and now I am having to cram in classes in order to reach my goal of becoming a psychiatrist, but I would not change a thing. Many people would want to go back in time and warn themselves about money problems or grades, but I believe it is my struggles that have helped me strive as hard as I have these past couple of years, and they are what will get me through my last year and a half and maybe even medical school.


There are so many things that a student needs to consider when deciding which school they should attend for their post-secondary education. The most important thing that the student needs to remember is to make their decision based on themselves, not their friends. This decision is one of the most important decisions for someone who is going to attednd college. You can't decide because of what others want you to do, you need to decide on what is going to allow you to enjoy the college the most. You need to have time to study, not work. You need to have time to get involved with school activities, not stick to the same old friends. You need to go out and experience new places around town. Money will be the biggest stressor during school, so apply for as many scholarships as you can. Visit as many campuses as you can too, because there might be one that you really like more than the 'best known' school that you thought you wanted to go to. Finally, talk to students from the school you're thinking about attending because they have the best information that anyone can offer you.


If I could go back and give myself advice about college, I would tell myself to work harder on scholarships. As a high school senior, I did not realize how expensive college was going to be. Now that I am in college and struggling financially, I definitely wish I could go back and give myself advice on it. I also would tell myself to study harder in high school. If I could have developed better study habits in high school, it would not be a difficult task for me to study now. Although I maintained good grades in high school and still do in college it would be a little easier if I had better study techniques. The last advice I would give myself is just to never give up on my goals. Being a high school senior I let other people?s opinions affect what I wanted for my future. Now that I am in college, I realize that only I can choose my own path and work hard to have a successful future.


Toni, you judge way too much in the begining of college and it does hurt you because you could of had better friendships with those you have neglected. I know you are unsure of what you want to major in so just go with undecided. This will be better for you because then you wont change your major 4 times trying to figure out what you want. Stay out of the boy's dorm past curfew, it will keep you out of trouble. Also, avoid parties in the boy's dorms. But if you must go then DONT DRINK. You get out of that one pretty lucky but dont do it regardless. When you transfer, join the transfer student group on campus so you can make friends and not drive your sister crazy for spending so much time with her. Oh and dont talk about your roommates behind their back, If you have a problem its better to face the problem then avoid it. You are a smart girl and so keep with your classes and study hard. That GPA is easy to drop but hard to raise back up. Dont be a fool stay in school. and smile more.


I would start with telling myself that simply going to school every day, unless I am sick, will surprislingly do wonders for my comprehension of the material being taught and therefore make it easier to do the assignments. Second, I would tell myself that class work, homework, and projects are essential! If you do not do the assignments given to you, you will get a bad grade! Now that the seemingly simple thing to do has been advised, I would proceed to tell my young, impressionable self to study a little bit every day (SERIOUSLY). Cramming and studying an hour before class is not going to help you, it's actually going to make you more stressed than you were before because you've realized you don't know the material. Study two hours oustside of class for every hour spent in class and you will reach your potential. And lastly, DO YOUR BEST. On everything, big or small. I know these things have been told to us a million times, but hopefully coming from myself it will mean something different and more sincere.


Looking back on high school academics, I laugh because it was a joke compared to college. I didn't not need to study for hours at a time in high school. If I could go back to give myself advice for the transition, I would start with ,"you need to go to class everyday." The information that you miss will make a negative impact on how you perform on your test. Second, read the materials that are recommended by the professor for the courses you take. The additional information that you learn from the readings will benefit your test scores. Lastly, I would advise mapping out your weekly schedule. Time management is so important in college. Make sure that all of your homework, reading, and studying is complete before going out to have fun with friends. The weekends fly by and you do not want to procrastinate doing your work until the Sunday night before early classes on Monday. Listen closely to your professors and if they say to memorize or read a section in your textbooks, do so. They want you to be as successful as your desire for yourself.


You do NOT already know everything and you certainly don't know yourself. That would be the first thing I would tell my high school senior self. I would also tell myself to be prepared to work 10 times harder than I ever did in high school. Prepare to be challenged in every way. Be ready to have my whole outlook on life expanded. Be willing to listen, learn, and enjoy every new experience. When the going gets tough, don't automatically give up or hide or look to the path of least resistance. Work hard and the rewards will be great. "Do what you have to do in order to do what you want to do." Next I would have a long talk with myself about money and finances. Student loans HAVE to be paid back. You do not need McDonalds everyday, especially if you have to use a credit card to get it. It'll end up being the most expensive Big Mac you've ever had. Be wise and careful with your money. You don't have enough to waste. I would tell myself to learn about credit and apply for more scholarships. " Lastly, "Go for it!"


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, then I would advise myself to take high school more seriously. I would also give advice to apply myself more. I took the easy route in high school. I didn't take any challenging courses or study for the SAT. I did just enough to get by and get a grade. I would give anything in the world to go back in time and change my habits. As a result of my poor mistakes, the transition to college was a difficult process. I didn't know how to study or properly take notes for a class. I scored low on the first couple of test. I started to get frustrated, but I couldn't let a couple of bad grades stop me. As I started to get adjusted, I began to get help in every course. I realized I could get alot done if I just applied myself. In high school, no one ever told me how college would be, so I had to figure it out on my own. I successfully finished the semester with an A and four B's.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would say create good study habits and time management. Most of the time you yourself will be teaching yourself what you need to know in order to pass a class. You must develop discipline so you are able to buckle down and get the work done. Classes will not be back to back as in high school and there will be plenty of down so you must use your time wisely and stay on top of your work. Use all the help resources that become available because not knowing a specific section in a specific class could determine whether you obtain an A or B for the course. Most importantly, dont study study study because you will eventually become flustered and discourage. Enjoy a break and become involved in the campus activities and extracurriculum activities.


First, I would tell myself to start making sure I am able to take well. I would then say that I need to learn how to study well and that I know how much time I need to be devoting to each subject that I am studying. I would also tell myself that I should go ahead and figure out what my real priorities are, putting the most important things first. Finally, I would tell myself to learn to make a schedule and to write everything important down, including the time and date something needs to be done and what exactly it it that needs to be done.


I would tell myself to ask more questions no matter how annoyed the person on the other person sounds. There were questions I had about housing and registration that I know now, my first semester could have been so much better. Also, I would pass my self information on admitions such as the fact that I could have used the previous years tax information to fill out FAFSA. I would have started my scholarship search so much earlier maybe even sent out letters to friends and family. Housing applications would have been filled out earlier. More hours would have been taken at my job at Chickfila. But seeing as how things have turned out, I'm sure they are all to the Lord's will and purpose. I am greatful, regardless, for my new experiences.


Start transitioning to a more disciplined person. Unlike high school, you will have to push yourself to go to class and spend more time studying. Purchase a planner and stay organized. The planner will allow you to always know important dates and upcoming events. By having 4-6 classes between 2 days you can easily get your deadlines mixed up. Also in your planner you can set aside time for studying. Be prepared to miss out on hanging with friends. Of course you will have time to spend with them but it will not be everyday. This goes back to becoming a self-disciplined person, you'll have to decide which is more important, hanging with friends or studying your books. Also, always have access to a second computer, you may never know when yours may crash. Losing important information in college can easily make lose letter grades.


Choosing the right college is an important decision because this is the next step to bettering your education as well as setting the foundation for your future career path. If I could go back in time, the first piece of advice I would give myself is to keep up every study habit. Studying has proven to be vital in maintaining a high GPA. I would also adivise myself to be prepared to branch out and meet new people. College is a place to make new friends and create everlasting friendships. The final piece of advice I would give myself is to continue working my hardest in highschool. My final GPA is important when it comes to getting into colleges as well as programs the college has to offer.


The best advise that I could give myself would be to practice good study habits. I would learn different techniques that could help me to be a better student. I would also tell myself to work on getting places on time. Some of the proffessors here take off points when u come in late and that messes with your grades.


Are you ready for this? Are you ready for the best time of your life?! Well, here is what you need to know to make sure that you are. First, you know exactly what you want to do with your future, so do not let anyone influence your decision on your Spanish Major. Work hard and volunteer to tutor at the Goodwill! It will be an amazing teaching experience! Second, believe in yourself and who you have become. You are fun, outgoing, and smart. Do not be afraid to share that with everyone! This is a time for you to meet new friends. You will meet girls you will live and cheer with, and you will meet boys who you can laugh with. You will meet people from Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, and all other parts of the world; learn from them and love them for the ways they are different from you. Thirdly, talk to your advisor and understand exactly which courses you have to take for your core, Major, Minor, and Masters. Work hard, but play hard. You have always been a good student, so apply those skills, but award yourself for the effort and good grades!


Do not procrastinate because you will recieve no financial aid or scholarships. Focus on applying to scholarships that you have a chance at receiving. Ask for letters of recommendation early. Have confidence in yourself and do not let anyone tell you, you wont succeed. Also, apply to more than five schools.


The best advice I could give myself would be to never give up and always keep an open mind. It is very important that no matter what hardships you go through you must keep moving forward. As long as there is forward motion, you will not fail. School and life in general will be tough at times, but if you never lose sight of your goals you will never be in over your head. Each experience is a learning experience and will help you in your future career. If you keep and open mind, you will go far. You will have a large variety of friends that will aide you in your college career. Having diversity in your life will keep the door open for opportunities to have life long friends and to have a successful career. No matter how much you may struggle, the people you keep in contact with will always be there for you and help you when you need it the very most. If you make these words your guide, you will go far and never forget those who helped you get there.


You need to devote more of your time to studying when you get to college. In high school most things just came easy to me, but in college things go at a different speed so you need to be ready to make the transition. The quicker you realize that the bettter off you will be.


I would advise myself to be more prepared for college. My biggest regret was enrolling into college with an undecided major. In doing that, I wasted almost three semesters. I was not motivated in my school work because I had no destination in my plans. After I found my major, in nursing, I did my best in all my classes and trying to get into the nursing program. I would also tell myself to be more independent and not try to follow your friends' and other's path. Being independent will help you build your own personality and only make you stronger. If you try to stick with your friends that are going down, they will take you down as well. The only person you can trust to make yourself succeed, is your own self.


When its time to choose the school of your choice, make sure you follow your instincts. Do plenty of research ahead of time to be ahead of the curve. Also, never be afraid to give a friendly smile and friendly words. If you maintain a positive attitude when applying for admissions, meeting new people, and applying for jobs then you will NEVER meet a stranger! Its all about positioning yourself for success and being positive.


Simeon, I would like to give you the best advice ever right now. Do not play around when It comes to your work. Keep your grades as high as they can be, do a lot of research on your major, and study very hard what subjects you will need to know so that it would not be very hard in college. Start early in applying for scholarships. Also get a job and instead of spending all your money, save and invest so by the time you get in college you can have a few extra dollars for fees and books.


If I were to talk to myself, as high school senior about to go off to college, I would advise myself to try more things; join groups and clubs, and try to be more open when meeting people.


It is important to make the decision on a college based on what you truly, not what your parents think or where the greater amount of scholarship money is offered.


Don't be afraid of going to college and making new friends. Get involved with your academics and people in your major, this will help more than you know. Embrace the entire experience that college has to offer. Meeting new people and experiencing new things help shape and mold you as a person. Other people (friends, professors, mentors and everything in between) have different backgrounds and life experiences that can change the way you see life for the better, learn from them. Academics come first but it can be exciting and the library is not that bad. Keep focused and talk to your professors they really can help you and they are willing to help you if you put forth and effort.


If i could go back in time, i would make the decision to attend a four year university and of went. At first i started at a 2 year school which was not for me. I would focus more on school and less on work which has given me skills for my future but has in the past tainted my educational goals. Theres always time to make the right decision it just takes a big person to admit they are not on the right path.


Attend all your classes and plan to attend all classes for the entire semester. Save money, don't spend frivilously on music, games, or alchohol. Keep drinking and parties to the weekend, if you have free time during the week work on final projects. Don't leave papers till the last minute, you be more successfull and less stressed out if you get your assignments done early. The people around you may be trying alot of dangerous activities/substances, don't get pressured into following the crowd, do the right thing to keep yourself healthy. Stay out of trouble, if the police charge you with underage drinking or drug possesion it can seriously ruin your prospects of finding a career. Keep strong ties with home, you may think your parents are busybodies, but it's important to keep them posted as to how you are doing, they can offer good advice, and if your honest they will always help you out of trouble. Don't let anyone, especially a greek (frat. /sorority member), tell you who to be. Find the hardworking dilligent people in your class and make friends with them, or at least ask to study with them.


I would tell myself to make sure you pick the right friends. When making your schedule please go to rate my professor. com and if you dont like a class it's ok to drop it, as long as you do it before the midterm or cut off date.

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