Valdosta State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There is nothing horrible about Valdosta State, but I wil say that the food could be a little better in the dining hall.


I love Valdosta State University. All of the staff members are very helpful. I have yet to find a complaint about the university.


The hummidity.


Dont get me wrong, I love my school! However, the town sourrounding the school is very boring, and there isnt much to do. The town of Valdosta is very small, and some will even call it the country. If a prospective students can get past the fact that the town of Valdosta is fairly slow, I'm sure they will love the school! There is lots for students to do on campus, and other students are constantly hosting parties, get togethers, etc.


The Student- Teacher involvement. I feel if students and teachers were more involved with student's, student's can do a lot better, academically. If the teacher's don't care, the studen't don't care either. I've experienced a teacher who didn't like answering questions in class. Yet, when you try to talk to him after class, he gives such a negative response, you don't ever want to ask him anything ever again. If I pay so much money to get my education, I deserve a teacher who cares about the education we are receiving.


The worst thing I consider to be about my school is second hand smoke and the lack of many smoking sections. Student smokers are allowed to smoke any and everywhere with few restrictions. This is harmful to non-smokers and VSU chooses to do nothing about it. You could be walking to class, the dining hall, or to the recreation center and a trail of tobacco smoke is forced into your nostrils. Now I know that there will always be smokers but the fact that they're allowed to smoke just about anywhere ticks me off.


The campus is very small and classes fill up very quickly, so during registration it is hard to get the classes you want.


the limit housing because upperclassmen have barely any housing


The financial aid department is no the best thing at Valdosta State University. Some of the people in the office can come off rude and it seems like the options are not beneficial for the students sake. The options can have short deadlines and seem impossible to make.


It is hard for me to say because I am attending online classes only. People I have spoken with love the schoo.


I would have to say the worst thing about Valdosta State University would be the bookstore prices. Books prices are absolutely ridiculous, and when you sell them back you get close to nothing. It's very frustrating to pay tuition and fees and then have to go buy $500 or $600 worth of books on top of that.


There is nothing that I have come across that I am not happy with at Valdosta State University. If I had to pick anything it would be I wish the distance from my hometown was shorter. When I go home for the weekend it feels as if I am driving for the most part of it.


The worst thing about this school is the possible lack of quality depending on the class. My first schedule, set up by a faculty member trying to get me out of the room as quick as possible, had a pre-calculus class I had already taken in high school. I went to this class maybe twice and was talked to like a middle schooler. There is one other class I have experienced this lack of quality but many have been just fine.


The unavailability of assistance with helpful information.


I cannot find anything wrong with my school. There is a wonderful staff that devote many hours to helping students in many areas of need. The campus is beautiful with warm weather nearly year round. It also has many competitive sports teams that often do extremely well and are highly ranked in the state.


Right now there is alot of construction going on. But once it is through it will only make the campus more beautiful.


The worst thing about my school would be the fact that there is still racial segregation to some extent! I feel like now in this era we should be unified instead of departed. I think this is the worst thing because I'm not use to just hanging out with a certain race of people. I'm to meeting different people, cultures, backgrounds and it doesn't matter where that person come from. I feel like different cultures and races are a beautiful thing and we should be open to learning new things instead of living in the past.


The way that they refund money. If a student needs a refund it isn't as easy to get as paying money for the school.


The worst thing about my school is sometimes, it can be clique-ish. I mainly thing it is within the freshmen body, since people are just trying to find somewhere to fit in.


I'm an art education major and art classes fill up too quickly. I may have to stay longer because of this. Join honors so you can sign up with seniors and get first-choice on classes!!!


The worst thing is how dead campus is during the weekends. it feels like the school is encouraging people to go home on weekends. I also would chaneg the cafeteria schedules. After 6 o'clock in the evening there usually is not a great majority of food left.


The worst thing about VSU would have to be the student life. It is very difficult for students to find on campus housing. Dorm rooms are supposed to be guaranteed for freshmen, but when I was an entering freshman VSU placed me on a wait list and later told that there would be no available housing. It is even more difficult to find available on campus housing after freshman year. Also, if students are not involved in sports or greek life they rarely have any exrta curricular activities, because there are not many available options.


The worst thing about VSU was the lack of parking; finding a parking place and getting to class on time meant arriving on campus at least an hour before your class started.


The sidewalks need to be repaved, they are very broken and uneven.


Sometimes the the teachers are not very flexible with our needs. The curriculum for my field of study will not relate to a job in the real world.




They cant bulid things fast enough to keep up with updating bulidings and puting up new ones. In the two and years Ive been here construction has begun and/or finished on 2 new parking decks(parking was a big problem), 2 new (>450 room) residence halls, a massive new Student Union, a spawling new atheltic facility(not Student Recreation Center a new one of those was put up the year before I got here) and a new small hospital-sized Student Health center.




the worst thing is that there is no off-campus student living funded by the school to help single parents and other low income students


The worst thing about the school is that there really isn't anything to do


I believe that the school may be too religious. I also Believe that some of the teachers here do NOT act like they really want to be teaching. (and it shows...)


Recently there has been some concern that this university is anti-free speech, and has recieved negative publicity in the media. The worst thing about my school is that it's under fire for something that's not entirely true. VSU is a very liberal university.


The worst thing about the school would have to be parking far away.


The worst thing about this school is that some classes are just too big .


The worst thing is that there are so many "cliques" at this school. A lot of people do not socialize because of these cliques.


Sometimes the attendance polices are too strict like you can only miss two classes and if u miss three then u fail.


It's not located in a big city. I'm from Atlanta and Baltimore so it just hard some times when I want to be me in a more busy environment.


I think that some of the faculty can be kind of rude at times.