Valdosta State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person who should attend this school is typically not someone accustomed to lots of nightlife. While there are lots of bars and hookah lounges that are nice to hang out at, there isn't much else to do at night.


I would say anyone and everyone should attend Valdosta State. You will feel welcomed no matter who you are and you will find a group or organization for you no matter who you are. You will always have a friend here. The only person who shouldn't attend VSU is someone who doesn't want to have a fun a succesful college experience.


People who like to party or does not mind putting themselves out there.


Someone who enjoys being in diverse settings, does not mind the heat, and friendly to everyone.


A person who wants a good education. If a person just wants to party, this is not the school for them because the parties aren't that great and there's not much to do, but it's easy to stay focused.


A person who is flexible and ready to participate in campus club and activities, but knows when its time to settle down and hit the books!


If you plan on attending VSU you should be ready to learn, have fun and enjoy school. The teachers are very helpful and understanding. If you feel a little embarassed and don't want to go to your teacher for help, you can always go to the Student Success Center, and they have a lot of very smart students who can help you out. You should also be ready for different types of weather.


The type of person who should attend this school is someone who is looking for a mid size univeristy. Valdosta State is growing fast, but is a lot smaller than the bigger universities in Georgia, like UGA. The class sizes are perfect and the campus is just the right size. Most of the buildings are fairly new, and they are constantly renovating!


I believe that Valdosta has a spot for everyone. Their science programs are great for those interested in Biology or Chemistry. The art department is also very suitable for theatre or music majors. It is a great school every way you look at it.


Hard working, dedicated people should come to Valdosta State University.


If you a school spirited person that loves to be involve in club or activities such as the SGA ( student government association), student ministries, camping out with the adventure team, then this might be the school for you.This is definitely a school someone can be well interested in. Valdosta State is a diverse school giving students the oppurtunity to network with a wide range of international students from all over the world. In my experience the academics are top notch for a growing small division two school. Mass Media, and Education are some majors most students are involved in.


Students who are interested in nursing would enjoy this school. The best department in the school was the nursing department. Also, students who are interested in smaller classrooms with less students could find this school to be appropriate. Students who are looking for work may have a hard time in Valdosta because there are not very many jobs available as it is a very small city.


I think the only type of person that should attend this school would be someone with the drive and motivation to succeed. According to people I know this school is very strict about their grades and attendance and though they will work with someone to help them they only give so many oppertunities before they drop you from the school to give someone else a chance.


The kind of individual that should attend my school is one that is chilled and laid back. In terms of chilled and laid back I mean one that enjoys the simple and free things life has to offer, a person that enjoys a quiet community environment, and one that displays enthusiasm for our ESPN Titletown USA championship and our Blazer Pride!!!!


A person who wants to go to a 4-year college. Valdosta State offers many different majors and extra activities like clubs, soroties, fraternites, sporting teams.. VSU has a lot going on, it's a very good place to not only go to school but to meet new people.


This is a good school for people who prefer smaller classes, but not in a small town. It is also great for students who are not sure in the beginning what they want to major in an students who like to have readily available professors and who like to be close to their professors, maybe even on a first name basis.


The ideal person for VSU is a prospective student who desires to have small class sizes and the attention of their professors, but the "big university" social life. VSU is situated in a small town that accommodates the needs and wants of the university students. The ideal person for VSU is someone that is interested in getting involved in many activities on campus to feel active and successful.


Valdosta is a small low-key town in Southern GA. If you are looking for big city adventures, Valdosta is not for you. Valdosta State University is an ever-growing college with many great degree programs to offer. It's largest program may be education. They also have a reallty good science department with researchers in genetics and chemistry on campus. If you want a college town/community atmophere where you won't get lost in the crowd. Valdosta State University is for you.


Any student should attend this school. If you are a hard-worker, eager to learn and capable of getting to work done then you should attend Valdosta State. If you plan on obtaining a 4-yr degree then you should attend this school.


one who wants a hometown feel but are at a big enough school that they won't get bored easily


Dedicated, Conservetive, and hard working prople.


An outgoing and self motivated person.


People who have a clear focus on what they want to be in life. This school is very good for education majors.


a person who is looking for a good education, but not on a Harvard level. someone who is able to stay focused in a party town


Anyone who wants to get a good education and doesn't want to live in a big city. VSU is a more settled school life where you can still have fun and yet get an education. Classes are not too large and most of the time the professor does the instruction.


I believe this school does everything it can to create a welcoming environment for all people who wish to be successful in life, not just a certain "kind of person". The faculty and staff go far and beyond to make leaders out of the students, in and out of the classroom. They push students in a positive way, while reinforcing competition among the students so they strive to do better. So basically anyone who wants an academic challenge, and enjoys having many opportunities to have fun at any given time (usually offered by VSU), is right for this college.


Get involved in on campus activities when you first start to help you get to know new people and learn about various activities available.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be open to people of different ethnic as well as socioeconomic backgrounds. They should be enthusiastic about learning and know how to manage their time. Someone looking for somewhere new (if they're not from Valdosta) to live and grow should come to this school.


An average person that doesn't want to go to a large or small university. Someone who wants to enjoy a typical college experience without worrying about finances or struggling with their classes.


Valdosta State University consists of a variety of people and cultures. There is no specific person who can go to this school. Anyone who is interested in a great education and meeting great people should attend this school. The professors here at very educated and excited to teach their students. They go above and beyond their duties to help and educate those who want to learn. The atmosphere is great and there is always something to do. Whether you enjoy being out at the campus parties or reading in the library, Valdosta State has a place for you.


any kind of person should attend this school. This school caters to eeryone's needs.


I feel that this school siuts someone that loves a city environment, but also enjoys the small, hometown hospitality.