Valdosta State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Valdosta State University?


Every person can find a niche at this school. It is made foll all races, all likings and everyone can find something they enjoy about VSU.


I would recommend anybody to attend this school unless you wouldn't like to meet new people or to taking your education to another step. I think this school gives you a good feeling and a great start to learning how to live as an adult off at school in another city. It's an excellent place to get an education and to get the skills to progress into your new career.


If you are not focused on your education or you believe that this is a school that you can slack off in you should not attend this school. VSU has high academic requirements for its student and if you don't meet them you will have a set number of times you can retake a course. Academic Probation is another technique VSU uses to make sure their students keep their grades up. If you are on academic probation two semesters you will be kicked out of the University. If you do not keep your grades up you should not go.


I believe a person who is not open to new ideas, thoughts paterns, and relationships that make last for etenity should not apply to Valdosta State University.


A student with an open mind, persistence, and enthusiasm should attend this school. I believe anyone can pass these classes, if you remain persistent within yourself. Valdosta is a place of diversity, everyone accepts everyone here. Occasionally you will see stereotypical groups, yet those groups associate themselves with different groups. An open mind here will allow you to meet not only the people within your social group, but people outside of that. An enthusiasm for what you're pursuing in life helps the most, because it helps with your career coursework. It also increases your excitement for that career.


Someone who is extremely "city oriented". Valdosta is a college town, but lacks aspects that bigger cities have. The shopping here isn't all that great, and the traffic can sometimes be a hassle because of all construction and renovating the university is always doing.


A person that is not willing to put forth effort and commitment should not be allowed to attend this school. If you are the type to procrastinate you would not last long in college because every minute you have of free time, you have the opportunity to study your material and most importantly, getting involved in school activities. If you don't have what it takes to be an independent person, then college is not for you because everyday involves you getting up for class, studying your material, etc.


People who are lazy, undetermined, and don't care about getting an education should not apply.


Someone not focused.


A person who does not like the small town feel. Valdosta is a Great school and in a great town but for someone who hates the small town and loves the big busy city then this is not the school for them.