Valdosta State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The advisors are the most frustrating thing.


The limited available seats in upper level science courses was pretty frustrating. Seniors choose first, then juniors, and so on and so forth, so as a sophomore a lot of the better courses were filled before the opportunity arose for sopohmores to sign up for classes.


There really isn't anything frustrating about the school itself. The classes may be challenging, but it only will affect you if you let it.


Financial Aid can be very frustrating.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the students. I have never encountered outrageously un-ambitious people in my life, and to think it's in college! We're in an institution of higher learning but the students at VSU don’t act accordingly. It frustrates me that the students here are so lazy and don't want to work hard. They're not rigorous in their studies, don’t take initiative, and the worst thing is they expect everything to be handed to them and don't want to work hard and rightfully earn anything through hard work.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the hurdles they put old and new students through in relation to any housing, financial, or grad school related issue. I do not know anyone who has attended this college free of financial or housing worries due to the incompetance of the Financial Aid Office workers and their superiors. I was actually in danger of being homeless my sophomore year due to the Housing department advertising for the school in Atlanta, and trying to bring in more freshman students thatn there were rooms for the current students.


It is a smaller school so the school spirit is not quite there. A lot of students leave on the weekends to go to UGA or other surrounding schools.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of hands-on projects and the lack of real-world issues addressed the curriculum.


The most frustrating thing about Valdosta State is parking. The dorms are located next to classes and dining halls which is positive, but the parking lot is so far away from residence halls that it makes students hesistant to leave campus. I only leave campus when it is almost critical because the walk to the parking lot is such a long distance. On-campus parking is absolutely frustrating at Valdosta State University.


The only thing that I can think of that was frustrating at this university was the parking situation and the lack of an extensive shuttle system. The shuttle buses transport students around the campus, which isn't very big, I would like to see a more ellaborate system that could better transport people throughout the community. By improving this, the parking situation would be a lot better at the university as well.


the audtions because the wait to the results is very long


I dislike the unorganized schools. For example, housing and residence life, the people who work in that office do not know for sure the actual date when the students can apply for certain housing, such as Spring semester which is unorganized and can take a long process to get things done just to go or return back to school. Another problem was that they offer depositing waiver for housing, and when you qualify for it, it's not a guarantee that you will get on housing. People with Financial Need are more unfortunate to get housing on campus the most.


The most frustrating thing is that I know I am not being well prepared for what is to come when I transfer to main campus because the teachers are so lenient at this sister college I am attending. My professors will constantly slow down or repeat their words so that someone can catch up and that is not the way it will be at main campus.


The most frustrating thing is parking, but I'm sure that's a common complaint. I have gone around the parking lot for fifteen minutes before trying to find a spot, and I'm not looking for a good spot, I'm looking for any! The lots get so filled up, and it takes about ten minutes to walk to and from your car and your class, so that's twenty-five mintutes before your class starts, that you have to leave time for.


Right now, the most frustrating thing about school is meeting all the financial needs. I just got accepted into the nursing program and the expenses are more than I expected. It is hard to find a job right now, especially in a small town. Even if I find a job, it will be difficult to study and excel how I want to in school, while working and taking care of my daughter.


Parking is the most frustrating issue at my school. All on campus student have to park their cars far from their dorms. Of course, this proposes a potential safety issue for students who work during the night time. If Valdosta could find a way to make parking more convenient for students then the campus would not be too far from perfect.


Nothing. This school is so great and the faculty and staff are always there to answer questions and help students.


Housing, Construction, Class avalibility, and avalible majors or programs.


The lack of a variety of on and off campus housing is frustating.


The parking and transportation around campus were the most frustrating aspects about VSU.


The fact that as a Early Childhood Major we do not have the option to choose and make our own schedules. The college of education chooses our classes for us.


It is not so much the school, but the town is sometimes a little too small and there are not enough venues or activites on campus to make up for not having some of the resources as a big town.


The financial aid office is really slow and backed up on processing aid. The staff working there are not much help.


The campus is crawling with people who cannot look past their religion to learn.


I would say parking resitrictions. Not enough parking and no restrictions on underclassmen or residents who take all the parking.


Can't think of anything!