Valdosta State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


As a first generation college student I wish I had been more informed about the struggles of living on campus. There were many times I found myself hungry because the dining halls would be closed or upset because of how filthy the commnunity restrooms would be.


I wish I had more advice about what classes to pick for freshman year.


I knew all of the information before I even applied to this school. I did my research and made sure this school had my intended major and a high graduation rate.


I wish I had known that it does actually get cold in Valdosta, despite its proximity to the Fla-Ga line


Before coming to college, I wish I had known that the work is only as hard as you make it. Whenever you are moving up in grade levels it seems everyone tries to scare you by making things seem really hard, but the truth is it is only as hard as you make it. As long as you attend class on the regular and ask questions when you need help everything should be fine, and there are so many opportunities for help if needed.


I wish that I had learned better study skills in high school. I had to learn how to study effectively in my freshman year of college.


That the classes here (or at any University I would assume) aren't as hard as I imagined they'd be when I was in high school. I'm doing much better than I thought I would be doing. The fact that most of my classes are small may also play a huge role.


I wish i would have known my school has a great football program.


I knew to always take my education seriously and I have always done so but I wish I would have done more in high school as far as challenging myself with more difficult courses. In high school, I felt intimidated and a little frightened to take the AP Honor courses that were offered because I felt as if I didn't have the potential to succeed in those types of classes. Now I understand that in order to succeed in life, you must challenge yourself.


It would have been helpful to know that the area around the school was not bike friendly. There were no bike lanes available around campus so students had to either fight for parking, walk or risk being hit in the streets trying to get to school. Several of my earth conscious friends who tried to ride thier bikes to school were hit by cars on the streets just riding to class. This is a problem for students who are trying to make a low impact on the planet while bettering thier health while in school.


Before coming to school I wish I would have known that there would be a lot of work that you can easily fall behind in. Each class meets nearly every other day and has respective homework; however, if you wish to have a social life either you quickly learn time management or you let your grades suffer. For some people (like me) extra activities is what helps you find balance. The main thing is to figure out the best way to manage your time.


That self-discipline was the key to being successful. If I would've known I would've prepared myself better than I did.


I would have liked to know the acceptance rate amongst medical school applicants that graduated from VSU.


I wished i had came here sooner, there are so many oppurtunities that just need to be taken advantage of.


That if you didn't apply for a job on campus right away that It was very hard to get a job if you waited to long. Also, that the dining halls open late on the weekends


I wish i had been a little more monetarily stable and knew how to budget better. Although I didn't grow up with a bunch of money. I pretty much always was able to get the money i needed or the things i needed. I also worked when i was in highschool and i only had one extracurricular activity that had me to take time off of work and that didn't happen often. Here i have many so i don't work that often.


how much money to save becausethere are no good paying jobs here.


I wish i had known that the off campus space wasnt alot to choose from unless it is real expensive.


If I had taken the SAT again and done a little better I could've got way more scholarships.


I wish I had known that Valdosta State was so attentive to their students before come to the campus, and I would have been better able to achieve my goals being a single mother of two.


About more clubs


I wish that I had done more research on this school when I was going through the process of applying for colleges. Had I known it was so affordable, I would've come here as my very first choice; therefore saving thousands of dollars in scholarship money and out-of-pocket payments to a private college my first year.


it was bigger than i expected


Nothing. i like everything!


I really wish that I would have known that I really need to put my studies first in college. While I have been here my GPA has gone below a 3.0 because I socialize too much. I really wish I would have known that I needed to study more and socialize less.


How much studing needs to be done and how you have to stay focused.


I wish I would have known that parking is a big problem at the college. There is currently a parking deck being built to help the parking situation so hopefully it will be solved this fall semester. I have to park on a side street to avoid searching for parking space.