Valencia College Top Questions

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Valencia College, was not formely known as a college. Valencia was once a community college and has now worked it's way up to a 4-year college. I think that is remarkable. Valencia was founded in 1967.


With such a lower student population, one can make closer friends with each other faster than a school with a larger population.


What is unique about Valencia is its proximity to all the fun places in Orlando. It is very close to UCF and Universal Studios.




It is friendly, well structured, and counts with somewhat good technology.


Valencia college use to be a community college, so therefor the classes are not as expensive. I can graduate with a nursing degree and pay a third, if not less, than any other university. This in general was my soul purpose for attending this perticular school.


It changed from a community college to a 4 year school


whats unique about my school is that it just became a four year school. Also that it has so many different activities going on and always has students well inforemed about things via email and atlas.


less expensive, It’s close to home


what i like about valencia is that they offer lots off classes, also they got many campuses throughtout orlando, so one can always fin one close one by