Valencia College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Valencia is a school for new beginnings, whether it is you first time or you're a returning college student this school helps you get on track at an affordable cost.


Valencia College is a fun, wonderful, and great school to attend if you want an affordable school with a great community.


Valencia is a great school for a two year associates degree in which you can take and get a bachalors if that's your goal at the local university. There are many classes to chose from. However, the area of the school can be deemed a negative aspect of the school because of the crime rate surrounding the school. Though, campus security does a phenomenal job at keeping the students at the school safe. The science classes i've taken have been challenging, though at the same time very interesting and a great learning experience.


Valencia College is a great start for anyone of any age to begin their professional education because for the cost of attendence is much lower than most universities in the United States.


Valencia is a great school to take general education classes.


I love Valencia. The campus that I go to is beautiful and clean especially their new building (building 4). Most of my teachers that I've had are helpful and take time out of their day to help as much as they can as long as you put in the effort to communicate with them. The classes are on a higher difficulty setting, but come with about the same amount of work as a AP high school class. Most of the classes either use personal experiences or hands on which (for a student like me) makes them highly enjoyable.


Valencia as a school has been very helpful in guiding me toward my career goals.


My school is great; it is the perfect steeping stone ot of high school to prepare you for a unvsersity because the teachers are helpful and you learn a lot, there are computers and lots of other resources for the students to have access to.


This school is very available and easy to be successful at, if you set your mind to succeeding.


High school version of college.


My school is a great learning environment.


Valenica Community college ,which is located in Orlando,Florida is a supportive,kind,helpful, prodigious, and an incredible school that is doing something most schools don't do which is teach the student and change their lives.




The future of your life starts with a smart choice by enrolling into Valencia Community College.


Very supportive and full of help.


Valencia Community College is a great college. I have been one other community college, and I believe Valencia is the best. The teachers really care about what they are teaching, and that you are understanding the material.


Valencia focuses on think, value, communicate, and act .


It's very relaxed yet supportive in every way.


Small and accessible professors.


Valencia Community College provides excellent education , reasonable price, great assistance by professors and staff and guarantee transfer to the University of Central Florida.


Valencia Community College is not only a fun and diverse college, but has very knowledgeable professors where you can learn a lot from.


The most organized community college, with a vast array of degree choices for anyone.


My school is # one in the United States of community colleges.


Valencia is a great school, it is a close community of people and all of the professors and councelors are very helpful.


Filled with like minded students, students who strive for their goals.


Valencia Community College is very driven to see their students succeed.


Valencia is a home for those who want to succeed in learning.


The availability of classes


A great education with a great environment!!!


A diverse group of people, including professors and students, who are striving to succeed in achieving academia.


The school offer low tuition.


Valencia Community College is an amazing school for students, like myself, who wish to stay close to home and can not afford a four-year institution.


My school is a wonderful learning enviorment, with friendly teachers who want all of their students to succeed.


My school is great because we have great teachers and great resources to help us pass our classes.


Valencia is a great , large and inspiring college. It consists of great programs of studies and amazing professors. The professors and faculty and staff are very helpful and make sure that you get the full Valencia experience. I would choose to go to this school over any university because it is smooth and fast paced at the same time. I enjoy attending Valencia and wish they would turn it into a four year college so I don't have to go anywhere else.

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