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Valencia College, was not formely known as a college. Valencia was once a community college and has now worked it's way up to a 4-year college. I think that is remarkable. Valencia was founded in 1967.


With such a lower student population, one can make closer friends with each other faster than a school with a larger population.


What is unique about Valencia is its proximity to all the fun places in Orlando. It is very close to UCF and Universal Studios.




It is friendly, well structured, and counts with somewhat good technology.


Valencia college use to be a community college, so therefor the classes are not as expensive. I can graduate with a nursing degree and pay a third, if not less, than any other university. This in general was my soul purpose for attending this perticular school.


It changed from a community college to a 4 year school


whats unique about my school is that it just became a four year school. Also that it has so many different activities going on and always has students well inforemed about things via email and atlas.


less expensive, It’s close to home


what i like about valencia is that they offer lots off classes, also they got many campuses throughtout orlando, so one can always fin one close one by


It has various career programs one can choose from. It also offers 33 A.S. programs which can help you achieve a Bachelor's degree as the next step. The A.A. degrees they award students with, allows them to have access to other universities if they wish to continue their career there.


What is unique about valencia is their communication. There is so many ways to get help from someone. You have advisors for specific classes and then you have online help and even classmates. Other schools i considered were 4 year schools and not only cost for help but it threw you in a place most students werent ready for. Here at valencia its a great start.


Due to the fact that Valencia Community College is close from either the west or east campuses, they have an affordable tution. Unlike most schools, the pricing for tutions are quite high for an entry-level degree. I plan to spend most of my money on tution once enter into grad school.


The enviroment is is friendlier and the faculty are willing to help you and its not just teacher is over the student and not communication, but the students can freely and openly go to the professors or any faculty and staff. There always there, and the best thing is they put themselves in your shoes and know where you are coming from.


The fact that it has a program that with an AA degree You have gurantee entree into UCF!


I considered the University of South Florida at first and i was accepted there but the unique feature that Valencia Community College offers that other schools don't offer is the smaller classrooms where the student has the ability to have extra time with the professor.


The faculty and students are always delighted to attend class.


Although Valencia is a community collge, its a unique school also. Valencia is a school of self- discovery, following a road map to succeed in life and following the journey to reach a destination in life of a successful career. This school really helps you stay on track with what you need to do and helps prepare you for a transfer to a university with programs of the direct connect that gaurantes acceptance into a university.


It has an open enrollment so it doesnt denied anyone an education. Its a great school to get your feet wet and to experience the college life without getting soak.


Valencia Community really practices what they preach. They keep the classes very small and personal, which is very important in college. They give you a much better experience for your first two years than other big unniversities do because the first two year's courses aren't weed out courses. Its actual learning and i think it is a very productive way to spend your first two years of college.


The most unique thing about Valencia Community College, is the close interaction between the faculty and the students that you might not get at a major instuition.


My school teaches from the heart.


What is unique about Valencia Community College is the quality teachers it has and their willingness to help the students improve their knowledge and grades.


Valencia Community College provides a huge variety of online classes. However, unlike other schools, their online classes are challenging and you still learn as much as you would inside a classroom. Also, they do not specify if your class was made online or in the classroom, so you get the same credit and the same education, but at the confort of your house and at your on time. This is perfect for anyone from full time working students to students that are parents and could use the schedule flexibility.


Valencia's Graphic Design Technology program is above par, and has some of the best staff in the area. I wouldn't have choose another school. They prepair you for your next step in your educational journey. Whether it is to go on to a four year school such as I or are starting your career.


The class rooms are small. It helps students adjust to college level learning.


Valencia was affordable for an out-of-state student like I was when I fist attended and UCF has all the advantages of a 4 year University specillay student activities and sports.


I never really comapred any other schools except valencia but I believe what makes Valencia unique is that is has so many campuses in Orlando. Most commuity college's only have one campus but Valencia has the West, East, Winter Park, and Osceaola campuses. This gives students like myself a more broader range of classes to attend and a campus close to your home anywhere in Orlando. I hope UCF will be as nice of an experience as Valencia has been.


Valenica provides me several things such as convenience. There are many campuses located through out orlando one being down the street from my house. The Class Structure is superior by utilizing smaller class sizes it promotes an optimal class room for learning. Their tutoring centers provide some of the best help I have ever had in all subjects.


It's small enough to get one on one attention but has alot that a larger school offers.


My school ofers courses for the University of Central Florida. So when I transfer to UCF, I can still take class at my school.


Well, first off, I attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University my first year of college. Which is a provate university, however, it was way too expensive to continue my education there. So, by much persuasion I decided to attend Valencia Community College because it was way cheaper. Comparing the two schools, I really do not see much of a difference. Valencia has many professors that worked in the chosen career field. An example of this, is that all my professors at Valencia were either in the Criminal Justice Field or still are. Some teachers are prosecutors while others are detectives/police.


What makes my school different is that the class sizes are smaller so you arent just a number behind a desk but instead a person and the professor can relate more to each student since there arent so many and be able to lend help to everyone as well or even help a group of people at a time out of class.

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