Valencia College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Small classes


Valencia i very affordable and is very helpful and understanding in regards to student success. There is tutoring both onsite and online. Most professors are very kind and considerate to help with students on a daily basis,


The sense of community, easily. Everyone at my school had a sense of pride about our school that unifies all 73,000 of us, and we're all connected by that.


The flexible schedules


It’s close to home, flexible class schedule, small class size, less expensive than university.


I consider the best thing about Valencia to be the fact that it's a great starting point for students who aren't completely sure of what they're doing yet. My family's medical emergencies kept me from planning for college in advance, and that's what Valencia enables students to do. The classes are transferrable to nearly every school in the state, so when my situation improved financially I wouldn't be held back from achieving my goals. I have only been enrolled for a month, and I already have the next four years of my life planned.


The diversity and campus involvement activities. There is so much to participate in and so many people to learn about. It makes you feel comfortable and accepted.


The best thing about my school is the smaller class sizes. There are usually ony 20-40 student per class.


Valencia Community College is regarded as one of the best community colleges in Florida because of its affordable tuition prices and its 'hands on' approach to education. While college tuition is sky-rocketing, Valencia gives many students opportunities to earn a college education at an afforable price. In addition to, the classes are relatively small. When in classes, which never exceed thirty pupils, students are on a more personal level with the professors. This makes a much more comfortable learning environment for all students, learning at full potential.


The best thing about this school is that it provides a variety of ways that you can obtain your degree. It also has so many courses offered online for the those that are working and also have families. So many classes are offered in so many ways so there has not been a semester that I have experienced me not being able to take a course that I needed. The Professor's are very nice and they make sure that you know the material in the class. It has been a wonderful experience for me.


The best thing about my school is that it provides a comfortable environment where students can achieve their goals. The school through much thought came up with a 4 core strategies to help you and make sure you are able to succeed. All the faculty and staff are there to assist you in any current situation that you are in. Whatever goal in life that you would like to achieve with Valencia Community College you will successfully find it there.


It is a very good school overall, not too difficult but must apply yourself depending on the course. I love the fact that it has relatively small classes, so your proffesor can actually hve more one on one time with you.


They have all the necessities right there on campus.


The best thing about Valencia defenitely has to be the professors and councelors as well as the other staff because they are ALWAYS willing to help students in any way possible. They care more about the students and their education than just getting paid.


The best thing about Valencia, is how willing they are to help you acheive your goals. I had been to previous community colleges, and the help just wasn't there. At Valencia, I know that if I ever have a problem, I can always go talk to someone and get it straightened out. Valencia wants you o succeed and will help you get there by all means possible.


The best thing about my school is the wide selection and variety of professors and classes to choose from when enrolling and signing up for classes each semester. I have been very pleased with the times and availabilities of when I am allowed to pick and choose the classes I actually need. I am a very busy young adult and the fact that I can match class times to my schedule just makes my day worth while!


the best thing would be that once you are done with your classes you can leave and once you graduuate from the university you have easier aceess into a foour year university.


There are so many FREE resources to take advantage of. The professors are so passionate about their subject matter and their students. They want you to succeed. My classes are always very small, which gives me more one on one with my professors. One of my favorite things has to be how willing the professor's are to stay in their office hours and help you with anything you have confusion with. It has made college very easy for me.


The Valencia Community College faculty and staff do a fantastic job assisting students with finding information, helping and tutoring any student, and providing students with updates via email about anything ranging from volunteer work to guest speakers. As a student, it is so comforting knowing that if I ever need anything there is always someone near by that I can confide in and ask for assistance. The faculty and staff is the best thing about my school.


The staff is the best part of Valencia. I wouldn't been able to go to a school were the teachers didn't care.


The location is convenient, they are reputable and the academic advisors are a huge help with information


The flexibility of when the courses are offered. They offer so many different times and days that it is almost impossible for you not to find the time to go to school.


The best thing about my school is you have 3 locations, and you can attend any of the three. Classes are available nights and weekends, making it convinient for those who have to work full time or have children. Counseling and and career advising is always readily available. You have several outlets to help you along with your time in college and beyond. Valencia wants to make sure their students are prepared for their future careers and takes pride in how their students represent Valencia. Valencia has worked hard to earn a very good reputation.


The best thing about my school is the fact that I can talk to my professors and they know my name, or at least try to remember it. They can be very personable and make me feel like a person.


The best thing about Valencia is how professional all the teachers have been and how helpful to students like me. I am a adult student who had a tough time returning to school after so many years of being away from it. The teachers helped and guided me by taking time to make sure I was not overwhelmed by the experience of returning to college. Once I was acclimated, I had the confidence to work at my best and the teachers pushed me hard to make sure that I was working at my full potential.


I love the small class size enviroment and easy connection I have with professors.


I believe the best part about my school is the answer center. Whenever I have any questions or concerns all I have to do is walk in real quick ask my question or state my concern and they help me right there on the spot. Now if I have to go to a department they will send me to the right one.


The best thing about my school is that the campus is very open and there is a wide range of activities and classes to choose from. This school allows you to take a variety of different classes so that you can begin to get an idea of what major you plan to pursue. This openness and the offering of so many classes is the best thing about Valencia because it really encourages students to dabble in different areas so that they can decide what they want to do.


I think the best thing about my school is the teachers. I believe we have wonderful teachers at Valencia. They are very helpful and they understand what we are going through. Every teacher I have had at Valencia is always there to help when you need it and has very flexable office hours.


The best thing about Valencia Community College in my view is the professors, they care about the students and there needs in the education feild so deeply. They make you want to learn and take those steps closer to obtaining your degree.


I love the small class sizes; it allows the students to really get to know the professors.


The best Thing That I consider about my school are the Proffessors. They are very smart, and they care about they job. They make sure to explain every problem a way which students will understand. I really like that about the school.


i think its awesome that is has a balet studio, and you can take acting and theatre classes.

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