Valencia College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I talk to my friends about Valencia I am usually bragging about the fact that every class has no more than 30 people in it. So I never have to struggle to figure out what my professor saying and I can ask questions.


The chemistry labs are new, and there's a whole seperate room for finding the mass of objects. It's really great. And President Obama came to speak to a large group of students and staff last year. We saw is limo come through the school entrance, it was an amazing experience.


I have shared with friends and family how flexible the time frames for classes are, it allows students to create their own schedules based on jobs and other responsibilities.


I tell my friends that it is a very easy-going school with a mixture of ethnicities. Due to the mix of students using Valencia to get their Associates before transfering to other 4 year universities, it is easy to get to know a mixture of people. Students of all ages and educational backgrounds attend the school so I get to learn from so many different people.


Valencia is an amazing school for nursing students they have five different campuses and on one of them they have a nursing facility so they get to practice while in school.


The thing I brag the most about my school to my friends is, the professors. The professors in my school are about the greatest professors ever. Throughout the last fouteen years of attending school I have got to say this is the best stage. During my first semester of college I was terrified with the thought that my professors where going to be scary and where going to assigned tons of homework and projects. However it turned out to be a wonderful experience for I have learned so much from their teaching and dedication they have for all the students.


I haven't started classes yet so I don't have much to say. I would say that going to Valencia is a relatively good idea if you plan on transferring to a University after your AA because you save so much money compared to a University.


What I brag about is Valencia's small class sizes, which means we have a bigger connection with our professors easier to get help when we are lost or simply not understanding a topic. Another thing to brag about is Valencia's direct connect program with UCF which is if you graduate Valencia and get your AA then you can transfer to UCF guaranteed. Lastly Valencias tuition prices are a little lower than everyone elses which helps save money for when we transfer to UCF.


The tuition is reasonable. Valencia tuition is very competitive. Instead of going straight to a university and paying the university prices for credits, you can attend Valencia at a less expensive rate to complete an Associate's degree. The class sizes are smaller which means more one on one time with the professors. If money is an issue while considering which college to attend, check out Valencia!


The very wide variety of physically attractive girls that are usually in attendance, as well as the excellent degree programs they have to offer.


A lot of people go to my school. I guess if there is a down side, then this would be it. If they don't go to Valencia, either their not going to college or attending a more expensive school where for them cost is not an issue. Everyone knows what Valencia is probably just as much as a person attending the school, which takes out the element of surprise. On the bright side, if the majority of students in my area are attending Valencia, then it can't be a bad school.


The only thing that I brag about to my friends is my group projects and how some of the colleagues do not do things in time or just leave everything at the last minute.


I brag about the quality of education offered, financial accomodations available to students in need, flexibility of classes, and people who make Valencia such a great place. Valencia's education is great because its degree programs enable students to access some of the finest Universities in Florida and career placements in selected field. Valencia's financial accomodations work with students so they can retrieve an affordable, yet high quality education. Course availability permits students with tight schedules and commitments to attend class based on THEIR availability. Faculty and students are friendly and helpful, making Valencia a pleasurable and enriching environment.


I usually do not brag about anything because I only do my work and try to avoid any form of show up to my friends. I am a quiet person and talk less about any of my work to my friends, but at times when my friend challenge me on getting a highest grade on a test or so I tell them I have such and such and just to compete at times. Usually I do not compete with others because I already have set a higher standard for myself to achieve the highest no matter what goes on.


What i brag about most when talking about Valencia Community College are there Help Centers. They have facilities that are for students to help them netter their education. For instance they have a Writing Center that have teachers who go over your papers before you have to turn them in. It is a great help to making better grades if you know exactly what you have to fix.


The teachers I had during my time at Valencia were dedicated and encouraging. They always keep us informed of the latest information about local events and local job opportunities. They go above and beyond and use their free time to prepare blogs and resources for students to utilize. The school has several clubs for students interests, and they provide outlet to real world projects that help the students prepare for their future. There are plenty of resources for students no matter what their degree is in, there is a program or club for them. I've been pleased with Valencia.


I have spent a three semester at valencia and it gave me an oppurtunity to learn in a smaller environment and now going to the Rosen College at UCF in the Spring of 2010 I am excited to get involved in school.


The teachers make you feel as if they care about you and your progress.


That it has a good registration proccess and good variaty of class schedules