Valencia College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Valencia College?


A person that does not have a flexible schedule, as well as not transporation. The city busses do come through the college at certain campuese, but if you are wanting to take later classes it will be harder for transporation.


Students should attend this school if they are looking to discover the path they would like to take. This school allows you to get your general education classes done while you decide on your attened major.


Everyone should attend this school! The staff is very friendly and very helpful. My friends who go there all love the teachers and the accessability of resources on campus and off campus.


Someone who wants the full-blown "college experience" isn't a likely candidate for Valencia College. Since there are few four year degree programs and no on campus housing, one who is hoping to become independent might not like it as much.


Again, I wouldn't know yet because I start school in three weeks.


A person shouldn't attend Valencia if they are a procrastinator. Depending on how bad of a procrastinator one is you can really fall behind to the point of no return and fail the course. That's the only reason I can think of why not to attend valencia it's very welcoming and easy to adjust too.


Valencia College has a strict attendance policy and some professors are expecting students to know the information prior to the class, so if you are out of touch with recent mathematics and english skills I would reccomend to take refreshers, this school is not for somone who cannot keep with attendance policy, or able to put the time into their classes


Someone who doesn't put in a whole lot of effort. The classes aren't all easy and they are much more personal than a large university. Someone who plans on doing nothing and still passing need to find another school, because doing so at Valencia is not going to be successful. For most classes you need the books they actually say you need for the class as well as any other materials that are required. Those who refuse to purchase these are also going to be unsuccessful.


I would not go so far as to say there is a specific type of person who should not attend Valencia College, there is a niche for all types.


I dont think this school has any restrcitions to anyone. In short anyone and everyone should attend this school.