Valencia College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Valencia College?


There is nothing frustrating about my school. The only thing that can be an inconvenience is parking at times. Besides the parking there is nothing frustrating.


They drop you when your financial aid is late so that you have to reregister for all of your classes. Plus it is so far away!


If you don't get things done on time, the penalties can be sort of frustrating. I don't mean just your assignments but financial aid, residency and medical documentation (should you need it). For example, not paying for classes on time deletes you from them, no matter how early you registered. Just make sure everything gets done in a timely matter and you should have nothing to worry about.


The wifi drops every once in a while. Which get be a real pain when you are working on something, and then you have to soend the next 30 minutes just trying to reconnect so you can get back to work.


The available hours for the counselors and professors. I also dislike the limited availability of dining spots.


the most frustrating thing about valencia is that because it is such a great school,there is alot of students that attend it which makes for alot of traffic. but it is well worth it in the end.


I have not encountered anyting frustrating yet about the school, i have no complaints. The parking gets very busy at times though making it take a very long time just to get out of the school.


The most frustrating thing is the parking. trying to find a parking is terrible.




The most frustrating thing about Valencia is that you cannot obtain more than one Associates degree.