Valencia College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?






I wish I would have known about the Direct Connect program to UCF, as well as knowing the different campuses and travel time to these campuses. I attened this school blindly. I knew very little about Valencia and some how I am making it through, but if if would have known about these two things, it would have made it a whole lot easier on me. I make a huge commute to class becuase no one told me about different campuses or how to register for classes properly. Signing up for the Direct Connect Program is very difficult knowing nothing.




I love my school, and wouldn't change a thing about it. The only thing I wish I had known, or done differently, would be to have started the scholarship hunt earlier. I'm paying for college myself this time around, as opposed to my parents paying for it. It's a tough place to be in, but I know it will make having my degree that much more of an accomplishment for me.


That my credits from Full Sail University would not have transferred over. I'm basically starting fresh at a new school with a years worth of credits at a school that isnt even really accredited.


I pretty much knew what I was going into. I didn't expect for my social life to flourish because many people are there for the same reason I am: to get an education that is affordable and has great quality.


Something I wish I knew before coming to school is about all the expenses. I always knew college was expensive. However my worries about tuition and paying for classes kept me close minded for the rest of expenses. Once I got to college I realized that I needed a budget if I wanted to make it to the end of the semester with gas in my tank. Even with a budget it was difficult, I had to pay for books, food, gas, printing, calculators, and the list goes on for what seemed forever. A good budget will be a necessity.


I wish I had prepared myself better to learn. The teachers push you more than i thought they would.


The only thing I can think of is that no one told me there was a class I could have taken before biology 1. That class sure would have helped me for biology since I haven't taken any kind of science class in 15 years.


I wish I had known the financial aid rules prior to coming here, I now have to reappeal financial aid due to my general studies degree being completed and now that respiratory care is an associate in science, I may not get coverage because it is another associate degree, and I was not able to change because my general studies had to be completed prior to me trying to get accepted into a limited access associate in science program.


I already knew a lot about it.


I wish that I knew how hard college really is, because if I did I would had been more prepared. Now I'm more prepared to further my education than I was before.


There is nothing that I wish I had known. I am having a very joyful experience at this school.


I wish I had known about and other websites like it because it helped me find professors that taught in the ways that I learn best and made me much happier and more successful at Valencia.


I really cant say nothing wrong about the school yet because i really havent been in any classes to experience anything.


The worst thing about my school is the congested parking spaces. Finding a parking space after 8:30 in the morning is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.


I wish I was aware of the freedom and independence I was going to receive from my college instructors before actually attending class. Many of my classes consisted of very few assignments, all due at the end of the semester. This meant I was required to do a great amount of studying and researching outside of the classroom. On some occasions, students let the freedom get the best of them through procastination. I adjusted fairly quickly, but knowing so beforehand would have made my first semester a better success.


Before i came to this school i wish i would of known about the financial struggles that my parents have to go through to keep me in school along with supporting themselves in their household. If i would of known before hand i would have saved up money years ago to help my parents out but i know the lord has seen me and my parents through these financial struggles and has provided us with the finances to keep me in school.


I wish I had known how much studying is needed for each individual class. I also wish I concretely knew how expensive college would be. That being said, I wish I had taken more A.P. and dual enrollment classes.


Before arriving to Valencia I had no clue what to expect from college and what being a college student meant. Now I wish I would have known all the help that is available.


I wish I would have known the campus geologically. I was lost my first day of school, so I would recommend all of you to pay attention during orienatation.


I wish I had known about all the prerequisits you have to take before you can take higher classes. Obtaining an A.A. does take more than two years, but other than that Valencia has been perfect for me.


Before i came to Valencia Community College i wish i would have known the importance of hard work. It is so easy to fail a class, college is nothing like high school was it requires much more work and i wish i had known that. If i could give advice to a prospective student i would tell them that slacking off is something that can not happen and that hard work is the key to being successful in college.


Being my first college experience, I was terrified my first day at Valencia. I wish I had known how helpful the advisors and instructors would be. My instructors have proven to be the greatest resources I have in achieving my goals. With so much information available at my campus it sometimes makes decision making difficult. My academic advisors are always there when I have a question regarding grades, pre-major courses or transfer options. Between both sources, no question goes unanswered.


Some things that should be known, the first week of school come early, or there will be no parking spaces available. After about 3 weeks, people start to withdraw and the parking lot is nearly empty. So if you do not want to be late, come extra early! Also, rent your books from or purchase them online, used! Do not buy them at the college bookstore, SO expensive. I also recommend holding off on purchasing your textbooks until you get the syllabus on the first day because, half the people in the class will have a different text.


I would have liked to have been better informed about the administrative process. What need to be completed and how dropping classes affects the student. Things like that, I had to find out on my own. I think they can do a better job of disseminating information. They give you a handbook the size of the yellow pages and you have to figure it out for yourself. They may be meeting their legal obligation but they are certainly not doing any service for their students.


There isn't really anything I wish I had known. I visited the college before making a decision and got a tour of the school and spent a long weekend in the area. Therefore, I knew what I was getting into!


Honestly, I wish that I have known college was going to cost so much. I wish I would have saved up money for my books and classes. I have been taking six classes each semester and have been paying over $2000 a semester. Now most people think that it's not so much, but everyone has a different financial situation. I wish that I would have kept applying for scholarships but after filling quite a few out of them out and not receiving anything back, I had lost hope and never filled them out until today. SoI'm being optimisticthistime.


I wish I knew the long range of classes to choose from so that I would have applied for them much earlier. When I started choosing my classes, I was discouraged to know that many of the classes I was interested in had already been filled up. But I did not give up and kept trying. By the next semester, I had applied for my classes in advance, and was able to choose the ones that I really wanted to be in. Being on top of everything is a must.


Kids tend to be rebellious, especially in their teen years. Many teenagers think their invincible and that they know every rule in the book. The one thing I wish I would have known before starting school at Valencia Community College is how important it is to interdependent. Many teenagers spend their high school years thinking they either know it all and or needing someone there 24/7 to do it all for then. Interdependence is important in college because you allow other people to help you and together you all work towards a common goal.


Before I came to the University of Central Florida, i wish i had known that the proccess to be accepted takes longer that in Valencia Community College.


I wish i had known that the diversity of people in here were little. I like to be in a place where there are more diversity so I can interact with different races instead of few.


I just wish I had a little more insight about the school, such as their requirement to my major, what they ask from to make it make it a smooth process to my 2 years university.


That you should try to manage your time better and untilize all the resources available on campus. Also to always look out for scholarships.


My brother attended the same school, so I was prepared.


The best time of day to find a parking spot.