Valparaiso University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.




The campus is absolutely beautiful! The modern architecture mixed with the hilly landscape is one of the most appealing things about the school. The newly renovated Union and The library are definitely the high points of the school. The dorms are ok depending on which one you live in.


Valparaiso University was a wonderful place to learn and grow, and my time there was priceless.


Valparaiso University is a great school to thrive academically and meet life-long friends.


My school is a small, acidemically based, kind comunity, and most of all fun.


Valparaiso University has a small campus that doesn't feel overwhelming, but is big enough to allow students a feeling of freedom and personal space with people that make you feel welcome and appreciated.


Valparaiso University is a small Lutheran school dedicated to pushing students to achieve their maximum potential.


An amazing place to learn and grow.


The one word that would describe my university is diversity because it has a very good study abroad and exchange program that allows on-campus students and commuters to make good friends with individuals from countries all around the world.


Valparaiso University is a school where students can come together to become more involved, to encourage academic growth and learning, and to form lasting friendships throughout their four years in attendance.


Valparaiso University is a school of high expectations in the academic field and openminded for any student to develop their own identity and become successful.


Ivy Tech is a school that is full of opportunity to expand your knowledge, succeed in your goals, and is a school full of diverse students and staff from all walks of life that will help mold you into an well rounded. culterally competent professional.


A welcoming community tha provides students with fair opportunities to succeed.


My school is somewhat helpful and somewhat likes to focus on students doing well.


Amazing experience with a beautiful campus and a list of activities to get involved in.


High spirited, academically challenging, and all around full filling.


Valparaiso University is the perfect small, private university!


Its a smaller campus but that doesn't mean that there is not a lot to do on campus, though the town should grow a little more so there would be more options available.


It is my comfortable home away from home; my college family, complete with a nice backyard.


It's a dull place sometimes, but in the end it'll take good care of you.


Valparaiso University is a school where academics, spiritual life, and social life combine to give students a great experience.


VU is dull and I wish I would have gone somewhere else.


Built on academic standards and values.


The upperclassmen are more then willing to help you find your way around, and the professors would do anything to help you succeed.