Valparaiso University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Super nice. Valpo people are the best people.


I am actually not attending Valparaiso University. I am going to Ivy Tech in Valparaiso, but that was not an option in the drop down menu, so I jsut chose VU so I could continue with the survey. At Ivy Tech, the student body is extremely diverse, from high schoolers to senior citizens, from every race. I like going here and enjoy the diversity because it really goes to show you that it doesn't matter who you are; when the time is right for school, you go and that's all there is to it!


Some of my freinds are also my classmates. There is some diversity in the students in my classes last semester.


My classmates are very compassionate, welcoming, and we all truly have a great sense of school pride, that can be seen at many of the crusader sporting events.


The classmates typically lead the conversation with guidance from the professors so it is more personalized, more independent, though by no means are the students left to wonder idly; the content of the conversation always seek to capitalize on the presented knowledge and offer alternative perspectives. They tend to help in the case you miss a class or two here and there with in-depth and insightful notes.


The students, who are a wide assortment of all nationalities and ethnicities, are driven and determined individuals that work well with others to get the best results, whether it's in the community or in the classroom.


Excited about lehigh, the future and where they fit in a community.


My class mates are hard working students with a common goal of self improvement.


Depends on the class, but most are outspoken and provide decent discussion.


Students that work hard and achieve the goals that they set out to achieve.


The students in my classes are focused on their education, however, they also seek to have a life outside of the schoolwork and want to have the freedom of such a life.


My classmates tend to be intrinsically driven to succeed in their chosen area of study, and they are very good at getting to know and including new students--especially freshmen--into their groups of friends outside of the classroom; however, my classmates know how to relax and have fun with their friends (as well as meeting new people) without ruining their GPA or becoming stressed out past the point of unhealthy, therefore leading well-balanced lives and getting the most out of Valparaiso University as possible, and without exhausting themselves while trying to take in the whole campus.


My classmates are a wide range of individuals, but I do not see them for WHAT they are, I see them for WHO they are; my classmates have opened my eyes to other cultures around the world as well as I exposing my culture to them.


Dedicated, hard-working, driven achievers.


They are nice


They're all diverse and unique, with a large capacity for caring about others.