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I chose Valparaiso University because it felt like the right place for me to be. It is a beautiful campus. And something that I think is unique (though I hope that it is like this at every school) is that just about everyone will hold the door for everyone else on campus.


The unity that is experienced between all the students on campus is suomething that set Valparaiso University apart for other colleges and universities in my eyes. This feeling is achieved by the living and the dining arrangments.


This school is unique because it has the feel of a division I sports school but is small and also has to feel of a littler school. It is kind of like it has the best of both worlds. It is also individually focused since it is a smaller school.


There are tons of groups to be involved in and all of them are always putting on some kind of program to get the students involved. You can guarantee that you will never be bored on campus.


Valparaiso is unique compared to other schools in many ways. It is a small school that focuses on a rounded view of education in order to ensure that each student receives an education that is beyond adequate. The majority of the classes offered by Valparaiso are small with professors that know students on a personal level and offer assistance however possible.


Valparaiso is unique because of the atmosphere. The professors really care about helping you out and answering your questions. The classroom sizes help students feel confortable enough to ask questions and have a relationship with the professors. The students display honorable characteristics and these qualities are even further encouraged while attending school at Valparaiso. Even though it is a small school, there are still enough people to make you feel like you are getting a true college experience. My experience here has been the best. There is good sportsmanship in the athletics and the extracurricular activities are awesome.


Well Ivy Tech Community College of Valparaiso has a partnership with Valpariaso University that allows you to pursue a BSN at VU after graduating with your ASN from Ivy Tech. The agreement also includes paying Ivy Tech tuition prices for Valparaiso University education and only 46{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of Valparaiso University's tuition to obtain your masters. It also takes less time to graduate with an ASN and BSN/MSN throught his program than many others.


I came from South Florida so this was really the only school I applied for out of state. Obviously the weather and community is very different than what I am accustomed to, but it is not something that negatively affects my opinion of the University. Valparaiso is also much smaller than other Universities I applied too and the majority of the students are white/caucasian. Valpo, however is a growing University so there are many opportunities to get involved with the school and create new groups, organizations, or activities.


Valpo provides a very easy environment to meet new people who share your values and the same activities. Although the population is small, there is a very diverse population and every student is able to find their own niche and thrive here.


The religious presence on my campus really sets it apart from other colleges. When I first had an overnight visit to Valpo, I met a lot of wonderful people and I felt like I fit in. I didn't want to go home after the visit. This school took time out of every weekday for a non-required Chapel break and had a beautiful candelight service on Sunday nights. It gave me an opportunity to grow in my Christian relationship on my own and certainly with others. It was helpful to me. There's also a united campus feel.


This is the only school I considered. It has my major and is one of the best in the country for it.Our Greek Life is small, but it means the world to me here.


The personal relationships that you have with your professors is great. It allows you to get the most out of the classes; outside help, tutoring, asking questions. Also, every one at Valpo follows an honor code so there is a lot of trust throughout the campus. This is a private school and you really get your moneys worth, and everyone here wants you to succeed and they help you reach your goals!


It is small and it seems to be friendly and nice instead of everyone being an as hole. I think that being where people are nice is very important