Valparaiso University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Everyone on campus is nice and polite. Valpo really feels like a welcoming community.


Our basketball team is good...sometimes. It's in close proximity to Chicago which is convenient and awesome.


I tell them about the small, friendly community - about the small class sizes and professors who are willing to help you no matter what and really DO care about how you do in their classes. I brag about how even when I'm discouraged my professor will sit down and take the time to talk to me like a mature adult who knows what I want instead of talking down to me. I talk about the concerts and people that the University Programming Council brings to campus. I also talk about the diversity here even within the small campus.


It is a small school with very friendly people. Small class sizes make it easy to learn and the professors are easily accessible. It is an excellent academic environment.


I brag to my friends about how I know so many people on campus. Valparaiso is a relatively small school, so I recognize most of the students on campus. Even if I don't know their names, everyone is very friendly and will smile or say "hello" as you walk past them. My friends that attend larger school say that they feel lost in their giant campus, but I feel perfectly at home here.


I brag most about the vast number of ways to get involved on campus. There are so many different organizations to be a part of and support that the opportunities are endless. There are a ton of leaderships positions as well as volunteer opportunities to give your life some balance and meaning in helping those around you such as mentoring youth or working at the local soup kitchen which are my two favorites.


I know I will have a job after I get my degree from this university


I brag about how small my class sizes are and how personally involved I can become with my professors as a result. I am able to take classes with my favorite professors several times if I want to.


Small class size


The smaller class sizes allow for special off campus trips with the class (for some science classes you go to the Dunes at Lake Michigan, and some times you get to go to Chicago to go to the museums. Also, some professors will buy food (pizza) if it is an evening class.


What I brag about most when talking to my friends about my college is that we have a student government that is allowed to allocate nearly a million dollars a year to student groups and organizations. Also that our student government is given a great amount of power by the Board of Directors to determine student policy.


The teachers and classes. I've learned a lot and had a lot of opportunities to try things. Both theatre and psychology have given me hands-on experience.


That I get to have a break every day for morning prayer.


I brag about the small class sizes and good food.


Its location to shopping and the party's that are more personal. the class size is something I brag about also the new buildings being built its location to Chicago and Lake Michigan and everything like that.


The campus is small and everyone is very friendly.