Valparaiso University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


We have an honor code we write on our paper before exams, but our professors still don't trust us. In one of my classes, we had to be arms length apart from one another during our midterm. If we were caught holding our phones, even if they were off, it counted as cheating and we would have to go to the honor council. I am completely understanding of this, but why do we have an honor code, then?


I think the worst thing about my school is their cancellation days. Where I live (Valparaiso, Indiana), during the winter season, this area gets a lot of snow and other bad weather. This results in students not being able to make it to scheduled classes. However, even with my school knowing about the bad weather conditions, sometimes classes are not cancelled. This forces students to drive or walk to classes in these terrible conditions.


The worst thing about Valparaiso is the town itself. This is a small town atmosphere and people are very conservative. Coming from a large school in Michigan, I am used to people who are open to many different ideas, clothing, music, and activities. Valparaiso is a town that sticks to their roots and the people within do not live outside of their means.


One of the worst things about Valpo is the student involvement in athletics and some other school sponsered activites. However, this year I have seen drastic improvements in this area in comparison to last year. Another negative aspect of Valpo is that it's a dry campus: no alcohol. I don't drink myself, but I know many students don't like this policy. Also, if you are underage and caught intoxicated on campus they lock you up for the night rather than issuing an underage drinking ticket. The football team is horrible and many facilities (athletic&academic) need updating.


The worst thing about my school are the freshman dorms. It was so hard adjusting to our beds that randomly fly out of the walls when you sit on them. No matter how well you decorate your room it still resembles a prison cell, and our community bathrooms are beyond distrubing and disgusting.


The worst thing about this school is the weather. It is generally either raining, snowing, sleeting, hailing, extremely windy, or any combination of these. This can really put a damper on one's mood.


The meal plan.


The one item I consider to be the worst thing about Valparaiso University is the dining services. There was not enough variety for the students to try and enjoy. Not enough choices.


There is no bad thing about my school.


The worst thing about the school is the inability to enforce the smoke-free campus. We are told it is smoke-free, but see people smoking on campus all the time. It doesn't seem as though this policy is strictly enforced and it makes me wonder why it was put in place in the first place if we aren't going to enforce it.


The worst thing about my school would be the location. The weather here is not so great because it is located so close to the great lakes. We manage, however, and are prepared for anything. There is also not much to do in Valparaiso but most people get so involved on campus it does not really matter. Chicago is also only an hour away if you really want something fun to do.


I feel that the worst thing about the school is the lack of recreational and intramural facilities for students. A lot of students and staff complain about having to share facilities between varsity sports teams and the recreational sports program. There are just a lot of times that facilities are closed to student use and it doesn't seem fair.


I think our school could be a little larger. At 3000 students its about the same size as my high school so it would be nice to have more people on campus and therefore more oppotunities to meet unique people and have more friendships.


While Valparaiso University has many, many attributes, I consider the worst thing about it to be the weather. Not kidding! The nickname for VU is "Valparainsnow University in Windiana" because it is possible to go through three seasons in one day. For instance, one day, I was getting out of choir rehearsal in a thunderstorm, went to a Biology lab, and when I came out of the science building, there was a huge blizzard in progress with two to three inches of snow on the ground already. It adds interest, yes, but it can be very inconvenient.


The social life is probably the worst thing. It's a very small school and not very culterally diverse. Many students don't go out much here, and are focused solely on acedemics. You have to make it fun for yourself. The fun is not going to come to you.


The worst thing about my school is the student body. They are generally not people who share my interests and ideals. They are not very accepting of others who are not members of a Greek organization.


the buidlings are all pretty old and need to be updated but the new construction makes up for it


I had trouble thinking of what to say here. Most distrubing is VU's conflicting image. It is known as a Lutheran school. It's honor's program is called "Christ's College." Nevertheless, certain Professors or programs seem to deviate from this conservative image. I thought VU was very clean cut. I was surprised to find out that heavy drinking DOES occur, though it is only popular among the frats. I think the Lutheran image will soon be reinstated now that President Heckler has recently taken over for Haare. He is a true disciple for Christ.


Sometimes Valparaiso University is too small to have enough variety of things to do on the weekends. And the food is the worst!