Valparaiso University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person that should attend this school would be driven and passionate. They should be there to learn and discover who they are and what they really want to do in life. They should be focused on their school work but also open to meeting life long friends. The student should be open to learning about God and what His purpose is for their lives. This student should expect to have Valparaiso be their starting block to a great career.


If you are reserved, intetellectual, and conservative, Valpo is ideal for you. The workload is not too demanding, but it can be challenging. There isn't much to do except go to Wal-Mart on the weekends, and play around in the store. The town is small, and there are a number of little shops to explore in downtown Valpo. I would suggest getting involved with a local non-for-profit organization, and doing community service or getting a job so that you are not completely bored. Valpo is also a dry campus, meaning you cannot drink. So beware.


The program I am enrolled in at Valparaiso University is an Accelerated Nursing program. This is an intense program that lasts a year. Attending this school requires great dedication to one's school work. This is an expensive school in which hardwork is required to be successful if you want to make your education worth the money. Valparaiso is located in a small town, so a person should enjoy a small school atmosphere.


Students looking to attend Valparaiso University should be willing to work hard in a competitive academic environment. Future students should be involved in on-campus organizations to acquire a social education along with an academic learning experience in order to reach their full potential. Finally, students looking to attend Valparaiso University should be high performing individuals with a drive for success.


The kind of person that should attend Valparaiso University is a person who likes a small school setting. They should be interested in getting involved in things at school. There are a lot of opportunities to join clubs and intramurals and the other events that are offered are really enriching and interesting. They should like small class sizes and a great opportunity to get to know their professors and fellow classmates.


Academically accomplished, well-rounded students. Students who like the idea of a faith-based institution, but without the rigidity and narrow-mindedness of some religious universities. Persons who are desiring the academic reputation, quality and opportunities of a large, research university, but without the massive size.


Someone who's open to new people and ideas, who is committed to learning, and who can organize himself and manage his own time.


Someone who knows that college is for them, someone who doesn't exactly know the degree they want, but has an idea of it from the dream they aspire to.


People interested in community and respect. Someone who is willing to go to Steak and Shake or Walmart in the middle of the night. Someone who can get goofy crazy, and somehow still keep sane. Oh, and someone who may not know what they want to do with their life, but wants to find what they love.


I think the person that should attend Valparaiso would be a student that is looking for home away from home. The campus becomes a tight-knit family but it also big enough to meet new people. This person should also be willing to get to know professors and be cared for by them. They should not be afraid to have a name and not a number during college. Also, they should have a genuine love for their major.


People should only attend this school if they're willing to work extra hard here. I love my major of meteorology, but the work load is very intense and difficult and not for everyone. But I also feel that there's a higher quality of people here than anywhere else I've been.


Someone with a desire to learn, and the motivation to endure 4 years of hard classes and lots of work!


Someone who is religiously open-minded, enjoys the arts, and focused on getting somewhere academically.


People should attend this school if they would like to put an emphasis on studying while still having a good time on the weekends.